The Unity Workshop

In the next 40 minutes you will learn just enough to create your own small game in Unity 2018. For free.
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After this course the student will be able to understand how to navigate the Unity app and control gameobjects via scripts.
Navigate in Unity
Create basic GameObjects and position them in the scene
Manipulate and move gameobjects via scripts
Apply materials and physics materials to gameobjects
Create your own prefabs and create instances of them
Use player input to manipulate gameobjects
Create a very small example game where you move a cube around and destroy other poor cubes


  • Basic C# knowledge
  • A computer which can run Unity


Learn the very basic of Unity and become ready to learn more intermediate Unity skills.

  • Navigate in Unity
  • Create basic GameObjects and position them in the scene
  • Create and attach scripts to gameobjects
  • Manipulate and move gameobjects via scripts

And more!

Take this short less than an hour course and get ahead in quickly learning Unity!

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners to Unity who want to know how to navigate around Unity and do some basic tasks

Course content

4 sections14 lectures38m total length
  • Introduction
  • Where To Get Support


Software Engineer
Niclas Gleesborg
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Niclas Gleesborg is an engineer with over 5 years of Software Engineering experience. Niclas is educated from Aarhus University as an ICT-engineer with a focus on mobile devices. Niclas has recently started his endeavour into game development, discovering everything from simple 2d platformers to high detail 3d games. Niclas is a proficient Unity Developer and with a background in Software Engineering, has a focus on code standard and quality.