The Ultimate Starter Guide To Becoming A Profitable Trader

5 Life-Changing Lessons That Will Transform You Into A Profitable Trader Overnight
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How trading is like owning a casino but better!
9 Reason why trading is the same as owning your own business
What it takes to trade for a living
The art of market speculation and how to make consistent profits
The shocking truth about most trading systems and how they fail traders


  • Students do not require any prior experience in financial markets or trading, to successfully complete and understand this course
  • This course has been designed in a very visual and easy to understand format so that students of all levels can understand and apply what they have learnt


Dear Aspiring Trader,

Do you find yourself saying “The financial markets are rigged” or “Trading is like gambling and it’s impossible to win?” or are you simply looking for ways to unlock your Inner Trader leaving others dumb founded, as to how you are consistently making killer profits in the markets when their trading portfolios just keep on shrinking month on month! …If so, then read on…

You see, trading can be very profitable if done correctly but if you’ve found yourself treating your trading more like a hobby rather than a business or trading the markets with no system…resulting in your trading account balance shrinking instead of growing… You’re making a fatal mistake. Why? Because you could simply be one or two steps away from unlocking tremendous growth in your trading portfolio by learning what we call "The Art of Market Speculation."

In this FREE 2-Hour online video course, we uncover insider trade secrets that will skyrocket your portfolio growth and trading profits…which is STILL one of the most powerful ways to build wealth and create financial freedom.

After losing money every year, for 5 years in a row, these “5 Life-Changing Lessons” transformed me into the profitable trader I am today, and they can do exactly the same for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested in learning to trade the financial markets and are looking for the Ultimate Traders Starter Guide
  • Course content is suitable for students of all levels; whether you have or haven't traded the Financial Markets before
  • This course is for students who are passionate about wealth creation and financial freedom

Course content

5 sections17 lectures1h 56m total length
  • The 4 Ways To Produce An Income
  • The 9 Key Components That Make Up A Successful Business Model
  • The 9 Key Business Components Applied To Trading


Trader by Profession. Trainer, Coach & Mentor by Heart
Vincent Merven
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Vincent is the Founder and Creator of the Motrendtum Traders Academy. We provided training, coaching, mentoring, and trading insights to traders who are either just starting out in their Trading Career as well as Seasoned Traders. 

He was ranked in the Top 10% of Most Influential Financial Educators on Udemy in 2018 and has a community of over 5000+ Students and growing daily. His approach to training and high-quality course content has held him in high regard, resulting in an average course rating of 4.5 / 5 Stars for students that have taken and completed his courses.

He has over 15 Years of experience behind him when it comes to trading the Financial Markets. Over this time, he has physically tried and tested a vast amount of trading strategies to truly find out what works and what doesn't work so you don't have to.

Vincent is not only passionate about trading and creating financial freedom. He also has a great love for training others; helping them to create consistent profits in their trading portfolios. 

Vincent got interested in the financial markets at a young age and it all started when he caught his first glimpse of a stock ticker tape running across the bottom of a TV screen. He was instantly captivated by all those numbers and was drawn towards figuring out what made all those numbers go up and down. Fast forward a few years he opened his first trading account and began trading stocks. The goal was to try and understand how the financial markets worked and as well as make some money in the process. His first year of trading was extremely successful but as with majority of newbie traders the victory and euphoria were short lived. He began trading recklessly and made the mistake of thinking that it was impossible to make a wrong move, which resulted in him wiping out his entire trading portfolio. He quickly realized that the get rich quick method was not the answer to successful trading and that it was challenging work; often spending many hours a day in front of his computer. 

Humbled and humiliated, Vincent picked himself up and went back to basics; trying to search and figure out the answers to several questions he had. Questions like: “What does it take to become a successful trader?", “How does someone make consistent profits as a trader?" and most importantly “How does one not spend 8 to 9 Hours a day in front of a computer screen trading?"

Over the years of trial and error Vincent has learnt what works and what doesn't so you get to learn from his mistakes and avoid them by taking his courses and joining the Motrendtum Traders Academy. Following the simple step by step instructions that he will give you, you too can begin making consistent profits trading the Financial Markets. 

I hope you enjoy the valuable training and content I am going to share with you and trust you will have an amazing testimony to share after the completion of your course.