The Ultimate GIMP2.10 Guide►Read below about missing lecture

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Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (580 ratings)
25,893 students
The Ultimate GIMP2.10 Guide►Read below about missing lecture
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (580 ratings)
25,893 students
Make GIMP 2.10 act as Photoshop, shortcuts are included
Improve and correct photos at a professional level
Learn retouching like a pro!
Let the program remove objects
Save images for use on the web, for print, and make PDF's
Make eye-catching e-book covers with use of blending modes!
Create professional black and white images
Learn Liquify (weightloss/facial reconstruction)
Learn professional skin retouching with 'frequency separation'
Learn how to select hair
Patterns, gradients, HDR photography, brushes, tablet use, and much more!
No previous knowledge needed!


  • The course is made for Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • This course is about Gimp 2.10
  • I start from the very beginning, so when you are new to photo editing, that's no problem! Also, I will show you step by step, how to configure GIMP 2.10 to make it work as Photoshop! You will also get a free copy of my book 'The Ultimate GIMP Guide' as sold on Amazon. You can download it in Lecture 1. The book is in PDF format and can be viewed on your computer, on tablet and e-reader.

Have you always wanted to do the things the pro's are doing? Now you can!

Welcome to the most in depth Gimp course on Udemy. In this course I will cover all aspects of photo editing, I have learned in the last 15 years working in the field of professional photo editing, and I will leave no stone unturned. I will show you everything in easy to follow steps. 

In this Gimp course 'The Ultimate GIMP2.10 Guide', you will learn: 

How to configure GIMP 2.10 to make it act as Photoshop, how to improve and correct photographs professionally, how to work with layers, how to crop images, how to resize images, how to save images for web, how to save images for print, and how to make PDF's. You will learn professional retouching, like skin retouching with frequency separation, Liquify (for example to make someone thinner), how to let the program remove objects, and how to remove objects with the clone and heal tool.

You will learn how to use masks, and how to make selections. In Section 5 (Google plugins) you will learn how to make professional 'single click' selections using the 'U-point technology', that give photorealistic results (this is not possible in Photoshop). You will learn how to use text, how to make e-book covers, how to sharpen an image, how to create professional black and white images, and how to remove noise. You will learn everything about blending modes, selecting hair, gradients, patterns, using a tablet, brushes, dodging and burning, color theory,  and much more! 

And if you have ANY questions, please let me now. I am here for you!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to be able to adjust photographs at a professional level
  • Anyone who wants to learn professional retouching
  • Anyone who wants to make eye catching e-book covers
  • This course is made for the Windows user
10 sections • 73 lectures • 6h 52m total length
  • Welcome
  • Installing Gimp
  • Installing plugins
  • Exploring Gimp's User Interface
  • Opening files
  • The 'background' layer
  • Zooming and panning
  • Using the paintbrush
  • Brush special effects
  • Using a tablet
  • The Mypaint brush
  • The history panel
  • HSV color
  • RGB color
  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Brightness-contrast
  • Hue/saturation
  • Color correction tools
  • Using the Color Picker
  • Saving a work file
  • The Rectangle and Ellipse select tool
  • The Free select tool
  • The Paths tool
  • The Select by color tool
  • How to Improve selections
  • The Quick mask
  • The Layer mask
  • Uses of Layer masks
  • Selecting Channels
  • Selecting hair
  • Cropping
  • Resizing
  • Save images for the web
  • Save images for print
  • Transformations
  • Using text
  • Using glyphs
  • Blending modes: darken-lighten
  • Blending modes: contrast
  • Blending modes: color
  • Methods for blurring
  • Making gradients
  • Making patterns
  • Making duotone images
  • Saving as a PDF
  • Saving as a Photoshop file
  • Download and installing
  • Making global adjustments
  • Making local adjustments
  • Using recipes
  • Adjusting color and structure
  • Using creative filters
  • Making vignettes
  • Making professional black and white images
  • Remove noise
  • Sharpening images
  • What is HDR photography?
  • Using the Clone tool
  • Remove objects with Heal Selection
  • Using the Heal tool
  • Professional skin retouching with frequency separation
  • Warp Transform
  • Dodging and burning
  • Make a basic e-book cover
  • Make an e-book cover using blending modes
  • Finish an e-book cover using blending modes
  • Configuring User Interface
  • Focus in GIMP
  • The active tool
  • The floating selection
  • The layer boundary
  • Thank you!

Gimp& Nik Collection integration, professional photo editing
Bernard 't Hooft
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Udemy doesn't allow free courses to be updated anymore, so for my LATEST 7-hour Gimp 2.10 course, you can use the link to my new YouTube channel. To get to the link, click on my Instructor picture (you will see a hand if you hold your mouse above my image) to get to my 'INSTRUCTOR' page. Now you will see at the right a 'YouTube' button. If you click on it, you are brought to my new YouTube channel with the latest Gimp 2.10 lectures!

Hi, my name is Bernard 't Hooft. I have a passion for photo editing, and a passion for GIMP, the free and open source photo editing program. I have over 15 years of experience with professional photo editing, and teach photo editing with GIMP at the VolksUniversiteit in the Netherlands. Now I have gathered my knowledge into four great GIMP courses.