The symbolic meaning of the Coronavirus

Dreams & Personal Transformation
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (21 ratings)
744 students
The symbolic meaning of the Coronavirus
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (21 ratings)
744 students
To understand the symbolic meaning of concrete events such as the occurrence of the Covid19
To decode dreams related to global issues
To study different epidemics over the past centuries
To understand what a virus represents in terms of consciousness
To see the positive and negative aspects of the arrival of this virus, what changes it will bring about on the planet
To study the conspiracy theory related to the virus and better understand the memories of the people who adhere to it


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In this webinar, with wisdom and responsibility, Kaya explains how to symbolically see this international event that affects us all. With the knowledge he has acquired over years of in-depth study of worldwide human phenomena, he explains how a virus can be born first and foremost in our consciousness and how this can have consequences even in our concrete world.

Using scientific texts, Kaya studies the coronavirus and explains what it means symbolically, why some people get it and others don't, and what types of behavior can lead to a greater likelihood of being infected.

This wonderful seminar helps us all be responsible human beings during this epidemic. It brings us to the origin of human functioning, to the Source Code itself.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to better understand global events on a symbolic level
  • People who want to understand the symbolic meaning of a virus and the Covid-19 in particular
  • People who are interested in improving their lives and seeing beyond the form
  • People who are wondering why this virus is emerging now and what its positive and negative aspects are

Course content

1 section • 8 lectures • 1h 45m total length
  • Introduction
  • What is a virus in metaphysical and symbolic terms?
  • Study of several epidemics that have affected humanity throughout history
  • Symbolic meaning of its name
  • A Universal compassion
  • An interesting dream about Coronavirus
  • The Conspiracy Theory
  • Discover a DSSI Student assignment


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ABOUT PROFESSOR KAYA…. He is the President & Founder of UCM Teaching & Research Center, a non-profit organization, and he is also an Author and International Speaker on the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs & Symbols in more than 43 countries throughout the world. His philanthropy, exemplary devotion, and humanitarian aid have become a source of inspiration for millions of people on the planet. His capacity to understand and explain how human conscience works through symbolic language is an extraordinary source of knowledge and understanding. An excellent Pedagogue, Kaya helps us understand our autonomy of conscience as well as our immense inner potential. His life path and his intense spiritual journey have become an inspiration, a testimonial that each and everyone of us has the power and capacity to transform one’s life, to build re-build it. Kaya’s life story from yesterday to today leads us to discover the multiple initiations and changes that he made in his life in order to become a modern day philosopher. Faith in universal synchrony, deep, total conviction that chance or coincidence doesn't exist, is a central element in Kaya's sharing. Thus, on his path of destiny he met the woman who would become his wife, Christiane Muller, and by her side, his life took on a new direction. Kaya found consolation in the similarity of their lives and respective inner quests. Together they write books, many of which have become bestsellers and translated into several languages. KAYA is in demand all over the world and as a team of Professors, Doctors, Therapists working with him and teaching at UCM. He is also offering through his International Foundations based in several countries, the well-known International Dreams-Signs-Symbols Interpretation (DSSI) Training that you can find on the UCM website. You can also meet him each two weeks in his International Dream Webinars, which allow us to deepen our knowledge of dreams, signs & symbols.