The Six Central Aims of Effective Adult Communication

Learn the key aims which gives you the best chance of building great ongoing relationships - business and personal
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You will learn the essential basis for communicating in a way that gives you the best possible chance to build quality ongoing relationships.


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This free course teaches you the six central aims communicating in a way which builds great ongoing relationships. 

It is equally applicable to business, personal and intimate relationships.

There is nothing which can do more for your career prospects than improving your communication skills.

This is the free foundational course for all of Dr Lexander's courses on communication such as:

  • The 10 Steps for dealing with upset people
  • The 7+ Steps for asking for what you want
  • The 11 ways to spot a conman/woman
  • The 15 ways to charm/engage someone at first meeting
  • The 14 Steps for turning around a toxic relationship
  • Etc

This current course also covers the theoretical foundation for Dr Lexander's communication system. The starting point was a remarkable finding from Game Theory which showed that, in ongoing relationships, the best way to win is to not try to win. This is explained in the lecture 'TIT FOR TIT'. 

Dr Lexander originally published his system as a book called How to Communicate Effectively and build relationships. These are just a few of the comments from readers:

  • "This book changed my life."
  • "The most useful and positive book I have ever bought."
  • "...worth 1,000 times the cover price."

That book is out-of-print. But the videos are better... far better because you can watch them with your team members, work partners, family and loved ones and so together build better relationships, better teams, better businesses and better lives.

Every course come with a one-page summary PDF.It is highly recommended that you print this out and stick it on your fridge door.

Your journey to better relationships and a more meaningful life starts here. Join the journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to have better ongoing relationships personal and business.


Internationally published author, speaker, teacher
Dr Ren Lexander
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 505 Reviews
  • 12,494 Students
  • 1 Course

Internationally published author now putting together his first suite of  Udemy course on Trust.

Ph.D. in philosophy of science. 

Qualifications in experiential psychology (dreamwork, Jungian sandplay, Voice Dialogue, hypnotherapy, breathwork).

Black belt in Aikido. Also studied Tai Chi (Yang long form).

Has won and led teams to national-level championships in Ceroc dancing.

In business, he raised many millions of dollars in investment financing. He achieved approval for 1,000-lot development even though the local council was opposed to it. He did this by communicating with the community and forming a team with them.

Praise for Dr Lexander's books:

How to Communicate Effectively (first ed, out of print): “This book changed my life.” “My bible.” “The best book I have bought in a long time.” “Absolutely invaluable.”

Seduction by the Stars: "My all-time favorite book" "My girlfriend used this book to get a guy and now they're married." “This is the Bomb!" "I have bought this book 10 times. Whenever I lend it to a friend, I never get it back."

The Secret Meaning of Names: “I have read many “name” books… but none of them came close to describing the  person…you described 100% their inner conflicts and direction and the  essence of their life path.”

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