The secrets to land your dream jobs in Australia

This course will give you the exact strategies how to land your 1st professional jobs without local experience and PR
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90% of all the jobs in Australia ARE NEVER ADVERTISED on Seek, Indeed, LinkedIn,...websites
Finding professional jobs is 90% mental and only 10% technical
80% of all the jobs happen between the 5th to the 12th follow up
Average 250 applicants per job advertised on Seek, Indeed, LinkedIn,...websites
You don't know how to overcome employer objections


  • Pen and paper to take note
  • Learn with open-minded and positive attitude
  • Take action


  • Have you recently graduated from Universities/ colleges in Australia and don't know where to start with finding 1st professional jobs?

  • Have you applied for hundreds of jobs on Seek, Indeed, LinkedIn,... BUT didn't get a single reply/interview/job?

  • Are you tired of working in odd jobs like Uber deriver, Cleaner, Waiter/Waitress, Sandwich maker, Coles/Woolworths supermarket, Petrol Station, etc.?

  • Are you struggling to find relevant job to apply State Nomination or Skill Assessment?

  • Have you already got 491 visa but did not meet the $53,900/annum income?

If you said yes to any one of these questions, then this course is for you.

These strategies have helped over 200 International students of mine land their 1st professional jobs in Australia since the COVID19 despite their lack of experience and permanent residency.

There are more jobs in Australia right now but it's not gonna be advertised via Seek, Indeed, LinkedIn, ... like most people thought.

My strategies will help you to approach the hidden job market where most of the time you will be the only applicant when applying for job and therefore, increases your chance to land your professional jobs even you are lack of local experience, lack of full-time working right and lack of permanent residency.

Let's land your dream job!



Who this course is for:

  • Recently graduated from Universities in Australia and don't know where to start with finding 1st professional jobs.
  • Applied for hundreds of jobs online BUT didn't get a single reply/interview/job.
  • Tired of working in odd jobs like Uber, Cleaner, Waiter, Coles/Woolworths supermarket, Petrol Station, etc.
  • Struggle to find relevant jobs to apply State Nomination or Skill Assessment.
  • Already got 491 visa but did not meet the $53,900/annum income.


Leo Le is the creator of bestselling Job Coaching Program
Leo Le
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Leo Le is CEO and founder of Leo Le Education as well as the creator of bestselling Job Coaching Program. Under his mentorship, over 200 international students have landed their 1st professional jobs in Australia despite their lack of experience, lack of permanent residency and even lack of Australia qualifications. His methods are proven to work for different industries including but not limited to Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural Engineering, Accounting, ICT, Help desk support, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Nursing etc. His methods debunk the myth that you must be Permanent Residency to land your professional job, you must have prior local experience or you must have full time working right to land good job etc.

His motivation to create courses like this because he went through struggles himself to find professional jobs. He believes there must be better ways to just simply applying jobs on job sites Seek, Indeed or LinkedIn, etc. It’s this curiosity which has helped him realise Cold Calling, Walking In, Referral as well as Job Proposals which really constitute 90% of all the jobs available in Australia.

His goal is to mentor at least 2,000 people in 2022 and continue counting…

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