The formation of dog behavior

A series of lessons on the formation of dog behavior
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You will learn about the basic positive reinforcement methods that can be used to correct the dog behavior.
Tricks that will help make your dog stay focused on you, your voice, and your commands when you’re in public.
Tricks you can use to start giving voice commands, diversify your dog’s training and introduce a new form of mental and physical development.
How to make walking your dog more comfortable.


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Dog training doesn’t happen by itself. Only you can assure your comfort with your dog. But the good news is, any dog's behavior can be adjusted.  Watch lessons of Antonina Zimareva, a Russian dog trainer and specialist in correcting canine behavioral problems. The methods used here are force-free and gentle.

This is the first step towards a more comfortable relationship with your dog and a level of understanding you’ve never known before.

Who this course is for:

  • dog owners
  • dog trainers
  • dog lovers
  • curious about dog psychology

Course content

3 sections5 lectures1h 2m total length
  • Communication.
  • Movement.
  • Food.


Antonina Zimareva
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I am the owner of three dogs: a Jack Russell Terrier, a Pointer, and a Beagle puppy. All of them came to me by accident; I didn’t set out to find them. One of them was going to be put to sleep by his previous owners due to his bad behavior. Still, I was able to train him to be an obedient dog.

- Cynologist and zoopsychologist.

- Author of the largest online training school in Russia.

- A specialist in problematic canine behavior.

- The author of more than 20 dog training programs.

My courses help people raise obedient pets and teach them basic commands and tricks. I also specialize in teaching tricks, socialization, and solving problems such as anxiety, fear, or messiness.