Neuroscience - Rewire your brain: 6 steps for great success
5.0 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Neuroscience - Rewire your brain: 6 steps for great success

The Science behind Success shows you how to trigger true motivation that'll help you handle pressure & achieve any goal
5.0 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
62 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Achieve Peak Performance Under Pressure
  • Enjoy better physical and mental wellbeing
  • Trigger exceptional motivational states
  • Approach rather than avoid any challenges you encounter
  • Handle stress, pressure and adversity
  • Apply a simple 6 step process to apply and assist them when they need it most
  • Put you in the best position for success in sport, business, job role, career & personal life
  • The student does not need anything else apart from what is included in the course.

Neuroscience and how to rewire your brain in simple steps. Motivation for Success: 6 Steps to Perform Under Pressure will introduce you to the concept and process of the REPEAT Model (Route To Exceptional Performance Each Actual Time) that in no time at all you will be able to apply to all aspects of your work, career, sport, business and personal life to deliver an exceptional performance just when you need it often under extreme pressure. This outcome often ensures success and achievement in everything that you want.

Master Your Motivation Quickly & Easily For Your Success & Wellbeing For Every Important Event Or Situation To You.

  • Handle stress, pressure & adversity

  • Learn a unique model to apply easily

  • Fire up your motivation every time

  • Improve physical & psychological wellbeing

  • Put yourself in the very best position to succeed

  • Develop mental toughness for FREE ongoing

The REPEAT model is a 6 Step approach towards triggering your challenge state in motivational terms that allows you to face pressure and opportunity with the correct mindset, wired for success that you can start to apply today with simple strategies and actions we have laid out for you to follow.

Motivation for Success: 6 Steps to Perform Under Pressure material has been applied for many decades within very high performing professions and proven to work consistently. All strategies are underpinned by performance science and have been shown to be highly effective when the individual is under pressure to deliver the goods when needed.

To have this ability to thrive under pressure will make you a stand out candidate for job roles, promotion, success at sport, a career in the military, starting your own business or even turning you life around from unemployment. You will become mentally tough and have unlimited amounts of confidence; have total control over what you need to have and to focus only upon what you can succeed in and not what you can't, whilst keeping mental demands in check and balance.

The course is broken down into 12 sections each including a training module and a summary of the training. It is supported by a 20 page workbook and a 37 page narrative that are downloadable for you to read if you wish offline.

It has been designed to follow a natural pathway from no knowledge through to looking at and planning your future potential. You will learn the process and the easy to apply tactics to develop your mind and motivation.

The Route To Exceptional Performance Each Actual Time (REPEAT) is introduced and touches upon simple neuroscience principles and how they affect our performance. Moving through self awareness and how this helps you to choose the correct state for success. You will learn to change your thinking and to reduce pressure upon yourself whilst building extra mental resources to help you thrive through anything.

Motivation for Success: 6 Steps to Perform Under Pressure will finish by you having a better understanding of you and how you are feeling and thinking and what you can do about it to help you achieve when something is important to you. There are also some very essential improvements here for your mental and physical health without drugs, therapy or any other intervention apart from what you have learned.

Who this course is for:
  • This Performance course is meant for anybody who needs a process and structure to follow to help them handle pressure, stress and adversity to achieve their goals.
  • The REPEAT model will guide students in practices followed by great performers and scientifically researched and applied to work.
  • The actions needed will change you in terms of your brain, psychology and motivation but need to be applied.
Course content
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+ Intro REPEAT Model (Route to exceptional performance each actual time)
4 lectures 23:07

A brief introduction to the REPEAT model that gives you a 6 step process to apply to any important situation or challenge, that will assist you to trigger the correct motivational state, that is proven to give you the best opportunity of success in anything that you face.

The lecture shows how the process is used in very high level sport under the sport psychology discipline by some of the world's greatest performers who need just the very slightest edge to win and this is nearly always the psychological performance edge that winners learn, practice, apply and perfect.

  • The introduction to the REPEAT Model (Route To Exceptional Performance Each Actual Time)
  • How it can be applied in sport, business, work, leisure, relationships
Preview 05:38

You will understand that the world is becoming ultra competitive in all areas of your life and often you only have one chance to impress. These chances are becoming less and less to most of us so when the opportunity arrives, we need to be ready.

To be ready means to be well practiced in our performance whatever that may be. Often this opportunity arrives with a feeling of great pressure and we have two choices. We either thrive under that pressure or we choke and collapse. It is not difficult to identify which one you need to engage.

  • Understanding that everything in life is competitive and a form of performance is needed
  • Extracting the data from elite sport and applying it to other fields
  • Approach presentations, negotiations, interviews, tough decisions and change with no fear
Preview 14:58

To accompany the course are two downloadable documents that will assist you greatly. The course narrative is a 37 page document that supports the training lectures for when you are maybe away from your Internet Access and the 20 page workbook lists many exercises for you to practice to start rewiring your mindset for it to trigger the Challenge Motivation State automatically in you for those vital moments.

  • Downloadable 37 page course narrative
  • Downloadable 20 page workbook
Preview 37 pages

Brief summary of Section 1 recapping the main points of the REPEAT Model and introducing the next section on Neuroscience and how it relates to our Performance. The section is keep quite light and simply explained for heightened understanding.

  • Brief summary of Module 1
  • Brief introduction of Module 2
Summary: REPEAT Model
+ Neuroscience & Performance
2 lectures 16:34

Performance is the end of a process that links thoughts, behaviours, emotions, brain structure, brain chemistry and actions with other aspects such as your physical presence, technical capability and what tactics you apply. Many of these aspects pair competitors the same and the difference is nearly always the psychological development of one who becomes the winner or has the ability to learn and bounce back in defeat.

This lecture shows in simple terms how this can be done immediately, quite simply and for no cost. You will understand that changes to your brain is within your capability and happens very fast. The advent of scanners and imaging prove these changes often within 24 hours.

  • The link between Neuroscience and Performance
  • Simple introduction to brain chemistry, structure and creation of behaviour
  • Link between thoughts, emotions, behaviour, actions and behaviour
  • The choice of Approach or Avoid in terms of motivation and outcome
  • Simple introduction to Neuroplasticity and how this helps you succeed
  • The importance of keeping your brain space free for glucose and mental usage
Motivation for Success Training Module

Brief summary of Section 2 recapping the main points of the brain and it's link to performance and introducing the next section on learning how to really understand yourself.

  • Brief summary of Module 2
  • Brief introduction of Module 3
Summary: Neuroscience & Performance
+ Really Understand Yourself
2 lectures 15:06

To learn about how your body and mind reacts to pressure is important before it becomes essential to face. If you arrive at something very important to you and your reactions take all your attention away you will not deliver your optimal performance. Once you know how these feelings affect you under pressure, you can start to improve them not to fully go away but to be just right for you at that moment.

You will learn that these reactions in your mind and body are part of evolution and are there to ensure that you are safe and survive when under threat. However, most situations now are not as threatening as our ancestors faced and yet we perceive them internally as so.

  • Understanding that you can change your reactions to pressure
  • What pressure really does to the mind
  • What pressure really does to the body
  • We are wired for Fight, Flight or Freeze so let's unwire today
  • What is a challenge state?
  • What is a threat state?
  • Reality or Perception? Same thing to the brain and us
Where are you now? Training Module

Brief summary of Section 3 recapping the main points of you understanding how you feel and think under pressure and what can be done and introducing the next section on learning how to enjoy any challenge that comes your way.

  • Brief summary of Module 3
  • Brief introduction of Module 4
Summary: Understand Yourself
+ Learn to Enjoy Challenge
2 lectures 08:53

This lecture will highlight why we react as we do when we encounter something that is very important to us and that this model will give us a guide to deal with it. It lays it out in simple terms and gives you the confidence that it has been fully tested within science and will work for you.

Your reaction, performance and the ultimate outcome will depend upon what levels of confidence you feel that you have; how much control you feel you have and whether you are focusing only upon succeeding and not trying not to lose. To balance this you will assess the level of demand that you feel upon you and if you can manipulate one over the other to succeed.

  • Reactions to important situations
  • The 6 Steps of the REPEAT Model
  • What are the resources we have to deal with them?
  • What are the demands placed upon us?
  • What is the balance between the two?
Switch on your Motivation: Training Module

Brief summary of Section 4 recapping the main points of the challenge state and your resources/demands equation and introducing the next section on SMART thinking and how to keep it in check conducive for victory.

  • Brief summary of Module 4
  • Brief introduction of Module 5
Summary: Learn to Enjoy Challenge
+ SMART Thinking
2 lectures 16:34

Your thinking affects how you feel and how you feel affects your actions and your actions affect how you do at the interview, in the presentation, whilst negotiating, asking for a date, getting promotion or that job. Guess what, the easiest thing to change is how we think from now onwards.

This lecture will show you what is probably missing from your thought process and what you can do about it easily. Ignore this and you probably will never succeed in anything that you try or anything you wish to have.

  • SMART thinking does not blame the situation or surroundings
  • Your philosophy, thoughts and beliefs will set you up for SUCCESS or Failure
  • You will change your AC to become ABC
  • What stinking thinking looks like
  • Learn a new and powerful SMART Thinking process
Time to Change the Internal Chatter: Training Module

Brief summary of Section 5 recapping the main points of analysing and changing your thought process and how this relates to your outcomes and introducing the next section on improving the balance between your resources and demands.

  • Brief summary of Module 5
  • Brief introduction of Module 6
Summary: SMART Thinking
+ Improve the Balance
2 lectures 05:34

This lecture highlights the important balance between the conflict within your mind. This balance will determine which state you trigger. Each state has an expected outcome and is obvious as to which one you want. Success, wellbeing, achievement and happiness awaits at the end of the correct one.

Choose the wrong one or have no idea how to tip the balance back in your favour and failure, illness, disease, loss and unhappiness could come your way.

  • The relationship between your resources and demands
  • The resources crucial for performance: Self Confidence, Total Control and Focus Upon Succeeding
  • Increase resources and keep demands in check with SMART thinking
  • Learn to tip the balance in your favour
Confidence, Control & Focus Always Beats Pressure: Training Module
Brief summary of Section 6 recapping the main points of mental demands, resources and balance and introducing the next section on building your self confidence which is your first resource needed.

  • Brief summary of Module 6
  • Brief introduction of Module 7
Summary: Improve the Balance
+ Total Confidence
2 lectures 22:36

You will learn how important confidence is in all areas and how it is thought of as the most important psychological skill that you can possess. Low confidence brings avoidance, half-hearted approach and lack of achievement in life and not fulfilling your true potential.

There are many strategies here for building confidence simply and easily and how different it will make to your life. It will help you develop robust confidence that lasts and will follow through to your feelings of self worth and self esteem that may currently be dented.

  • Total Confidence is Resource #1
  • Self Confidence strategies
  • The type and quantity of your confidence
  • Aspects of Self Confidence
  • Strategies to enhance your confidence
  • Build your confidence through imagery, from others and your own body language
Preview 17:13

Brief summary of Section 7 recapping the first resource for you to focus upon and to build and introducing the next section on taking control and only focusing on the right things.

  • Brief summary of Module 7
  • Brief introduction of Module 8
Summary: Total Confidence
+ Take Control
2 lectures 22:50

This lecture is concentrating on our second resource needed to succeed and that is one of control. When we speak of control in performance psychology we mean things and situations that are in our control and not as we call uncontrollable. If they are uncontrollable then we will waste our brain food on the wrong things and run out of reserves when we need them most.

The small space we have available for performance in our brain should only be filled with performance issues that we want, see and can control. This way the energy matches the right things and irrelevant issues leave the space. This is a perfect situation to succeed with and is a priority for you.

  • Total Control is Resource #2
  • Understanding the difference between controllable and uncontrollable factors
  • Learn how to comfortably face uncertainty
  • 5 Major controllables that you can manipulate easily
Control the Controllable: Training Module

Brief summary of Section 8 recapping controllable factors and the mind issues that can easily be manipulated and introducing the next section on keeping our focus upon succeeding and to approach rather than avoid and trying not to fail.

  • Brief summary of Module 8
  • Brief introduction of Module 9
Summary: Taking Control
+ Only Focus On Succeeding
2 lectures 26:07

The lecture that links the resources to the demands in terms of only setting and focusing upon the right goals. It will highlight that to approach real goals needs courage and that to avoid what you really want is very easy.

It explains how athletes choke under pressure and really arise from lack of mental preparation and is totally their fault. Often in life opportunities only come around once in a lifetime and you need to be prepared to recognise when it is knocking on your door.

  • Focus On Succeeding is Resource #3
  • Approach goals v Avoidance goals
  • Develop courage towards pressure
  • Choking under pressure
  • How to deal with those thoughts
  • Take the opportunities that you create
  • A Simple Strategy for starters
  • The real crux of the Challenge Motivation State
  • Focus on what you need to go well and not on what you don't want to go badly
No More Choking Under Pressure: Training Module

Brief summary of Section 9 covering the main points of resource #3 and how it will ignite the correct motivation for you and introducing the next section on self regulation.

  • Brief summary of Module 9
  • Brief introduction of Module 10
Summary: Focus on Succeeding
+ Regulate Yourself
2 lectures 22:13

An important lecture that finds what is the right performance state for you and how to change it if you are not succeeding now. It will show how stress affects performance and strategies to deal with it to allow you to thrive with it on your side rather than against you.

Remember that stress can be debilitating, first step towards certain diseases and can often be worse so by handling it within a context of your performance has a dual effect to help you succeed and to enjoy better wellbeing of mind and body.

  • How to identify your optimal performance state (everyone is different)
  • What is self-regulation?
  • Stress and how the mind and body are linked
  • Relaxation strategies
  • Activation strategies
  • Re-interpret strategies
  • Stress response (life or death)
Preview 18:49

Brief summary of Section 10 that introduced you to how to relax, activate and to re-interpret reactions from stress, anxiety and pressure and introducing the next section on learning to adapt for you to have the ability to change your life today and to thrive.

  • Brief summary of Module 10
  • Brief introduction of Module 11
Summary: Regulate Yourself