The science of relationships
3.2 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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The science of relationships

Stay together, being yourself
3.2 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,485 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2019
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What you'll learn
  • How to solve 27 (and even more) problems in a relationship
  • How to spend time for yourself, not forgetting those who are near you
  • How to build personal boundaries, not closing from a loved one
  • How to learn to live your life and take care of your partner
  • Finally, how to pay attention to "the third side of the triangle" - to your relationship
  • The desire to live in harmony with your loved one
  • The courage to face the real problem and work it out
  • Intention to carry out all tasks and complete the task
  • Willingness not only to solve problems, but also to develop harmoniously in relationships

According to the latest data, more than 50% of marriages recently end in divorce. About 30% more are not divorced officially, keeping the family “for the sake of children” or because of the fear of going nowhere.

The main reason for disagreements in the family, according to official data, is the inability to build relationships properly.

No matter how strange it may sound, it is not customary to teach children and adolescents the art of communication and interaction all over the world.

But let's forget about the dry language of science. And remember about us. Indeed, according to statistics, it is women who are more likely wanting a divorce, because they feel less satisfaction in relationships.

What exactly does not suit you in your relationship? 100% ideal does not exist. So what is it?

- Lack of time for you of your loved one?

- Lack of time for yourself?

- Lack of understanding?

- Lack of support?

- Lack of desire to talk, listen, hear and solve problems?

- Lack of energy to continue to fight for the relationship?

Whatever it is - any problem can be solved.

I will share with you the secret: in my relationship there were more than 20 problems that drowned our, not yet strong, family. After 10 years of solitude and complete freedom, He appeared in my life! And it would seem, here it is - happiness! But (you will understand me if once you were alone for a long time) loneliness spoils you. And after 30 years is very difficult to get used to another person so as not to break his psyche. I could not.

For three years I should have been happy. And these three years I spent on reconquering borders, on excessive control, on suspicions, on fears ...

And then I said to myself: STOP! And began to work. Over myself. Over my emotions. Over my attitude to the husband. Over our collaborative relationship.

In the end, I did it.

And I really want you to succeed!

So that those who have already created their family - did not miss it.

So that those who are just going to get married - do not lose their happiness.

So that those who have not found Him have finally found their men.


1. Despite the fact that the course was written with the hope of helping in a romantic relationship, all practices are suitable for any kind of relationship.

2. The course contains a minimum of theory and a maximum of practice, so that you do not lose time, and you can immediately begin to improve your relationship.

3. If you are not ready to perform the tasks - discard the idea of ​​enrolling in this course. It will not help you. Better find the strength and desire to act, and start to live in harmony with yourself and your loved one each day.

Who this course is for:
  • Wives dreaming of feeling the love of their husband again
  • Brides dreaming of happy family life
  • Girls who want to hear the cherished marriage proposal
  • Friends seeking to support friends
  • Moms ready to accept the love of their children
  • Children eager to give love to their parents
  • Colleagues determined to build a friendly team
  • Anyone who understands the importance of relationships
Course content
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+ STEP 1 - YOU
1 lecture 02:30
Self-esteem and self-love are the important components of any relationship. If you do not love yourself and consider yourself unworthy of happiness - subconsciously you will destroy any relationship.
5 questions
Relationship is a connection between at least two people. And you are as important as your partner or your colleagues. Therefore, it is very important that the relationship brings you joy and happiness. So it is important to be able to build and protect your personal boundaries.
Personal boundaries
6 questions
Sometimes in relationships with other people we behave wrong. And then we can blame ourselves for this for a long time. Therefore, we will learn self-compassion.
4 questions
Healthy relationships are not possible without our kindness. Agree, a kind person who is ready to help is much more attractive. In fact, we all constantly do good to other people. We help with something, give gifts, or just give support. But we will move on.
3 questions
In order to start changing something in life, it is important to decide what exactly you need to improve. The balance wheel will help you evaluate your life, look at it from the side and understand what needs to be done in order to achieve balance and harmony.
3 questions
Very often we begin to feel unhappy, simply because we are not satisfied with any one sphere of life. And most often we begin to think that the trouble is in a relationship. In order to understand this, you need to find out what really makes you happy.
Happy moments
6 questions
Many problems in relationships come from the lack of our goals in life. Not knowing where to spend our time and attention - we devote it to our partner in abundance. In the end, we demand too much from him. If we understand our values and goals, we will not have time to make dubious claims.
Values and goals
4 questions
1 lecture 05:17
Before you start working on emotions, the first step is to learn to notice what is happening inside and around you. Awareness (Mindfulness) allows you to be present in any situation, do not panic. You will always know what is happening around and inside you.
5 questions
With awareness practices, you might already feel that it is easier for you to track your emotions. Today we will delve into this topic, and we will not only track the emotions themselves, but also what causes them.
1 question
I hope you did the exercise from the previous lecture. If not, go back and do it. If yes, continue. Today we will look for the roots of your stressful situations.
1 question
Our emotions are not arisen just like that. Different people interpret the same event differently, based on their experience. If you have accumulated a lot of negative attitudes, they will have their imprint on your reactions, behavior, and therefore on your entire life.
Negative attitudes
5 questions
Negative thinking means attention to what causes you pain, suffering, what causes anger, what worries you. You will agree that you will be much happier both by yourselves and in relationships - if you change your thinking to positive.
Negative mind
1 question
The art of noticing positive things in life is the first step towards building positive thinking, but not everything that needs to be done. Today we will continue the practices that will help you become a truly positive person and learn not only to see the good - but also to cope with the negative.
Positive mind
3 questions
Nothing helps to calm your emotions, like a good rest. Very often in the bustle of everyday life, we just forget to take time for ourselves, so we begin to experience stress. Today we will begin to fix it.
5 questions
1 lecture 02:12
Who is this person who shares with you one apartment, one life? Are you sure you know him enough to truly appreciate him? Very often, our judgments are based only on negative memories and unjustified expectations. And it turns out that you no longer know with whom you live.
Who is he/she?
5 questions
Very often, problems in relationships arise from the incorrect answer, and when the other misunderstood him, and both are confident that they heard and said everything correctly. It’s even worse that we’re just not interested in listening to each other.
Listen and hear
1 question
How else can you show your love and care, if not with a response to his needs? It is very important to understand that in a relationship, it's not only you who has needs. But also your partner. And he has the same right as you to be satisfied.
Value your partner
1 question
Today we will talk about trust and forgiveness
Trust and forgiveness
3 questions
Sometime, in order to forgive someone, you need to remember such an important feature - compassion. It is inherent in all people, just some have forgotten how it works. And more often - they are afraid to show it.
3 questions
Any relationship will grow stronger and flourish when you feel that you have something to say THANK YOU! And what's more, when you say it out loud.
3 questions
Today we will cope with cooperation.
2 questions
1 lecture 03:22
It's time to understand what kind of relationships you do want.
Speaking about ideals
8 questions
Any relationship involves communication. It's unavoidable. That is why it is so important to be able to listen and hear (what we have already learned), and to be able to express your thoughts correctly. The art of speaking is a very broad topic. Therefore, today we will touch only the basics.
The art to speak
2 questions
As we have said, relationships are a fusion of two people. Accordingly, they cannot normally exist without your joint interests.
Mutual interests
6 questions
According to the results of research, family traditions were in the first place in the list of things that help couples save their family for a long time.
Family traditions
2 questions
How often do you pay attention to the good? I hope - often. And how often do you celebrate each other's small successes?
Celebration of success
1 question
Any relationship has crisis times. And it is very important to respond to them correctly in order not to destroy everything completely.
1 question
Today is the final assignment of this course. We worked a lot on relationships, but I know you can do more! Today we will make a plan - how to improve and develop your relationship.
Make a plan
5 questions