Overcoming Procrastination In School, Work And Life ®

Understand Procrastination And Control It - How To Overcome Procrastination And Stop Being A Procrastinator
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You Will Also Learn System That You Can Implement In Your Life That Can Help You Overcome Procrastination And Lead You To A Healthier Life
You Will Master Your Habits And You Will Learn The Fundamental Psychological And Physiological Basis Behind Them
You Will Be Able To Caliber Problems Related To Procrastination, Time Management, Concentration And Focus, Healthy Diet, Healthy Physique And Overall Healthy Life
You Will Be Able To Apply What You Learn As We Dive Into Eliminating The Habit Of Procrastination And Implementing The Habits Of Proper Time Management, Proper Focus And Concentration, Goal Setting And Execution, And Overall, Cognitive Enhancement


  • No prior tools or knowledge are required


Beating Procrastination Is Not Easy, And You Obviously Know That. Procrastination stands in the way of many of our goals and objectives in life. It can have an impact on our health, wealth, relationships, goals..etc

That's exactly why we made this course. We made this course for you so you can lead a healthy life and enjoy it procrastination free!

After finishing this course, you will be fully equipped to manage and control procrastination, you will learn how to change any habit, create habits, and eliminate habits. You will also learn how to manage your time properly, set effective smart goals, and enhance your cognitive abilities.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn how habits truly function on a psychological and physiological level
  • People who want to put an end to procrastination and solve this problem once and for all
  • People who want to master their habits and be able to change any habit, create new habits, and eliminate old habits
  • People who want to learn how to effectively manage their time to work on their habits properly
  • People who want to implement healthy habits that would help them grow
  • People who want to identify bad habits and be able to do something about it
  • People who want to learn systems and formulas to overcome procrastination and time management issues

Course content

2 sections14 lectures1h 29m total length
  • IMPORTANT TO READ BEFORE YOU START - How To Get The Best Out Of This Course
  • Introduction
  • Your Brain Is PLASTIC!
  • How To Use 100% Of Your Brain Capacity
  • The Biological And Psychological Basis Of Habits
  • 7 Kick Ass Exercises For Emotional Intelligence
  • Superhuman Memory — Discovering The True Potential Of Your Memory
  • Understanding Your Habits And Your Personality
  • Understanding Habits Can Be Difficult
  • Keystone Habits - Finding A Psychological Loophole To Implement Habits


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