The Role of Materials in 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

(i) Definition of materials (ii) Attributes of materials (iii) 3D printing of materials (iv) Phase change & 3D printing
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The students will learn about how materials science plays a role in 3D printing process control.
Phase transformation, materials properties, temperature change, melt behaviour, powder particle size, crystallization, thermoplastics.
How to select materials for 3D Printing


  • Basic chemistry, basic physics, materials science
  • An appreciation for how simple machines work
  • Able to process the relationship between temperature and matter


This course draws the physical association between 3D printing and materials. It defines the nature of different kinds of materials as well as the attributes which makes them 3D printable. The role of phase transformation especially temperature driven transformation in 3D printed materials is treated at the fundamental level. This course presents a lot of research based instances of material behaviour under 3D printing conditions. Practice based data are also presented to reinforce the importance of materials know-how at the industrial level.

Who this course is for:

  • Second year engineering and science students, practice based engineers and technicians involved with materials processing (milling, injection moulding, casting etc)
  • Those considering a career in industry
  • Young engineers seeking insight to how materials are processed using 3D printing technologies

Course content

1 section7 lectures48m total length
  • Introduction
  • Lecture 1 - The nature of Materials
  • Lecture 2 - The attributes of 3D printable Materials
  • Lecture 3 - Phase change: most key materials phenomena in additive manufacturing
  • Lecture 4 - Thermoplastics in Additive Manufacturing
  • Lecture 5 - Some key process parameters in 3D print of thermoplastic materials
  • Bonus Lecture


Custodian of Materials in Additive Manufacturing
Brando Okolo
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  • 1,303 Students
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Brando Okolo is currently a Director at Steinbeis-Institute for Materials Applications and 3D Printing Solutions (IMAPS). He studied chemical engineering up to Master degree level at the University of Leeds - UK and holds a PhD in Physical metallurgy, Materials Science and engineering from the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research and the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Over the past 6 years he has been engaged in the founding of several technologies start-up companies. He worked for years as a research scientist at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technologies (KIT) in Germany then as a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the German University in Cairo. Together with his experiences as an entrepreneur in the technologies sector, he also holds an additional professorship at the Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe where he teaches Entrepreneurship and Business planning. He has over 100 publications covering science and engineering technologies as well as topics related to African development. His expertise and depth of involvement in the Additive Manufacturing sector/3D Printing technologies is at a global scale having done pioneering work in the 3D printing of high temperature/performance polymeric materials such as PEEK for which he holds a patent. He serves on the board of the EU – COST ACTION 15107 (MultiComp) and also on the advisory board of World Congress on Smart Materials.