The robot workshop- Building assets in Affinity Designer
4.9 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
114 students enrolled

The robot workshop- Building assets in Affinity Designer

How to build a 2-D robotic asset and concept pack to reuse and rapid concept development in Affinity Designer
4.9 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
114 students enrolled
Created by Jeremy Hazel
Last updated 3/2019
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What you'll learn
  • How to properly build a customizable asset pack in Affinity Designer for use or sale
  • How to create a concept kit for use in Affinity Designer using your own custom built materials
  • How to find textures for use in robot style projects around the house, and how to prepare them for use in projects
  • How to make both pixel and vector based brushes in Affinity Designer for Sci-fi elements like lasers and muzzle flash
  • A basic working knowledge is recommended, but not required we show the technique along the way
  • A computer loaded with the latest version of affinity designer ,we are using 1.6 in this course for example

This course is for designers and creators that are looking for a way to quickly and easily create designs in a variety of applications, or for those looking for an additional product to add to our offering in our online store. Asset packs and concept kits provide quick and reliable ways to test multiple ideas without having to redraw and redesign after each new idea strikes.

As a tattoo artist for 20 years, I know the pain of a client asking for just one more revision, “We just need to change it from a purple rose into a blue daisy…..that’s simple right?”. And as a T-shirt designer you do not have all day to be making art when you really need to be selling shirts. This course is the answer. We have engineered this course to show you how to create (From the ground up) a fully functioning asset pack revolving around 1 concept…..ROBOTS.

Course Description

We take you through building a 2-D robot customizable asset pack AND the construction of a complete concepting KIT for a more realistic Sci-fi style robot. These tools will allow you to create quicker, modify the design easier and create an asset that you could put up for sale as part of your product line.· Included in the course you will build out a complete asset pack for use in a 2-D flat image robot

  • We will show you how to construct each shape of the 2-D robot, teach you how to lay it out properly for creation of a reusable asset, and teach you proper structuring for recoloring the shapes in a variety of colors , this will save you valuable by having a prefabricated base of shapes to pull from each time you make a character

  • We give you the COMPLETE research process that I use to develop robots , and teach you how to pull colors and create pallets from the reference images to give your robots a pleasing appearance, even if you don’t know anything about color theory, this assures your robots are correctly and beautifully colored, and best of all….WE GIVE YOU 7 color pallets to get started to get you up and going right away

  • We teach you how to export and structure the asset pack to support a professional workflow, allowing you to create in an order that is native to how your brain works…no more flipping back and forth between documents.

  • We teach you how to create your own fully rendered set of vector brushes pulled from your own imagination and then apply 3-D effects and textures created by you…… the end you have a complete robot of shapes to utilize in many different ways to get those projects out faster.

  • We teach you textures pulled from everyday objects around the house using only a smartphone….and then show you how to properly treat them to recolor and export them

  • We give you a step by step instruction to create sci-fi lasers and muzzle flashes…….so you can create your own unique brushes to accessorize your robot….and the best thing is….we include the brushes to get you up and moving

Why 7th Season Studios?

With over 20,000 students in the illustration space, 7th Season studios knows how to teach digital art …. but don’t just listen to us……listen to what other students are saying about the other  courses we teach here on udemy

  • “I just wanted to share my appreciation for this course. I'm totally engrossed and loving every minute of it. Your presentation style and the course structure and content are excellent,”- Jeremy.

  • · “definitely a top teacher in his style”-Michael

What will you achieve when you complete the course?

· Aside from confidence in your abilities and getting to know the software, you will receive the complete robot pro pack from 7th season studios…..PLUS you would have made it , at the end of the course you will have

  • A complete 2.5 illustration

  • A complete texture pack

  • A complete brush pack

  • A complete pack of various pallets

· What support is available

· We answer questions through the entire journey, so there is someone with you every step in case you get stuck

Who this course is for:
  • Designers or T-Shirt artists using Affinity designer looking for a way to create high quality graphics quicker
  • Designers and tool makers looking to learn how to create asset packs for sale or sharing with other Affinity Users
Course content
Expand all 33 lectures 03:57:49
+ Introduction and Set-up
5 lectures 30:18

Just a simple description of how to use the course

  • Navigate to the 2-D and the 3-D portion of the course to find what you need

Preview 02:29
  • Learn how I do research to figure out things that may be selling

  • Learn how to use multiple platforms and techniques to get ideas and inspiration

Doing Market research , my process

Learn how to create a reusable template using artboards

Learn how to view the grid to assure sizing and adjust the grid

Learn how rename you artboard for professional workflow

Setting up your work space using artboards and grids
  • Learn how to sketch in the pixel persona to create your first idea

  • How to place the images from your reference file into your work space

  • Know how to reduce the opacity of the layer to make the drawing process more fluid n how to export the completed sketch as a jpeg

Sketching your first robot

Just a few ways to make sure you are taking full advantage of the course and the help that is available

Getting the most out of the course and how to use Q&A
+ Making swatches
2 lectures 12:37
  • Learn how to make a swatch pallete from existing images

  • Learn how to customize the number of colors in your pallete

  • Learn how to export palletes for sharing and use

  • Know the difference between an application and a document pallete 

Preview 06:43
  • Learn what a color chord is and how to combine them with color palletes

  • Learn 2 color chords and create pallets with them Export your color palletes for use in your project

Making a color chord
+ Making a 2-D robot kit
11 lectures 01:40:54
  • Pick your top references and position them on your artboard

  • Place your sketch from earlier into the workspace

Picking an art style
  • Create 4 body masses to convey the shape of your robots

  • Set the color to your base for future adjustment

Making your body masses

Add details to show shape and further refine the rough shapes, creating visual interest

Detailing your body masses

Learn to make various head shapes to match the shape language of your robot

Learn how to use operations to make complex shapes for your robot heads like addition and subtraction

Making the head shape
  • Learn to make arms and legs that can be animated if you choose

  • Learn how to make them stand out from the geometry of the body portion

Preview 13:12
  • Learn to make facial features that show your robots personality

  • Learn to make 3D features that extrude from the body

Making mouths and noses
  • Learn how to make 2 set of hands for your robot

  • Learn how to create 2 sets of feet for your creatures

Adding Eyes hands and feet
  • Learn how to make 4 accessories  for your robot

  • Learn 2 ways to adjust color on the created shapes

  • Know what blend modes are best  for shadow and highlight

  • Learn how to use recolor layers to create multiple colored shapes

Making color variation on the shape
  • Identify WHY layer structure is important IF you plan on animating and adjusting

  • Learn how to create an asset

  • Learn how to organize and modify assets to save you a ton of time

Proper layering and exporting into an asset pack
  • How to use neutral grey tones to be universally useful

  • How to use the decals in existing art through using blend modes

  • How to add additional assets to the asset pack

Creating decals and adding to the asset pack
+ Building a 2-D robot with your new tools
2 lectures 09:44
  • Apply all of the assets to create the 2-D robot

Building your 2-D robot
  • Add effects to your 2-D robot to add some pop and flare

Adding Effects to your 2-D robot
+ Making a concept robot kit
3 lectures 26:58

Create your first vector brush

Learn how to use operations to combine multiple shapes

Use tools like the corner tool and artboards to create your workspace for future brushes

Making vector brushes for concept

This is just a simple lesson to reinforce HOW to create these shapes, in this lesson we make a cockpit style brush  for your robot pack

making the concept vector brushes volume 2
  • Learn how to export your finished brushes

  • Add a new category and fill it with your robot concept pack

  • I just want to show you WHERE we are going… do not have the tools to do this yet

Preview 09:21
+ Building textures and pixel brushes for your robot
6 lectures 34:01
  • Learn what makes a good texture

  • Find sources fo great textures Learn how to use a texture

Types of textures- what makes a good one
  • Learn how to create your first metallic texture for use in your robot

  • Use adjustment layers to increase contrast without destroying your image

  • Learn pro tips to work in grey scale when adjusting contrast

Making your first metallic texture
  • Learn how to create a reusable texture that can be applied to solid layers

Making a reusable texture
  • learn how to set up a texture with an adjustment layer to change the color

  • learn to adjust color density on your colorized textures

Making a texture with a changeable color
  • Learn how to make a laser brush for use in pixel work

  • Use the .png to create a pixel brush

Making a Laser Pixel Brush
  • Create a muzzle flash intensity brush for use in the final concept

Making a muzzle flash brush
+ Building a concept robot using your tools
3 lectures 22:05
  • Build out the body using the vector brushes used earlier in the course

  • Apply the 3-D effect to the shapes

  • Apply textures created to the shapes

Building out the body
  • Apply accessories to balance out the design created

  • Adjust the layering of the shapes to convey structure

  • Balance the design elements to convey a sense of functionality

Preview 06:28
  • Learn how pull off realistic laser effects to increase the interest in your robot

  • Learn how to use blend modes to layer your effects

Adding Lasers and muzzle flash
+ Closure and thanks
1 lecture 01:12

Just a simple closure and acknowledgement that you made it to the end

Closing thoughts and thanks