7 Days Of the Rich Vibe Calibration Challenge

Fascinating Quantum Tantra Hypnosis That Can Help Your Align to the Successful Business Frequency & Wealth Mindset
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Quantum jumping meditation designed to women you go from your current reality into the reality of business success and abundance
Manifest your goals and desires at a rapid speed
Get in touch with your deepest, most epic, most beautiful emotions your ideal self wants to feel.
Be you at a deeper and more cosmos level
Increase creativity and intuition
Activate creative orgasmic energy and ecstasy
Become more comfortable with receiving larger amounts
Knowing that at any given moment you can tap into the frequency of your dreams
Help you release and dissolved patterns and limitations in your energy and mind
Elicit arousal, ecstatic vibration, orgasmic manifestation / sex magic enhancer.


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Attention Cosmic Female Entrepreneurs! You need to try this!

Welcome to the 7 Days Of the Rich Vibe Calibration Challenge | Quantum Tantra Vibration Method™ |

Just like using a tuning fork, we can tune to wealth and abundance. How easier than that can it get?

I was that coach with clients who got better results than me. I always wondered, how can my very own words shift someone, and here I am still in a financial struggle. It wasn’t until I heard some say something like “If your clients getting better results than you, it’s telling me more about your clients, not you” AND, I GOT IT!

I created a story where my client wins prioritized mine, they got all my juicy advice and would make $8k in one week, $30k in a month, free travel for work and promotions, new unexpected jobs and opportunities, more loving relationships, success all over the place. Yet, I was still playing with scarcity, and to be honest, coach after coach, the money blocks didn’t “clear” fully.

Deep inside I knew that no strategy works without my being 100% in alignment but honestly, I just couldn’t figure it out, and frankly, I dint want to, I longed to just shift whatever it was. I was ready to be in the now and letting the now be a wealthy now!

This program is a part of a cosmic download. Something I created for myself because I was ready to be living life not trying t future out manifestations and burying my time in rituals and superstitions. At the beginning of 2021, I had more money in the bank than we received in income all 2020 this is what I started to work with, the quantum energy field, combined with orgasmic energy and metaphysics. There is no feeling like the realization you can change your entire life accessing a part of the universe coded to you that vibrates at the frequency of your wildest dreams.

The Quantum Tantra Vibration Method is a type of quantum jumping meditation designed to help you go from your current reality into the reality you desire. I gathered some of the most requested desires that most of my clients struggle with and created these healing hypnotics that include binaural, solfeggio frequencies, and ecstatic/orgasmic energy. I will guide you through a trance and into the reality of your wildest dreams.

I believe vibration is everything just like quantum physics explains that everything is vibrating.

I also believe we are cable of tuning our vibration to the frequency of wealth, joy, or as a matter of fact anything you can imagine. Like a tuning fork. Like calibrating to new energy.

This experience will evoke a connection with the wealthy and confident version of you that already exists in that parallel reality and already vibrates in resonance with the outcome you desire.

What if tuning to wealth is exactly the same, it’s about matching a frequency? What if it’s that easy, like tuning a guitar? I believe that it is! (of course, to tune a guitar you need a trained ear and practice, but once you know the tune, you k now it, you're calibrated to always hear it or tune to it)

So excited to debut this right here on Udemy, of all of you!

You will experience and bring into the now the vibration and feelings that the rich you in the alternate reality has, quantum jumping to a new frequency and version of you.

This challenge will help you:

  • Manifest your goals and desires at a rapid speed

  • Get in touch with your deepest, most epic, most beautiful emotions your ideal self wants to feel.

  • Begin to really heal your finances by doing the thing I believe is most important, getting into the vibration and in alignment with the results you want.

  • Be you at a deeper and more cosmos level

  • Increase creativity and intrusion

  • Activate creative orgasmic energy and ecstasy

  • Become more magnetic to wealth and confidence

  • Become more comfortable with receiving larger amounts

  • Attract more opportunities, doors opening

  • Knowing that at any given moment you can tap into the frequency of your dreams

  • Help you release and dissolved patterns and limitations in your energy and mind

This is a challenge is FREE, it’s my gift to you! I know it will change your life. It includes 7 amazing life-shifting jumps:

  • Day 1: Most Confident - When you are feeling the most confident nothing feels out of reach, you feel empowered, capable, and worthy, use this jump with your need to elevate into the millionaire CEO vibe.

  • Day 2: More Attractive / Alluring - I worked in the beauty and fashion industry as a photographer for a year, one thing I know about all women, we want to feel beautiful, interesting, and feminine. There is nothing more powerful than an alluring woman, she inspires curiosity, and her magnetism is irresistible. Come to the next business meeting with this vibe and leave them breathless.

  • Day 3: Anticipation (Opposed to procrastination) - Like an innocent young woman, become more aware of the universe’s evidence that it’s working all in your favor. You manifest at the moment in which you are certain so certain before you even see it. Become extraordinarily sensitive to seeing the quantum shifts.

  • Day 4: The Business of Your Dreams - Laidback by pools side, stay at home boss & mama, or just bring to life any little thing your heart desires, the perfect and ideal business so much better, so much easier so much more prosperous.

  • Day 5: Receiving Large Sums of Money Daily - Learning to receive larger and larger amounts is as much practice and invest in larger amounts too. There is already a reality where your yearly income is their monthly income, there is a reality that your desires monthly income is your daily income, wouldn’t it be fun to check that out?

  • Day 6: Self-Made Wealth - As women, I think making our own money brings us closer to feeling equal, because we are, and being ourselves as high earners can feel terrible if you have been taught that women should meek, gentle, and quiet. Imagine a reality where the women are the rulers and they are deeply respected and honored by their counterparts. A reality where abundance is normally natural and common and women are all wonderful examples of loads of money on your terms.

  • Day 7: Become More Orgasmic - Nothing can be more important to women this day and age than to heal the sexual, spiritual, psychological split, so in this jump, you calibrate to you that is completely in her power around her sexuality and in this reality you are multi-orgasmic, you feel great in your body and feel pleasure all the time. In this reality, we harness the healing power of an orgasmic current and the creative power it contains. How you receive pleasure is connected to how you receive money!

  • Day 8: (Extra!) Sacred Divine Life - Extra! If you’re spiritual while you desire wealth, wealth might not be your primary motivator, it’s not for me, for me, I want to know the mysteries of the cosmos, I want the dreamiest spiritual journey and enlightenment, so this jump is for those like me who wealth is sacred and the spiritual journey is the actual real currency. “Seek ye first”...

This is an avant-garde approach to traditional quantum jumping as what I take you through is better explained as an intensity that draws you in, a cosmic pull. I also incorporate more senses breath work, orgasmic energy, and frequencies/binaural beats to psychodynamically tune you, immerse you in the experience, and shift your vibration, merge you and bring you back with all the frequencies now encoded.

I have changed my financial life using this powerful method in a very short period of time, this year I have already manifested $84k.

By the end of 7 days, you will have experienced a profound sense of your capabilities, and you will know your soul how truly worth of wealth you are. And you can do this longer than 7 days, each time you quantum jump you will intensify the experience and create even more resonance.

Who this course is for:

  • Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs

Course content

3 sections22 lectures1h 15m total length
  • Intro & Welcome !
  • What is QTVM™?
  • Why I invented it
  • How it works
  • Quantum Jump Vs Quantum Pull
  • Changing Your Habits with an Action Plan


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I am Ultra! I love setting you free by teaching you to explore the immense sexual and spiritual possibilities open to you. I offer you numerous ways to discover and delight in these possibilities: Coaching and Teaching! I hope that you connect with me for Orgasmic Life-changing experiences in the limitless areas of sex and spirit.

Women have been trained to sort areas of our lives and keep them separate and secret, to keep our careers, spirituality and sexual expression separate predominately to avoid attention or offending, we have been taught to keep that beautiful wild and free inner self quiet during the day and maybe we can let her out sometimes in the dark if no one knows. I believe exactly the opposite. 

When you align your spiritual purpose with erotic power, an abundance of creativity and overflow will manifest in health, wealth, love, and happiness in all aspects of your existence including money, orgasms, real love, passion, drive, health, fitness and motivation in waves of abundance in all areas of your life.