The Quick & Dirty Guide to Blockchain

Learn blockchain in an afternoon. Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon
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What is Blockchain? - Learn the fundamental concepts and building blocks of Blockchain Technology
What is possible? - Find out how will blockchain disrupts every industry, not just the financial markets
How to win? - Discover how to stop playing catch up and future-proof your career, your business and yourself


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Blockchain is an exciting new technology that has the power to revolutionize many industries but it takes most people a long time to fully understand its potential and how they can use it.

This is because blockchain technology is complex and non-intuitive, even for people who are used to dealing with new technologies on a regular basis. It has the potential to transform many industries.

You can no longer ignore blockchain as some obscure technology just for techies.

To help you understand this exciting new technology, we have prepared The Quick & Dirty Guide to Blockchain.

If you are looking to learn Blockchain fast, this course is for you. This course will get you started in only a few hours!

It is aimed at anyone who wants to quickly understand Blockchain and how it works.

Designed for you even if you are not a rocket scientist or math wiz!

Learn blockchain in an afternoon, get the historical context in bite-sized information with visually stunning graphics.

Stop spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon. This course is for you whether you are a student, a business owner, a manager, or a professional.

Be prepared for what's coming in the future

Get to know how blockchain changes everything in business and learn how to use this sweeping innovation to the benefit of your organization.

  • Historical Context - Go back to the roots of how it all started

  • Bite-Sized Information - No overwhelming info overload

  • Visually Stunning - No boring bullet points

Join 1000's of professionals, and executives from leading companies who enjoyed The Quick & Dirty Guide to Blockchain.

Who this course is for:

  • Entry-level professionals and students - Looking for a career path in blockchain, and to start building the skills needed to get hired by top businesses.
  • Mid-level professionals - Looking to prepare for your next career move and learn how blockchain technology will impact your work and future.
  • Business owners - Looking to learn how blockchain changes everything in business and understand how to use this sweeping innovation to the benefit of your organization.
  • Tech professionals (engineers, data scientists, marketers etc.) - Looking to start on the right foot and gain the confidence you need to join the industry and explore a blockchain career.


Founder of Next Decentrum | Blockchain & NFT Startup
Hussein Hallak
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
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Founder and CEO of Next Decentrum, a blockchain company building Momentable, an NFT e-commerce platform focused on helping museums, art collectors, and cultural institutions create, manage, and promote NFT-based digital products and collections on the Flow blockchain.

Museums, galleries, and artists can use Momentable to publish digital versions of iconic artworks and artifacts, making them more accessible than ever before and as a result, protect their valuable assets, generate new revenue streams, and reach collectors around the world.

Next Decentrum is working with some of the top museums in North America and the world. We partnered with Visual Capitalist, one of the fastest growing online publishers globally, and Daily Hive, a leading Canadian online publication with a hyper-local focus.

In 2006, I launched CreativeArab, the world’s first and largest marketplace for Middle Eastern art focused on connecting artists across the Arab world with a global audience (acquired). Then I launched The Content People in 2010, an award-winning content marketing agency with clients that included Virgin Mobile, Pfizer, and Starbucks.

In 2016 I joined Launch as General Manager. Launch is one of North America’s top tech hubs and startup incubators. We helped over 6500+ founders and 500+ startups raise over $1 billion. In 2019 I joined 3 tier logic as VP of Products & Strategy, I worked with some of the world’s most valuable brands including Universal Studios, P&G, and Kimberly Clark.

I write and speak about startups, blockchain, and NFTs, and advise several tech and blockchain startups including Mobile Art School, Fintrux, Majik Bus, Traction Health, AmiPro, Cloud Nine, and Peace Geeks.

Recognized in 2019 as one of 30 Vancouver tech thought-leaders and influencers to follow. Featured in Forbes, BBC, BetaKit, Entrepreneur, DailyHive, Notable, and CBC.

When not building products, I enjoy writing, reading, and engaging in meaningful conversations over good coffee.

My favourite pastimes are playing chess with my kids, binging on good drama and science fiction, drawing, and learning new guitar licks, sometimes all at the same time :)

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