OneNote for Busy Professionals: Quick and Dirty Guide (2021)

(2021) Supercharge your productivity by becoming a master digital note taker. Organize your digital content with ease.
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How to get productive with Microsoft OneNote for digital notetaking
How to structure OneNote to extract maximum productivity and efficiency
How to use templates and image extraction features to make your notes un-cluttered and valuable
Using Microsoft OneNote in 2021


  • Access to a computer with Microsoft OneNote desktop or store app.
  • Access to a mobile device with the Microsoft OneNote app installed.


Whether you are a student, working professional, teacher, artist, or someone who takes notes for planning, you need a solid note-taking approach to help organize your digital life.  Instead of being a passive consumer of lectures or videos, learn how to use a free digital note-taking tool such as OneNote to organize your content. We'll look at the hidden tips and tricks in OneNote that help you become more productive.

Today, we have a plethora of tools at our disposal. One that I particularly love is Microsoft OneNote. Seen one way, OneNote is like any other digital note-taking tool. You can write notes, create checklists, and so on. Even Notepad can do that -- which is a great tool, too, by the way.

But to the keen eye, OneNote reveals a ton of possibilities for taking your note-taking to an altogether new level. It's these possibilities that I wanted to emphasize when I created my OneNote course. Did you know, for instance, that you can enhance your research or language learning from within the OneNote app?

Will OneNote end up as just another tool relegated to the background? Or will you wield OneNote with mastery to accomplish your goals?

Courses on OneNote are many. Ones with actionable insights are few.

If actionable insights matter to you, I just updated my OneNote course for 2021.

While this course covers mostly the OneNote 2016 desktop app on Windows, you will find a similar interface and mostly similar functions in the free OneNote apps for Windows, MAC, IOS, and Android.

OneNote is a great digital note-taking tool with many useful features. The greatest leaders in the world have efficient note-taking skills. This course goes beyond the basics of how to install OneNote and covers the actual tips and tricks that you can use to get the most of this incredibly useful tool.

We'll look at how to organize your notes in the best way, how to use dictation, how to use tags to track your to-do lists and items, how to use OneNote for study, research, writing, and language learning, and a bunch of other scenarios and tips.

Who this course is for:

  • Busy students
  • Busy working professionals
  • Project managers
  • Digital notetaking
  • Executives
  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Students

Course content

7 sections22 lectures56m total length
  • About the Instructor
  • Salient features of this OneNote course
  • What's Covered in this Course
  • A Comprehensive Introduction to the different Features in OneNote


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A lifelong productivity enthusiast and trainer for more than 15 years, I have trained 3000+ students and working professionals to ace standardized tests such as the GMAT and GRE.  I have also instructed students on how to write MBA application essays, reason critically, and develop solid skills to ace the GMAT and get into world-class universities.  I have assisted students to get into top MBA schools: Kelley School of Business (Indiana, USA), Stanford (USA), Rouen Business School (France), HEC (Paris), Grenoble (France/Singapore), SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy), EDHEC (France), HKUST (Hong Kong), IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A). 

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Snigdha Sinha, Sr. Product Manager at Amazon: When I finally resolved to take the test, Prasad's guidance was crucial in Verbal and Quantitative. Whenever I was stuck with a question, say why a certain critical reasoning question said the answer was a, and I was stuck to b, he would patiently explain from different angles, analogies, etc. I would often just quickly email him a screenshot of a problem I was stuck with and he would reply in a jiffy. GMATers will appreciate how being stuck on a single question can eat 2 hours of your time and having someone around who is willing to come back to you very quickly, with an answer that has solid reasoning and not just "this is just how it is", especially with sentence correction questions. Prasad was also extremely open to me picking up questions from any portal/forum I liked and helped me get the best out of GMAT prep packages. He has designed his own question sets and they are very high quality. Another thing I wanted to specifically point out - Prasad has trained so many people and understands the exams so deeply that he was able to help me a lot more than the knowledge out there - for example, he told me that the reading comprehension has a higher weight-age towards. He guided me on how to dissect convoluted passages and my enhanced score report shows a 51 on RC.

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