The Power of Our Mind Simplified
4.1 (40 ratings)
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The Power of Our Mind Simplified

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Reality
4.1 (40 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
8,839 students enrolled
Created by Mathilde Carro
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • How the conscious and subconscious mind works.
  • Why do we behave the way we do?
  • What are limiting beliefs? How to replace them?
  • Techniques to manifest a positive reality.
  • The only requirements is sincere desire to learn and to put the time to do the work

The student will leave the course empowered and able to transform reality through the simple techniques explained in this course. The student will feel good knowing how his/her mind works, the powers within and how to connect to Infinite Intelligence to achieve his/her goals and grow spiritually.

This course is for the beginner who would like to learn some of the basic, yet powerful concepts in the realm of mind science and the power of the mind. It will teach the student about how the mind works, by learning about the different functions of the mind and how to properly utilize them to allow us to discard old harmful and unwanted beliefs and supplant new positive and transformative ones to manifest our goals and desires and ultimately change our reality.

In addition to teaching you about how the mind works, i.e., on a vibration/ frequency level, this course will introduce several effective techniques that the student can utilize to start changing old beliefs and implanting new ones.

My goal in giving this course is to help as many people as possible transform their current reality, and change the way they think to achieve a whole new reality of one of positivity, happiness, and abundance, and whatever else they are seeking. I want to share with everyone interested that each and every one of us has the ability and power to change our lives and it does not require over-exertion, stress, and exorbitant amounts of time. All it takes is a sincere desire to change and to take a relatively small investment of time every day, on a consistent basis to think differently and apply easy-to learn techniques, that virtually anyone can do. We are all worth this small investment of time to transform our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

I wish you much success and to achieve everything that you desire in peace and harmony.

Who this course is for:
  • People that are curious about how the mind works
  • People that want to grow spiritually
  • People that want to connect to their inner power
  • People that want to improve their life by connecting to a higher power
  • People that want to understand reality beyond their physical senses
  • People that feel their life is too negative
  • People that don't like their reality
Course content
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+ Course Objective, Key Topics and Target Audience
4 lectures 04:13

This lecture identifies the course's objective.

Preview 01:31

The lecture highlights the target audience ideal for this course.

Preview 00:32

In this lecture we will be discussing the key topics of this course.

Preview 01:54

Course Disclaimer

Preview 00:16
+ Introduction: The Mind
3 lectures 06:07

This lecture gives an introduction to the key concepts of the mind and its various parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and their distinct characteristics and roles.

Preview 01:15

This lecture teaches about the conscious mind, its characteristics and functions.

Preview 01:27

This lecture teaches about the subconscious mind, its characteristics and functions.

Preview 03:25

Summary and Review of Section II: The Mind

Section II Quiz: The Mind
13 questions
+ The Workings of the Mind
4 lectures 11:17

In this lecture the student will learn about Cause and Effect, a/k/a/ secondary cause, or reaction mode, which inhibits ability to manifest his goals/desires. The student will also learn about Primary Cause,  which is knowing that the Creator is the source of everything. It helps us to stay focused on our goal/desires.

Cause and Effect

This lecture teaches us that, no matter what the circumstances are, or what life throws at us, it is the universe's way of testing us to see if we will have complete faith in the process of following through with focus and resilience in believing in on our desires and goals. The lesson is not to give up, no matter what the external appearance looks like. It's just a test. You can and will succeed if you stay the course!

Lessons Learned: Cause and Effect

This lesson teaches us to examine our beliefs, our habits and our thinking patterns. Most often than not, it is from these beliefs, habits, and long-term negative thought patterns that created our present reality, and it is not until we retrain our mind with new beliefs, thought patterns, and habits, that we can experience a happier and more fulfilled life. Life is like a boomerang- what we send out into the universe will come back to us in like kind.

Why Do We Behave in a Certain Way?

How we perceive people, places, things, the world will determine our reality via the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the vehicle through which our reality manifests, good or bad. The food that nourishes the subconscious mind is our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. If they are good, our reality is good, and vice versa.

Think Good and it Will be Good

Section 3 - The Workings of the Mind

The Workings of the Mind
8 questions
+ Beliefs, Limiting Beliefs, Thought Patterns, and Habits
4 lectures 15:39

Beliefs are the driving force behind our behavior and our reality. If begins in our conscious mind, and with time and repetition, the belief solidified becomes part of our subconscious mind dictating our every move. To change our unwanted reality, we need to change our old beliefs, via the techniques later learned in this course, to drive out the old unwanted beliefs and plant and germinate new ones for a better reality manifesting our goals, dreams, and desires, the way the Creator and the universe intended it.


Limiting beliefs we hold cripple our ability to live the life we were truly meant to live. This lecture will identify how we have come to hold limiting beliefs and how we can reverse the process.

Limiting Beliefs

Auto suggestion and hetero suggestion are words, ideas, and beliefs that we tell ourselves or that are told or transmitted to us by others. These suggestions have a tremendous impact on us, especially when we are children, and in many cases they become deep-seeded beliefs, particularly when they are told to us by the ones we love (in the case of hetero-suggestions). This lecture will discuss in more detail these concepts-how they impact us, and how we can learn from them to change our negative reality, and create positive beliefs using positive suggestions.

Auto and Hetero-Suggestions

This lecture further discusses the harmful effects of limiting thought patterns, habits, and beliefs and how we can reverse its effects.

Thought Patterns and Habits

Section 4 - Beliefs, Limiting Beliefs, Thought Patterns and Habits.

Section 4 - Beliefs, Limiting Beliefs, Thought Patterns and Habits.
8 questions
+ The Power of the Subconscious Mind
3 lectures 13:15

This lecture focuses on the subconscious mind-how it is the engine that drives everything-from our conscious behavior to our unconscious life functions. It further discusses ways to implant new beliefs within the subconscious mind to effect positive change, to connect to our higher self-our intuitive self to change our reality.     

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality

This lecture discusses how we must turn inward, quiet our mind and connect to our inner wisdom, the Infinite Intelligence within our subconscious mind- that is our gateway, our portal to Divine Intuition and Creativity, that provides us with answers to our questions and solutions to our problems. 

Inner Wisdom

This lecture discusses physical reality, which is the limiting aspect of our mind-the things we perceive with our five senses. The senses are critical for our survival, but are very limiting in our ability to co-create and manifest a better reality. We must go beyond our physical reality and our perceived circumstances and connect to our Infinite Intelligence to transcend and transform our reality.

Physical Reality

Sec 5 - The power of the subconscious mind.

Section 5 - The power of the subconscious mind.
8 questions
+ Challenges and Obstacles- Awareness & Consciousness and their Impact
3 lectures 10:11

This lecture deals with overcoming our obstacles and perceived limitations by connecting to our higher self, breaking away from old thought patters of lack and limitation. The Creator placed each and every one of us for a good and positive purpose, not to suffer and languish in misery and despair. We need to look at every situation and circumstance as an opportunity of growth and positivity, and if we truly do this, and believe in it, it will be so.

How to Act and Deal with Obstacles, Challenges...

To achieve our goal/ desire, we must have focus and unbending intent.


Mental attitude means to stay on course with your goals/desires despite the hardships and obstacles that will arise along the way.

Mental Attitude

Section 6 - How to act and deal with obstacles and challenges.

Section 6 - How to act and deal with obstacles and challenges.
8 questions
+ Techniques to Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs and Adopting Positive Ones
6 lectures 43:02

This lesson describes the various techniques on how we can let go and remove limiting beliefs from our mind.


This lesson discusses the powerful technique of affirmations. What affirmations are and how to use them to remove limiting beliefs from our subconscious mind and how to use them to implant new positive and transformative beliefs.


This lesson goes into more details about the technique of affirmations.

Example and Affirmation Details

This lesson discusses another effective technique called visualization.  The lesson teaches how to use them to remove limiting beliefs and how to use them to adopt new positive ones to reach our goals and desires.


This lecture describes the ancient Hawaiian technique called Ho'oponopono. This lesson goes into much detail on what it is, what are its elements, and how it can be used to clear old and unwanted negative beliefs to make way for healthy positive ones.


This lecture wraps up in summary form the techniques for eliminating unwanted beliefs and infusing positive ones: Affirmations, Visualization, and Ho'oponopono.

The Three Techniques- Conclusion

Section 7 - Techniques to letting go of limiting beliefs and adopting positive ones.

Section 7 - Techniques to letting go of limiting beliefs and adopting positive
20 questions
+ Infinite Intelligence, Inner Power, Wisdom, Purpose, Intuition, and Letting Go
9 lectures 17:12

This lesson teaches or reminds us that we are not alone in this world to solve the problems we face. We have within each and every one of of us a hidden treasure, an infinite storehouse of untapped resources known as Inner Wisdom, which is connected to Infinite Wisdom, the source of everything. When we quiet our mind, we can communicate with our inner wisdom and thus connect to Infinite Intelligence to tap into those Divine resources to solve any problem or manifest any desire. There are no limits.

Infinite Intelligence, Connecting to Inner Power and Inner Wisdom

This lesson teaches us that we were not born to live a purely physical life. On the contrary, that we are all spiritual beings first and foremost and that we can and must connect to our spiritual soul and with our Infinite Intelligence to grow spiritually to achieve the things we were meant to achieve. That is our true purpose.

Purpose to Exist

This lecture discusses what it means to connect to the Creator, its benefits, and how we can do it. By connecting to the Creator, we can truly unlock our greatest potential and be and live the way we were truly meant to.

Connect to the Creator

This lesson teaches us the key significant differences between our intellect and our intuitive power. The real power that we hold lies within us when we connect to Infinite Intelligence and receive answers and fulfill our desires by utilizing our intuition.

Intellect vs. Intuition

Forgiving others is one of the single most important acts we can do to allow us to become more peaceful and open to the storehouse of gifts the Creator meant for us to have. Being angry and resentful of others bocks of from fulfilling our fullest potential to co-create and fulfill our deepest desires.


Resentment and blame is detrimental to our peace of mind and spiritual growth. By letting go of these harmful and limiting feelings, we can become better people by transmitting positive energy.

Resentment and Blame

Taking responsibility for our actions, in what we say and what we think about is the first step in changing our beliefs to positive ones. This will set the path for change and ultimately our reality.

Taking Responsibility

A simple, but important lesson for all of us.What we allow into our minds and transmit to the world, will ultimately yield in like kind. If you want to produce a good, abundant, and healthy life, we must sow good "seeds".

Our Mind is Like a Garden

We must let go of our ego and trust in the Creator, a higher power. This will ultimately lead us to fulfill our purpose and all that we desire.

Letting Go and Letting God

Section 8 Infinite Intelligence, purpose to exist, forgiveness & responsibility.

Section 8 Infinite Intelligence, purpose to exist, forgiveness & responsibility.
10 questions
+ Faith and Trust in the Process
4 lectures 07:46

Faith is the key that unlocks the storehouse of the universe's wealth. We receive answers to our questions and bring into our reality our goals and desires.


Vibration is the language upon which the subconscious mind understands. In order to change the old beliefs within our subconscious mind, we need to have emotions (vibrations) that are in line with our conscious thoughts and affirmations.

Vibration and Subconscious Mind

Despite appearances that make us feel that we are not succeeding, we must trust in the process, trust that Infinite Intelligence and the Universe will follow-through with our desires as long as we are patient and trust that it will happen.

Trust in the Process

This lesson provides examples of what you may come to expect when we are aligned with Infinite Intelligence and we become proper vessels to receive the things we desire.

Proper Vessel to Receive

Section 9 Faith, Trust, Vibration and being a proper vessel.

Section 9 Faith, Trust, Vibration and being a proper vessel.
6 questions
+ Course Summary and Conclusion
1 lecture 05:10

This lesson is a summary of the points expressed in this online course. It discusses the different parts of the mind, the conscious and subconscious mind, how the mind works, creating conditions for positivity, the power of beliefs, faith, trust, the power of Infinite Intelligence-how to connect to it and transform your life, and much, much more. Our destiny is in our hands, but no desire is unreachable, if we belief, have faith and trust and stay focused. We all have the power to manifest our wildest dreams and this course will show you how. Thank you for watching.

Summary and Conclusion