Effective Communication: Motivational Interviewing Part 1

Understanding long term behavior change and Communication
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Understanding the change process for sustained long term behavior change
Understanding the physics of Communication
Recognizing the impact of communication on behavior change


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This course is the foundation for our training in Motivational Interviewing, an evidence based practice to help with long term sustained behavior change, and how your communication can aid in behavior change.  Motivational Interviewing is a communication method founded out of the addiction industry but has been transformed and used throughout many industries.

This free training is guided by Casey Jackson, who has been training and teaching Motivational Interviewing and Physics of Communication for over 20 years.  Casey is a well known MINT Trainer (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) Casey founded IFIOC to teach Motivational Interviewing, a communication method. This short course is filled with basic details about Motivational Interviewing. You will also learn more about the Physics of Communication and how our communication can help or hinder behavior change. The class offers a variety of learning opportunities including powerpoint, video examples and worksheet learning.

This class is the first part of a series we teach on Motivational Interviewing through Udemy.  Make sure to check out the full series titled: Effective Communication: Motivational Interviewing. Check out all of our reviews, you won't regret signing up for this class!

To view the full Live course search IFIOC (Institute for Individual and Organizational Change) in Google and check out our Introduction to Motivational Interviewing course. We teach the Introduction to Motivational Interviewing course monthly via virtual training.

*This is a pre-recorded training, credits cannot be given-if you would like to receive credits, please sign up for one of our live upcoming trainings.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy this course!

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Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in personal development, addiction field, social workers or leadership, motivational Interviewing


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Casey Jackson
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Casey Jackson is the lead trainer and owner of Institute for Individual and Organizational Change. Where we teach evidence based communication skills like Motivational Interviewing.

Executive Director at The IFIOC
Casey Jackson
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Graduating with a Masters in Social Work, I have studied behavior change for years.  I was introduced to a new communication method when I was being "raised in the addiction field", called Motivational Interviewing.  From that time, I fell in love with the process and how it's evidence based methodology truly impacts and creates change.  Back in 2010 I started the Institute for Individual and Organizational Change to help leaders and companies impact outcomes through the way they communicate.  We teach classes and courses on Motivational Interviewing that are customized to our clients either in person or online.

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