The Path of Righteousness

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The Path of Righteousness is applied knowledge that concerns the ultimate goal of understanding the concept of what is Good vs Evil. Its a form of understanding guidance and light through proper and essential Repentance and its impact on the heart in correlation to behavior and judgment. In essence its an introduction to unlocking the understanding of how Mankind is supposed to approach life, defining the positive and negative impacts of thought processes when faced with different dilemmas correlating to the choices  we are destined to make (trials) whether great or small, which can potentially change the outlook and circumstance  of a situation by properly being able to discern the different markers that represent Good and Evil. It also emphasizes the importance of God's role in Mankinds life and how it can greatly define the outcome of one's ultimate destiny by understanding the spirtual journey completely that guides to enlightenment. It also shines the light on the dark characteristics that tend to trap us and offers a solution to battle evil with that which is good through the power of light within. The major sources of this free course are essentially from the 3 monotheistic religions of Islam, Judiasm and the Gospel. Studying the Word of God intricately and disregarding what was corrupted.

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Hey guys brief description about myself. My journey started as a programs officer worked my way up to programs manager and shifted from market research to applications.An entrepreneur at heart it's all about finding new ways to innovate. The idea behind this platform is not so I can just teach content but rather its more about reflecting on what we can do to improve many of our skills together, by asking the right questions, there is always more room to grow, always something new to learn.let the brainstorming sessions begin!!

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