The Number One Growth Opportunity for Small Businesses

An often overlooked market for businesses in the USA that has led to more small business success than any other.
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You will learn the number one growth opportunity for all small businesses, and the seven step pathway to marketing to it.


  • A desire to get out of the box, learn something new, and grow your business.


In this course, learn the number one growth opportunity for small (and medium) businesses.  This is proven by research as well as the experience of thousands of small businesses.  No other growth opportunity comes close.  Learn the seven step pathway to "hacking:" this market.  Thousands have done it.  You can too!

Who this course is for:

  • All small and medium size businesses

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6 sections6 lectures50m total length
  • Introduction


Business Growth Consultant
Rick Porterfield
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I help small and medium businesses get bigger. Many business owners struggle to find new clients and grow. I help businesses get bigger by helping them find new markets, and make plans for expansion.  One of my specialties is showing you hacks into the Government market that open doors to profitable contracts. As a result, business owners receive new opportunities, grow, and are finally able to fulfill their vision.

One client won over $1,000,000 of work in a new market  within just three months of starting to work with me.  And it's not that hard.

I have over 35 years experience. I've hundreds of firms, large and small, win millions upon millions of dollars in new work. I can help you too.