The NHS Constitution of England

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Students will learn about the NHS Constitution and cover what is within.


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Welcome to this short course that takes you through the NHS Constitution for England. There is one section with seven lessons which provide verbatim information of the NHS Constitution.

It is said that knowledge is power however this knowledge is not often covered in main stream media and many people seem to be unknowing of this constitution that provides a foundation of patient care and staff responsibilities.

The NHS Constitution covers rights, responsibilities of patients, staff and extends to the public - what is meant by 'the public' is not exactly clear as there is no explanation.

At this present time, when there is an enormous push by the Government, through advertising, promotion and marketing, of an experimental treatment, it would seem very important for main stream outlets to cover this vitally important information of the NHS Constitution.

For those in the health and caring professions this information serves as a reminder of the rights of patients to informed consent to a treatment, even that which is experimental and is in clinical trial stages.

It is my intention that The People of England are able to access this information to support informed decision making around their health and well-being. Without all the information around a treatment and without knowledge of The NHS Constitution then legal and lawful informed consent cannot be given, received or otherwise provided.

About me

My name is Deborah Casey and I am a qualified mental health nurse, holistic therapist and health and therapy educator. I have a strong background in research and have many reliant sources upon which I return to time and again. These trusted sources use information from Government websites, Statutory Instruments, and The Law. I have suffered medical injuries from a medical implant and this was removed in 2019; the FDA had placed warnings in 2008 to not use such medical devices however the consultant had not informed me of that and used it anyway - I only discovered the FDA's warning in 2018. My recovery was not guaranteed and with that in mind I wish to say that no medical treatment, nor medicinal remedy is entirely without risks of harms, injuries and death.

These matters are vitally important to discuss with patients so they can make an informed decision and provide legal and lawful informed consent, which is their agreement to accept the proposed treatment, and it is their right to have this information.

As a result of my own suffering and the information I was not given I have become quite focussed upon the issues of informed consent. This information, which underpins informed legal and lawful consent, led to me recording the NHS Constitution with the hope to help others, whether medic, nurse or patient. I hope this sets you on a journey of thinking, exploring and developing your cognitive skills.

Let's make progress...

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested in health and social care, students who are employed in health and social care, those who have caring duties for a loved family member will benefit from the valuable information in this course.

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Deborah is a holistic therapist, course creator and instructor and retired health mental health nurse with experience of working in many care settings.  She has experienced the in-house training in the UK; an often rushed and hurried process with little time to digest the information and often no supporting manuals or materials to take home and read at leisure and support the learning experience. 

The courses she plans to create, along with those already available, are a good will gesture to all health care workers out in the wider world to help fill the gaps in their training.  Students have life time access to their chosen courses and with free updates will never need to keep repaying the cost of yearly training fees.  And of course you may be eligible for tax refund on your training fees so worthwhile checking that out too and making it all the more worthwhile taking these courses that support your employment.