The GraphQL Apollo (with ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB)

Learn GraphQL & Apollo Client by making a movie application with ReactJS & MongoDB.
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Basics of GraphQL
Working of GraphQL
Testing with GraphiQL tool
Setting up GraphQL Apollo Server
GraphQL integration with ReactJS
MongoDB Atlas functionalities
How Apollo Client works


  • Should have the basic knowledge about ReactJS Components
  • A computer or laptop with an Internet connection


The goal of the course: Make a MERN Movie Maker app and learn about GraphQL, Apollo Client-Server, ReactJS, and MongoDB.

What you will learn :

What is GraphQL

You will understand the need for GraphQL and the problems it solves nowadays.

How the GraphQL works

You will also learn how GraphQL works by looking at the various aspects like writing and firing Graphql queries, the syntax of the queries, making mutations, and more with GraphQL.

Testing the GraphQL queries

You'll also learn to use the GraphiQL tool for testing and understanding how the GraphQL queries are made and structured.

How to integrate GraphQL with ReactJS by Apollo

You will now be able to make and fire the GraphQL queries from your React front-end by connecting the GraphQL with ReactJS with the help of Apollo Client.

Storing the GraphQL data to the MongoDB database server

Storing all the data to MongoDB Atlas becomes very easy with the involvement of NodeJS. GraphQL stores and fetches data from the MongoDB atlas.

Adding the movies from the React frontend

Add the movies from the react component using the Graphql queries and fetch them from the Database.

You will learn how to make an application using ReactJS, MongoDB, GraphQL, Apollo-Client, and much more.

Let's get you started!!!

See you inside the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone willing to get started with the basics of GraphQL and Apollo Client
  • Anyone learning to integrate GraphQL & Apollo with ReactJS and MongoDB


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