The New 2018 Step-by-Step Beginner LinkedIn Mastery Course

Have one of the best LinkedIn profiles with thousands of connections, find your dream job or become an influencer.
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Get thousands of organic connections and followers in a very short time
Fill out a professional profile that catches people's attention easily
Learn the ins and outs about content on LinkedIn
Appear as one of the top search results on LinkedIn in your chosen Industry


  • Basic knowledge on how to browse the Internet, use a Computer, and use a Smart Phone


In this course, you will learn all the essential concepts that you need to know, for you to start growing your profile. Using these methods, you can do whatever you want on LinkedIn. Whether you want to find your dream job, have a better looking profile, become an influencer, get traffic from LinkedIn, and much, much more. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master the ins and outs of LinkedIn
  • Anyone who wants to rank up in the LinkedIn search engine
  • Anyone who wants to get thousands of organic and effective followers and connections very fast
  • Anyone who wants to know how to market on LinkedIn effectively
  • Anyone who wants to know how to get thousands of post views, engagement and traffic
  • Anyone who wants to know how to create content for LinkedIn including Pictures, Videos, Articles on and off of LinkedIn
  • Anyone who wants to know how to fill out a professional Profile that can take them to a whole new level
  • Anyone who wants to know how to get endorsements and build effective relationships on LinkedIn
  • Anyone who wants to know every single thing about LinkedIn
  • Anyone who wants to become a LinkedIn influencer
  • Anyone who wants to find his dream job on LinkedIn


Author, Entrepreneur, Trader & Award-Winning Speaker
Noah ​Merriby
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Hi, my name is Noah Merriby. I am an Author, Trader, Investor & Entrepreneur.

In the past 5 years, I have helped more than 170,000 student from all around the world. I am a featured Instructor with more than 15,000 5-Star Reviews.

I am CEO & Founder At FxPro - Pass Your Prop Firm Challenges. I'm also CEO and Founder at Lurnus Corporations for Online Education.

I am beyond excited to share my knowledge and my expertise with each and every one of you.

Personal Development And Transformation Expert
Mayez El Merhbi
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Hi! I'm Mayez El Merhbi, designer and online instructor to over +15,000 students. I specialize in UI/UX design, digital marketing and personal development.

After graduating school, I started learning how to analyze and trade the financial markets. Later on, I studied graphic design and digital marketing and started my freelance career.

I'm passionate about sharing every bit of knowledge i could gain and I'll be creating many courses from forex to graphic design to personal development.