Speaking Chinese like a native speaker fast

Most effective way to learn Chinese for complete beginners
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This course follows the natural process and most effective way of learning a language, just like how we learnt our mother toungue
Students will be able to cope with over 58% of daily chinese conversations after finishing this course, communicate freely with native chinese speakers and have a genuine chinese accent


  • Immerse your brain into the Chinese language environment. watch a lot of Chinese movies, news etc.


More and more people are learning Chinese now because of the booming economy and large population in China. There could be plenty of reasons why you wanna learn Chinese,you might want to travel , work,or go to school in China, or you just really admire the Chinese culture.

This course follows the natural process of learning a language, just like how we learnt our mother language, which is completely different from the traditional way of language learning.

We will play a dialogue spoken by two to three native speakers. Listen as much as possible, like a little baby, emerse your brain into the conversation, pay attention to the gestures and any other kind of visual content matches the sound you hear and try to guess the meaning.

play the conversation as often as possible, until you are able to understand the content and even able to predict what the next word sounds like.

The video dialogue will be followed by an explanation lecture, with pin yin, and every detail from the video dialogue. You can listen, repeat, and try to imitate the pronounciation of a word using shadowing technique ( repeat right after you hear a word or a sentence) you can record yourself and compare yourself with native speaker.

In the end, there will be vocabulary extension PPT with sound track.

After finishing this course, you will be able to communicate with native Chiense speakers with confidence, even speak with a genuine Chinese accent.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginner students and students who want to improve their Chinese listening and speaking fast

Course content

1 section13 lectures1h 53m total length
  • Welcome to this course
  • 4 reasons why you should learn Chinese
  • Let's learn to count from 1 to 100 in Chinese !
  • five most commonly used phrases: no problem, so what soso...."
  • how to say different rooms in Chiense " living room, bathroom,kitchen" etc
  • learn the frequency words in Chinese
  • learn to make sentences with" can I ", "have you ?" etc
  • learn how to express your gratitude in Chinese
  • learn how to say " but" in Chinese
  • learn how say direction words and ask for directions in Chinese
  • learn how to make sentences with "I think , I feel" in Chinese
  • Learn how to get a genuine Chinese accent
  • basic chiense grammar rules explained in 10 minutes


Secret Guides of learning chinese like a native speaker
Michelle Wei
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I was born and raised in China, got my degree in Chinese teaching in shenzhen university in China, after graduation, i worked in Chinese training centers in three countries, for over 3 years, learning the techniques of how to teach Chinese and whats the best way of learning Chinese as a seond language. Then I went to california state university in long beach to pursue masters degree (MBA), while I was studying there, I made friends with a lot of students who were learning Chinese as a second language, I got my tutor job there, and did a lot of research about how to teach Chinese easily. My conclusion was, there is always an innovative way to learn a language, which is to follow the natural process of learning a language, just like how people learnt their mother language. After utilizing the new way of chinese teaching in my daily tutoring job, students are a lot happier when they learn the language, and they've made huge progresses in short period.