How To Set & Achieve MASSIVE Goals
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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How To Set & Achieve MASSIVE Goals

... Goal Setting Secrets of Top Achievers... Because SMART Goals Do NOT Work!
Highest Rated
4.8 (70 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
759 students enrolled
Created by David Hyner
Last updated 9/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Set and go about achieving their MASSIVE goals
  • run their own peer mastermind group to accelerate success
  • motivate themselves to overcome procrastination
  • BUST their excuses out of the water !
  • Think and behave like a top achiever
  • Join many thousands of others who have achieved big using this process
  • use a purpose to motivate themselves to succeed
  • approach top achievers to mentor or coach them
  • use the proven system as a daily "to-do" list or on their goals to improve effectiveness in MASSIVE ways
  • Personal Development
  • Students will need paper, coloured pens, at least one large piece of A3 or bigger paper or card, and a diary to commit action time into.
  • no software or special resource needed.
  • Have made a decision that they wish to grow, develop and achieve more by taking action in a structured, proven method as used by "super" successful people from all over the world.

The MASSIVE Goal Principle...

This course blows the myth out of the water that we should be setting "realistic & achievable" goals...

The presenter has conducted 200+ research interviews with top achievers which proved that successful people do NOT set "smart" goals.

This is a research based goal setting model wrapped around the private thoughts, behaviours and secret proven systems of top achievers.

This course gives you the skills and confidence to set and go about achieving your MASSIVE goal.

  • achieve more both day to day AND on your massive goal.
  • know how to get a coach or mentor at the very highest level.
  • plan your goals the way top achievers do.
  • overcome the "give in" moments.
  • know how set up and run a "mastermind" peer group for success.
  • think and behave like a top achiever.

The course is for those with a goal to achieve or a BIG SCARY project that needs achieving and it shares with you how you will be able to think and behave like the "super successful" do when setting their goals. Proven in both the business world and education sector and in addition many have achieved amazing personal goals using this process. It is "NOT" for those who are okay with playing safe all the time and moan about not achieving things.

The actual process and structure of how to set a MASSIVE goals is given to you along with the most popular actions and processes used by top achievers when setting goals and working towards their "massive goals".

Packed with true examples of those who have used the process to achieve BIG and some of the top achievers David interviewed for the process research.

  • How to plan your goal and find out what "you do not know".
  • Why your purpose is CRITICAL to your success.
  • Confidence in getting the right support network around you.
  • Certainty around overcoming procrastination, and maintaining your motivation levels to win big!
  • Know why "fun" is critical to your goals.
  • How to get a top achiever to "mentor" you.

10'000-50'000 people every year experience David Hyner presenting this live and many have taken action to achieve their goals including sporting champions, exam busting superstars and business gurus.

  • D grade to A* 100% in four months !
  • Over a dozen Amazon no1 books credit this process.
  • World, European and National sporting champions.

Some great resources... on their own worth the course fee include a supporting ebook explaining how to use the process, and templates of the process for you to play with.

Structured in 12 short, punchy and light hearted videos (5-13 minutes each) delivered by the lead researcher David Hyner who is an award winning professional speaker himself after using this process. In addition, he used the process himself to have no1 books on Amazon and Kindle, raise over half a MILLION (GBP) pounds for charity and much more besides.

Will you set yourself a MASSIVE GOAL ?

Who this course is for:
  • it is NOT for those with "smart" and "realistic" goals, and those who are happy to plod through life as they are.
  • It IS for those who want or need to achieve big steps up in their levels of success at anything from exam results to business development or personal goals.
  • It is a "hand holding" through the ways you need to think and behave to achieve BIG.
  • Great for students of ANY age or level.
  • Huge value to business owners and those seeking to grow their careers in a company.
  • Essential for anyone with a big goal from writing books, running marathons etc up to raising money for charity or changing career etc
Course content
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11 lectures 57:10

Introduction video outlining;

* what it is all about

* why you should listen to this and then apply what you learn.

* what it is based upon (200+ research interviews with top achievers)

* why "smart" goals do NOT work.

* how I used the process to achieve BIG !

... and a 21 page booklet to support the course

Preview 04:58

Video 2 helps those who might not be 100% certain as to what their goals might be.

How to start taking action even if you do not know what to do.

Taking the pressure off yourself to achieve success every single time because nobody is perfect, and top achievers sometimes "fail their way" to success.

Listing your ideas, prioritising and removing the "blocks" to your success.

Preview 04:46

Purpose is not a goal........ NOT A GOAL !!!

It is not a "thing" to be achieved. Instead, consider a purpose as a reason "WHY" you must achieve a goal, a reason or cause that you rally behind that drives you to achieve your goal.

Hear how and why the super successful and highly effective top achievers know "why" they do what they do.

Do you have a reason why you "MUST" achiever your massive goal?

Hear about Lynn and her amazing and inspiring story of how a purpose overcomes huge adversity.

* find a purpose

* bust your excuses

... RESOURCES include a free bonus audio to help you understand how to create an unstoppable purpose and a resource sheet to help you "BUST" your excuses

Preview 07:44

Building a support network to help you achieve your goal is what top achievers do!

They will help you brainstorm (ideas creation) your opportunity and challenges, giving you ideas you might otherwise NEVER have considered.

Hear why most people have an agenda for you.

Learn about the power of a mastermind group.

* positive people with different skill sets to your own.

* meet on a regular basis

* what mastermind groups are based upon

* how to run your own group to super charge your success

* give and receive support AND accountability

.... Resources include an audio on how to set up and run your own mastermind group (worth £10 by itself) and a resource sheet on how to run a "mastermind" session for yourself

Brainstorm to get ideas on achieving your goal ... the way top achievers do.

Once you have a list of the "to-do" tasks for your massive goal, you prioritise each task into an order of importance.

Draw a pyramid planner with twice the number of blocks in as you have tasks to do on your list (to allow space to write in things that at first you may not have thought of).

Draw, write or stick the most important or hardest, most challenging tasks in the bottom blocks and rows of the pyramid..... the foundation blocks.

Place the less important or less urgent tasks further up the pyramid.

Whilst your time, energy, motivation and resources are at their highest take action on the hardest tasks first.

.... Resources include

A) an example of an 11yr old girls pyramid that enabled her to start her own business.

B) an example of a charity fundraising pyramid that raised £288K sterling in just one event.

C) an example of a pyramid that organised a large trek in Peru for business leaders.

slide 1 - a blank pyramid template

slide 2 - examples of placing the important tasks (using an image to represent the task) in the bottom foundation rows and blocks.

slide 3 - example of crossing off your tasks as you complete the most important tasks first


This is the Real Gold Dust on the course giving the top tips that top achievers do to set and achieve goals.

Y - have a purpose.

X know - find out what you do not know or understand.

Look Into - get a mentor or coach at the highest level.

Plan - have a pyramid plan.

Comet - COMMIT to your goal .... tell everyone.

1/3 of 1% - 5 mins a day (or hour) being the best you can be on taking action on your goal will have huge results over time.

Fun - make the journey or process FUN!!!!!!

Mastermind chair - have a buddy group or "mastermind group"

.... and a superb free audio resource of an interview by the great Peter Thomson grilling me on the key principles of massive goals. (worth £20 by itself)

Part 7 Key principles of goal setting

Planning time into your diary to allow action to be taken.

Work backwards from your goal.

Set an alarm to get up 1hr early to take action on the goal.

Part 8 Planning


Sometimes we have to do tasks or work to achieve our massive goals that we do not actually enjoy.

Hear about how a best selling children's author overcame challenges to achieve his goals.

"eat the sprout"

Part 9 How to take action

"Never..... ever.... ever.... give in !" - Sir Winston Churchill.

Let your purpose inspire you to keep pushing through your down times and minor set backs or failures to achieve BIG !

Hear about student Terrance Spiers who achieved massive goals by overcoming adversity and mediocrity.

Hear about Andrew Cope who overcame procrastination to become a global best selling childrens author.

.... resource pictures of Terrance

Part 10 Never Give IN !

let your purpose define your daily activity.

brainstorm your massive goals with a mastermind group.

prioritise the tasks into the pyramid.

every block should be achievable but the goal MASSIVE !

find out what you do not know - get a mentor "look into".

make it fun using the 1/3 of 1% rule.

TAKE ACTION !!!...... do the grunt work.

Graham Alexander - "where ever you go, there you are.... so get happy then go after your goal otherwise.... where ever you go.... THERE YOU ARE !"

Part 11 Re-Cap

WELL DONE !!!!!!!

you have now set yourself a MASSIVE GOAL!!!!

oh.... and if you haven't yet because you are scared... how about using the pyramid in your daily "to-do" lists to hugely improve your productivity and effectiveness.

Use the Udemy community to achieve your goals.

Part 12 Conclusion