The Luxury Game: The 3 Day Growth Challenge

Learn the rules of the luxury game and start reinventing the way you sell and engage with affluent customers.
The Mind-Set to play with confidence the Luxury Game
Business hacks from Top Luxury Brands
Where your brand stands within the Luxury Ecosystem
How to Prospect, Engage and Sell to Luxury Consumers


  • The course is open to all levels


Add a wow factor to your brand and elevate the sales of your design collection.

I'm here to help you as a luxury design business consultant and share with you proven sales strategies and business secrets employed by top luxury brands.

Why Join This Growth Challenge?

To discover how companies such as Apple or Tesla create the allure of luxury brands, get customers craving for their products and pay premium prices for them, or simply:

  • Understand why the luxury strategy is worth to be considered even if you are not a luxury brand

  • Know the keys to prospect, sell and retain more affluent shoppers

  • Get accustomed to key takeaways for elevating your brand value and creating pricing power

  • Learn the three pillars of the growth strategy

  • Get a Brand Assessment Worksheet Where does your brand stand? Understand your business today so you can start reinventing the way you sell and engage with your customers tomorrow

  • Luxury rules checklist

  • Action Tools checklist: Translate the rules of luxury into action tools to move in the right direction, closer to your target clients

This course is for you if:

  • You are struggling to close sales with luxury consumers

  • You designed a unique product collection and don't know how to prospect the wealthy clientele

  • You want to know more about the set of rules and requirements in the luxury game before starting your high-end startup business

  • Looking to close more sales with luxury consumers without being a high-end brand? This course is for you too! Learn what you can borrow from the luxury strategy and implement it for your business.

Skills you will gain

  • The mindset to play the Luxury Game

  • Brand Assessment: Understanding of where your brand stands

  • Confidence in Decision-Making

  • Action Tools to target, sell, engage and create fiduciary relationships with luxury consumers

Course Structure

  • Lectures divided into 3 days activities

  • Format: Video, Text, Activity

  • 2 Case-Studies

  • 1 Brand Assessment Worksheet

  • 2 Checklists to guide you in the right direction towards luxury consumers

  • Examples and Industry Insights to reinforce understanding of each concept

  • Action Tools: Downloadable Resources

  • Quiz

Luxury Sectors discussed in the program

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • Interior Design & Furniture

  • Tabletop & Home Deco

-> Enroll in this 3-Day Challenge and get ready for your post-pandemic success!

Who this course is for:

  • High-end small businesses, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Product designers, Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Fashion Designers, Fashion Startup, Luxury Professionals, Students

Course content

5 sections19 lectures42m total length
  • Growth Challenge Presentation
  • Presentation of Course Creator
  • Growth Challenge: Curriculum
  • Growth Challenge: Mind Map
  • Growth Challenge: Course Activities


Luxury Design Business Consultant
Marilisa Barbieri
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Want to launch a profitable startup luxury business?

Need guidance to prospect and sell to luxury consumers?

Or, want to add a wow factor to your brand and elevate the sales of your design collection?

A luxury business expert with an MBA and Interior Design & Arts degree, I help companies elevate their brand value and increase sales of products and design services by revealing proven strategies employed by top luxury brands.

I have 10+ years of experience in the luxury design industry and business development in North America. I worked for top French and Italian luxury companies.

Now I share my expertise and business secrets with professionals all over the globe.

As a luxury business consultant, I instruct several online courses, workshops, and advisory programs to guide clients through structured business plans.

I work with:

1. Design Professionals who need a solid business plan for their startup business

2. High-end Small Businesses who struggle to target and close sales with affluent shoppers

3. Non-Luxury Brands who want to target luxury consumers

Contact me if:

- You designed a unique product or service and don’t know what to do next

- You need guidance in starting your high-end small business

- You want to build a new iconic brand that speaks for itself

- Your luxury business startup is still struggling to reach a minimum annual revenue

- You are stuck or feel dissatisfied in the direction your business is moving

- You want to know how to strategically prospect, retain and engage luxury consumers

- You are ready to create an incredible online and in-store brand experience for affluent clientele

- You need help in establishing or re-styling your digital presence

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The Luxury Game: The 3-Day Growth Challenge

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What my courses offer you:

-> The path to turning your idea into reality quickly

-> The skills to build, launch and grow your business

-> Mindset and proven techniques to help you sell to more luxury consumers

About me:

Luxury Design Business Consultant

10+ years experience in branding and selling luxury

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