The List, A powerful life transforming strategy.

A life transforming strategy to help shape and transform your life
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Through out this course you will learn simple and practical tools to help you transform your life.


  • You will need some pens and paper to take notes and to do some of the action steps. A willingness to take action to create the life you want.


A life transforming strategy to help you transform your life using simple yet effective actions that can help anyone. Weather your beginning or a ways along your personal development journey. This course will be of great benefit for you to bring your life into focus with a clear direction to work towards no matter where your starting from. I wish you well on your personal development journey and thank you for choosing this course to learn from. I hope it servers you well. Many blessings, Nick.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are sick of going around in circles, stuck in a rut or just plain fed up with how life is. People who want change and are committed to taking action, people who are taking action and want help and support to fast track their success, getting results faster and live the life they want.

Course content

7 sections7 lectures47m total length
  • Introduction


Set Goals - Take Action - Create Success - Be Fulfilled
Nick Buontempo
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Just a down to earth every day guy with the drive, determination and will to change, adapt and overcome the obstacles and circumstances in life. Using  practical tools, skills, techniques picked up and that I have learned. Some through trial and error and others through research and my own personal development journey into becoming a Strategic  Intention Coach, NLP Trained Coach and life Purpose Coach. Transforming and creating lasting and fulfilling change in my life and the lives of my clients. There is no doubt that by using and following the courses I have created you will empower yourself and others around you to change, grow and  transform your life by taking charge and focusing yourself controlling the outcome of each day and shaping your future the way you want it.