The Life Coach Business Life Balance Wheel

The checklist of what you need to know to have a thriving Life Coaching business
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Students will learn insight to what they need to start or level up a successful Life Coaching business
Gain clarity on what they have covered, and where they may need more focus
Ideas and suggestions on how to connect with other coaches on the same path for support and networking
A repeatable process to inventory and analyze their Life Coaching business going forward


  • The desire, passion and drive to have a thriving Life Coaching business


One of the trickiest things about building a business is that often we don't know what we don't know.

Have you been struggling to build an actual business in Life Coaching?  It's very possible that you have been overlooking one of the aspects of building the business, probably without even realizing it!

Or maybe you're trying to follow someone else's step by step, "do it just like I say" process for your business and it's not working out?

This course is a check list, a self evaluation to help you determine what areas need focus to build YOUR business YOUR way.

After taking this course you will know where you need to focus and be prepared to go grow the Life Coaching business of your dreams.

Who this course is for:

  • New or experienced Life Coaches struggling to build a business and make a living coaching
  • Anyone looking to improve their Life Coaching business
  • Anyone looking to connect with other Life Coaches on the same journey for support and networking


Bootstrap Brandin'
Misty Flanagan
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
  • 85 Reviews
  • 6,177 Students
  • 3 Courses

Hi!  My name is Misty and I'm the Chief Marketing Officer for DiscoverYourPathU and owner operator of Down-Home Me.

I am also a wife, a Texan and a dog lover.  (no, really, we have 4)

I am a life coach with a passion for helping other coaches get themselves out into the world and help others. 

In their OWN voice

Their OWN style

Doing it their OWN way

Authenticity is kind of my whole thing and I've been able to help many other coaches reach their audience while staying true to exactly who they are.

I'm not a "make 6 figures as a coach" kind of deal. 

I am SURE not a "do everything only exactly the way I do it and tell you to" kind of person either.

For me it's all about helping give people the foundations to get out there and be exactly who they are in their business.

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