The history of the DataCenter - Mainframes to Virtualization

A beginners guide to the technologies and types of hardware and servers used in DataCenters and Computer Rooms
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The history of the DataCenter
Mini Computers
Computer Hardware
Novell Netware
Windows Server
Personal Computers


  • Suitable for beginners or IT professional alike


A four part journey going back through filing cabinets and mainframes, through different types of computer hardware, different types of computers and operating systems, the Dot Com era, server-sprawl right through to modern virtualization.

A good place to start and get some background information if you are also looking at modern virtualization and cloud technologies, and would like to see where this all started

Who this course is for:

  • People new to IT
  • Anyone learning IT fundamentals
  • Developers and Engineers with have never worked in a DataCenter

Course content

5 sections5 lectures49m total length
  • Part 1: Files and folders


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I Just joined Google as a Customer Engineer (August 2021)

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