The Healthy Winter Course

A unique and powerful technique to accelerat healing winter diseases and to immun the body against them
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We will know what causes diseases to break out.
We will know how to neutralize these factors before they become ill.
We will know how to treat us if we are ill and cause a very quick cure of the disease.
We will learn to treat sick family members.
We will know how to vaccinate ourselves against the typical diseases of winter.
We will learn to release negative emotions easily.
We will learn how to quickly connect to positive and empowering emotions and to improve mood quickly.


  • A Free hour.
  • Open mind to a new view (old and new).
  • Willingness to implement and test new methods.


Winter usually brings with it many "interesting" diseases such as pneumonia and their friends. It is so painful to see the child lying in bed and suffering with high fever and headaches. You have a sore throat, a runny nose, and you keep coughing. You lose school, work days, and the whole course of life goes wrong. And unfortunately there are also many cases of death in adults and infants. And it seems that there is nothing to do.

But that's not true.!!!

There is something to do and it is even easy and pleasant. 

By a simple method that has proven itself hundreds of times of emotional balance, we quickly heal winter illnesses and create a natural vaccine for the body that prevents disease. It is so effective that if one is sick he he may be able to get well within 24 hours. And when I treat it with children, I give a full money back guarantee if the child does not get well within one day!

In the course we will learn how diseases break out and how to cure them and to vaccinate ourselves that we have not been sick at all.

We will learn the emotional approach to causing disease.
We will learn how to locate the emotions that caused the disease.
We'll learn how to release them. And replace them with positive feelings.
We will learn and by this look how the diseases simply disappear.

Who this course is for:

  • Mothers of young children.
  • Older people for whom it can be really dangerous to get sick.
  • People in risk groups due to different situations.
  • Anyone who is sick from time to time wants to learn how to make sure it does not happen or how to get well quickly.

Course content

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Emotional therapist
Assaf patzanovski
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My name is Assaf and I am the founder and director of the Center for Emotional Therapy 'Above And Beyond'. A place where we treat physical illnesses by emotional therapy.

After about 20 years in the alternative medicine field in a number of alternative treatment methods. I have specialized in a special and wonderful emotional treatment method in which by identifying emotional blockages and releasing them we manage to treat serious diseases that conventional medicine does not usually have a cure for. I treat and cure ailments such as celiac diabetes and asthma by emotional therapy only.

There are many cases that can be treated, improved, and prevented by self-treatment and emotion control techniques. And they can help in many important areas of life.

And these special methods I'm going to teach you!