Develop Positive Habits for Confidence, Health & Success
4.6 (235 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,574 students enrolled

Develop Positive Habits for Confidence, Health & Success

Build Powerful Habits to Increase Confidence, Get Things Done, Accelerate Learning, Improve Health & Achieve Your Goals
4.6 (235 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,574 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Discover the Real Power of Positive Habits
  • Proven Strategies, Techniques and Methods That Are Easy & Practical To Use
  • HQ Videos Filmed in Exotic Locations To Make Learning Thrilling And Fun
  • Destroy Negative Habits That Bring You Down
  • Create Positive Habits That Lead To Lifelong Happiness
  • Create Reading & Writing Habits That Let You Learn And Produce More
  • Experience Mindfulness Through Habits That Double Your Happiness And Wellbeing
  • Enjoy Health Habits So You Can Live In A Body You Admire And Love
  • Boost Your Confidence and Social Skills With Habits That Deepen Relationships & Create Lifelong New Friendships
  • An Open Mind and Commitment to Take Action
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If you’ve ever wondered what makes top achievers get more done in less time …

If you’ve ever wanted to know why some people make more money than they need while you scrounge for peanuts …

If you’re desperate for personal autonomy and want an opportunity to predict and create personal success ...

We want to give you an exposé of how you can easily “copy and paste” the secrets of achievement into your life. 

The Habit Mastery Formula contains ten (10) focused modules chocked full of procedures, outlines and blueprints you can emulate. 

You’ll discover practical steps for the following: 

  • How to get more done in less time (you’ll be surprised by just how easy this is).

  • How to replace negative habits that bring you down with positive ones that raise you up (something you really can do overnight). 

  • How habits let you create powerful and positive relationships

  • Exactly when and how to meditate so you never miss a session, truly understand “enlightenment” and experience happiness all day long.

  • Health and fitness secrets that even total newbies can learn and implement right away. (This is what lets people brand spanking new to getting in shape hold the course and completely transform their bodies in record time.)

  • How to read and stay current without losing time or getting bored. Just imagine how much smarter you would be if you could add just one new book a week to your mental life without pain, strain or frustration.

  • The secret habits of writers who astound us with their productivity - you’ll be able to knock out great material with these tips even if you find writing extremely hard and even hate it. 

  • How to get an unlimited number of creative ideas from your mind. It’s almost like programming a computer, except it’s much, much easier than that. 

  • Clever ways (used by some of the world’s most successful people) to track, measure and evaluate your progress. Not all of these are “orthodox,” but they get results and you can be sure that most people aren’t using these simple techniques.

  • How to identify and eliminate the threats that currently derail your success. One small change you can make today will completely protect you from tipping the boat ever again - and it’s ridiculously easy to implement too. 

  • The truth about “morning rituals” and exactly when you can give yourself a break and not derail your most important habits. 

  • How to overcome your inborn resistance to change without anxiety. People often feel pressured to change and totally freeze. But with these tips, you won’t “choke up” or get stressed as you make important life transformations for the better. 

  • And a whole lot more, including …

How to sleep better … secret “tricks” for thinking at a higher level … dignified ways to make the best out of bad situations … how to understand what money is and use it better … how to feel positive and energetic even when you have “brain fog” … and even …

Exactly How To Formulate A “Double Your Success” Detailed Life Plan

Just one of these lifestyle, mindset and habit strategies could make your life much easier, your employment or business more lucrative and everything you do much more fun. 

Imagine experiencing more liberty and freedom in your life … feeling more relaxed … fretting less … not being impacted by the chaos of life like everyone else. 

This is exactly how Anthony Metivier and Jimmy Naraine live their lives every day. This exciting video course is your chance to peer into their minds and “legally steal” their personal operating systems for traveling the world, creating messages that matter and living in healthy bodies that perform on demand. 

We’ve spent decades earning our knowledge through trial and error. Yet here we are, giving it to you on a silver platter. 

It’s entirely up to you. You can spend your life spinning your wheels and working like a beast trying to figure it all out. Or you can leap over the years of struggle we went through and learn from two people who have mastered the power of habits. They keep growing as they navigate the jungles of life and so can you. 

Take action today and invest in The Habit Mastery Formula today. 

Get ready for more time, more health (even more money in your pocket), plus far less strife and strain in your life. It all starts now when you join The Habit Mastery Formula now. 

See what students say about this course:

"perfect scenery, perfect sound, perfect video, good content" - Martin Konicek

"I really enjoyed this course by 2 superstar instructors. My favorite parts were Psychic Nostril Breathing (which I have already added to my meditation practice), and the interview with Peter Sage. Thanks for the great course!" - Leland Prouty

I've only gotten through a couple of exercises but I must say it has completely changed the way I view my shitty job right now. I see it more as a stepping stone than a burden, since now I've learned to contextualize it within the coordinates of my long-term life vision and life goals. I highly recommend this course." - Gabriel Raffucci

So important - to create new, healthy habits. I like both Jimmy's and Antony's way of presenting the material" - Erich Jess

"Thank you, it was really inspiring and helped me to understand the nature of good and bad habits!)"
- Denis Melnikov

"I had an beautiful experience taking this course. I really liked the division of this course and the way this course is designed and there is so much information and encouragement in this course. The fact that the creators encourage you to write books, even if you never thought you are a writer material is really revolutionary. The positive side of having money is another revolutionary idea for me. The way section on mediation is designed is really wonderful. I feel I have the strength to try meditation which I have been putting off for years. I felt the section on Morning routine lacked details. Wanted to know how to start the morning routine from scratch and for a person who has accumulated all the bad habits in the world. In the end would like to say Great course and must take for everyone." - Vaneet Aggarwal

"they have kept me interested, that is the most important thing right now. Thank you" - Keith A Koehler

Take the course now and learn how to build powerful habits and how to destroy the negative ones. We are excited to see you on the other side.

Who this course is for:
  • This Course Has Been Designed For Anyone Who Is Seriously Interested in Changing His Life Through Habits
  • Please Don't Take This Course If You Are Not Willing To Take Any Action
Course content
Expand all 73 lectures 05:13:34
+ Introduction
8 lectures 45:20

For a quick overview of the course, check out the highlights in this video. We went to some amazing locations to shoot this course so that each and every minute is as thrilling to watch as it is to learn from. 

Preview 03:35

Welcome to this course on creating life-changing habits! We're excited to have you on board because we know you're that rare kind of person who truly wants to experience improvement.

We're here to help, so dive into the discussion area and post your hello so you can start the process and get amazing results. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your first action steps!

Welcome on-board!

We went out to the dunes to let you know about the origins of this course and more about why habits are the most powerful force on earth. You just have to know how to build the right ones in order to succeed. Luckily you now have that knowledge so be sure to jump into the discussion area to let us know what you're going to do with your newfound empowerment. 

Why we decided to create this course for you

The information in this video will surprise you. If you want new, positive habits to "stick" every time you add a new one to your life, you need to understand these key principles of habit.

Living a life of good habits is for everyone, but only those who have the right foundation thrive. That's why this video on accurately understanding how habits work both psychologically and biologically is key. Watch the video and then jump into the discussion area for more. 

Key Principles of Habits

Do you want to know why it's hard to start and keep positive habits? 

The answer is that the odds are stacked against us. This video explains the problem in depth and tells you exactly how to solve it. Then you'll be able to act with certainty and create the outcomes of your dreams.

BONUS: Our Special Confidence Guide

Overcoming resistance to change

Would you like the secrets of developing willpower so you can defeat temptations like gorging on McDonalds or skipping your exercise sessions? 

Learn how to develop willpower and you can spin ANY negative habit directly out of your life for good. There won't be room left over for anything except the good stuff. 

Interested? Watch this video from beginning to end and then take action based on this inspiring information.

Rewire your brain and change your environment

Skeptical that this course will help you? Just ten minutes going through this nightmare that turned into a real life fairy tale will convince you of exactly what's possible by adding just a few simple habits to your life. 

The secret is not just consistency, but also knowing the best ways to get started so that you CAN be consistent. Exactly how to do that is waiting for you inside, along with additional resources, bonuses and discussions that will ensure you start living the life of your dreams. 

Anthony's story
+ Define Your Vision and Set Goals - In the context of building habits
9 lectures 43:46

This video kicks off our module on creating your vision for change and setting the goals that will get you there. 
Ready to jump in? Also, make sure to watch the attached YouTube video as it's one of the most inspiring speeches we've seen by a multiple cancer survivor and a perfect way to start this section in a powerful way!

Introduction to Vision & Goal Setting

To move forward, you sometimes have to move backward first. This video teaches you how this process works so that when you create the picture of your ideal life, you get the picture right. 

That means creating a portrait of what you want without limiting beliefs and trying to fulfill the expectations of others. This video teaches you how to avoid those traps. 

How to harness the power of your past to make the future bright

It's important to be honest with yourself. That can mean redefining what you want so that what you do now serves you over the long term. 

The exercise you're about to learn will open your eyes to what you really want. 

Are you being honest about what you really want?

Many people have a misconception about the kind of person they are. This video will help you understand yourself better so that when you make changes in your life, you do so on the strongest foundation possible. 

How to magnify who you really are

One of the most important lessons is to understand that you're never alone. Jump into this lesson to learn more about the other people on your journey and how to incorporate them into your process of change. 

You'll also learn about an amazing tool that you can use to track your results. You're going to love it. 

How to deliver on your promises to yourself and others

One of the biggest problems people face is the problem of effort. If you're already thinking that you can't be bothered with the effort that lifestyle change can take, this video will help you understand how to overcome the feeling that comes whenever you have to take care of tasks you'd rather not be bothered with. 

Yes, there really is a solution. 

Too many people get this wrong

Life is unpredictable, but you always have a choice. This video teaches you how to approach dark times when it seems like everything is negative. 

Prepare for a harrowing story that will teach you the importance of keeping inspired, positive and upbeat. You'll also learn how to consciously choose the bright side, no matter what's going on in your life.

Preview 07:01

When it comes to creating your vision, it's important to get your hands involved to assist your imagination. 

One of the finest activities is called Treasure Mapping. It's astonishing how few people know this technique, yet it costs nothing and even an artistically illiterate person can do it. 

Learn this special goal-setting technique today. 

Treasure mapping

Sometimes achieving your goals can feel like Mission Impossible. However, there is one powerful way you can get the "push" you need to get going and keep going. You'll be able to better describe your vision, materialize it and execute each and every step along the way. 

Don't miss this important information because this one strategy alone will take you to the next level. Best part? Implementing it doesn't cost a thing. 

The best way to defeat procrastination and create accountability
+ Social Habits - Building Your Confidence and Social Skills
11 lectures 53:42

Social skills are the most powerful asset you can have. And when you have the right set of habits, they're easy and fast to develop. In this section of the Habit Mastery Formula, you'll start off on the right foot and enjoy the power of having world class social skills as part of your personal profile. 

Introduction to Social Skills

It's true. In order to live a better life, you've got to remove as much of the things holding you back as possible. 

Sometimes that includes people. 

The good news is that there's an easy, positive and even kind way to remove negative people from your life. Dive into this video to learn how and get started today.

The kindest way to get rid of negative people

There are two main ways to instantly connect with people. You can make landing on each of these a bulletproof habit that you never forget to implement. You just need to understand what they are, how they work and how to start using them. You'll be able to find common ground between yourself and anyone in no time flat. 

How to instantly connect with people

This habit might sound crazy. In fact, at the beginning, it might seem just too difficult to get started with. 

However, once you have the right mindset and the knowledge of how to get started, you will be amazed and transformed by how quickly this habit will upgrade your life. 

3 Strangers a Day Strategy

There are elements in life that either bring you up or pull you down. Next to nothing is neutral. 

When it comes to how you see yourself, you always want to have an uplifting and constantly improving self-image. This video teaches you exactly how to see yourself in the right light and puts you on the path to a self-image that grows itself on autopilot.

How To Develop a Powerful Self Image

Ever feel anxious before entering a social situation? If so and you'd like a fast and easy cure, this video will show you how to use the power of habits to overcome this anxiety and eliminate the negative thought patterns that tend to accompany them. 

Feeling anxiety in social situations

They say you can choose your friends but you're stuck with your family. 

Is this really true? 

In this video we explore other alternatives to dealing with negative family members. You have more choice than you think when it comes to this delicate matter. 

Dealing with negative family members

You want to have more positive people in your life. But it's not always clear where to find them? 

In this video, we'll talk about where to find people who are aligned with your interests. They'll make your life more vibrant and fun. You can even find people who will make the habit-based life even more powerful. 

How to find positive people

We all meet new people. Sometimes a lot of new people, sometimes only a few. 

The number doesn't matter, but what does make a huge difference is what you do after you meet a new person. This video gives you solid strategies you can add to your habit portfolio to form powerful relationships that last a lifetime and pay huge dividends. 

The habit of following up
Memorising quotes for social occasions

One of the best ways to see your way through a life of powerful and positive habits is to join a Mastermind group. 

If you don't know what a Mastermind group is, this video reveals everything. And even if you've been attending them for yours, you're about to learn how to maximize their potential. 

Accountability mastermind group
+ Exercise & Healthy Living Habits
7 lectures 30:21

You want to know the problem with almost every diet book in the world? 

Simple: the author doesn't know you. 

That's why this video teaches you how to profile yourself so that when you attempt new diets, you can do so based on deeply personal knowledge of your body. Use books to inform yourself but never again fall prey to the fantasy that any one book or guru has the secret to your health. 

With the right habits, you're the gatekeeper and the information in this video gives you back the keys you've been hiding from yourself all along. 

Personalized dietary habits

Both Jimmy and Anthony have gone through some major physical fitness setbacks. But with the power of habit, we're both fitter than ever before. 

The habits of exercise need to specifically align with exactly what fitness is, what is for you and the outcomes you desire. This video gives you the "stealth" secrets you need to make the right exercise habits for where you want to go and will help ensure you get there.

Exercise Habits

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as the fountain of youth. It's just that most people don't know it. 

In this video, we'll explore the healthiest substance on the planet, one that is known to promote health, clear thinking and happiness that positively influences all aspects of your life. 

The world's most magical elixir

It's strange. We hear everything that happens and yet so much goes in one ear and out the other. 

In this video, you'll learn exactly how to hear everything that people tell you and remember it. Welcome to the power of listening habits. 

Your two most powerful tools

"Circle of influence" and "circle of concern" might sound like fancy pop psychology terminology. But in truth, these two concepts are tools that can and will put you in control of areas of your life you didn't even know need your concern.

The circle of influence and circle of concern

When it comes to setting goals and making good on them, there's only one person to whom you ever really have to answer. 

The question is: How do you get it right every time? 

In this video, we'll talk about self-accountability and some fool proof strategies for making this important concept in the world of habits right. 

Who do you answer to?

Enjoying the course so far? Let us know and we'll incorporate the best feedback into future updates of this course.

We appreciate your feedback
+ Language Learning Habits
8 lectures 22:40

People struggle with language learning and not without merit. There are a lot of moving parts to cover. 

However, in this section, you'll learn exactly how to tackle what seems like a monumental task. You never need to struggle with learning a language again when you have the right mindset, tools and strategies.

Language learning intro

There are really only five activities when it comes to learning a language. These are The BIG Five. In this quick lecture, you'll learn each one and instantly understand how to bring them all together. 

The BIG FIVE of learning any language

If there's one language learning habit that you need to have in your life above all others, it's this one. Frankly, the others don't matter, so be sure to tune into this video and make this habit part of your language learning life. 

Even if you're not learning a language, this habit is helpful for learning any topic too.

The ULTIMATE language learning habit

This compelling story of how Jimmy taught himself other languages will inspire you and give you concrete steps you can take to gain mastery in the language you've been dreaming of fast. 

My experience learning English and other languages

People know they have to speak the language they're learning. In this video, you'll learn exactly how to solve the problem. The world is filled with potential speaking partners. You just need to know where they're hiding. 

(Hint: They're not hiding!)

How to find speaking partners for language learning

Too many people fail to get their hands involved in the process of learning a language. 

If you'd like to know how using a pen and paper can boost your fluency in just minutes a day, then this video will take your language learning practice to the next level in less than 3 minutes from now.

The writing habit for language learning

People often cite a lack of time as the main reason they can't learn a language. 

Watching this video = problem solved. 

Yes, you really can make great strides with learning a language in just 15 minutes of practice a day. Or less. 

How to find time for language learning

When you're learning a language, you need to assess your progress. 

There's no need to take fancy tests or exams. With the information in this video, you'll discover exactly how to track your progress and understand exactly where you stand along the path to fluency. 

The habit of testing your progress
+ Reading Habits
6 lectures 24:13

Continuous education is one of the most important habits you'll ever develop. 

Books, either in paper or electronic form, remain the most important medium for quickly accessing and consuming information. In this section, you'll learn all about the habits of reading so that you get the most of the time you spend with your nose in the books. 

Introduction to reading habits

You know that reading has massive benefits. But have you really thought it through? In this video, several reasons for reading will surprise you. 

Benefits of reading

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? 


There are simplistic ways to read books and there are serious ways to glean every drop of information from them. 

In some cases, you don't even need every drop to leverage their power. This video takes you through the topic in detail so you can start every reading session right and receive the maximum impact from the time you spend reading. 

How to read books

It's no secret that the popularity of audiobooks is rising. If you're not already on board, the tips in this video will get you off the fence and into the audio garden. 

If you're an old veteran when it comes to listening to audio books, you'll pick up a new way to get the most out of some old friends. 

Audio books

As with all goals and habits, you need to measure your progress. Here's how to apply the technique to your reading habits. 

Measure your progress

There's one trick that almost no one knows. It helps you understand what you've read better, remember more and think through the concepts of any book. 

The best part is that it uses a tool you already own. Check out this video for the most powerful reading trick you'll ever learn. It's especially powerful if you're a learner on fire for more knowledge you can use in your life right away. 

Crazy trick for verbal exploration of ideas
+ Writing Habits
4 lectures 14:32

Writing is an essential habit - even if you're not a writer. In this section we'll look at why this is true. You'll also learn how to get into the writing habit and use the power of words to transform your life. 

Writing habits - introduction

Writing is an essential tool when you want to make positive change. In this video you'll learn from an author of over 40 books and hundreds of articles how to write every day like it's nothing more than breathing. 

You'll also learn how to use writing to create positive change in your life in tangible ways that you'll be able to see unfold before your very eyes. 

Writing habits

Did you know that you're writing all night long? 

It's true, and that is precious data you lose almost every time you wake up.

But if you've ever wanted to capture that information about yourself, this interesting habit will let you do that. Plus, it's an amazing and purposeful way to start each day with a writing meditation that will reframe your life. 

The secrets of "Night Writing"

What are your thoughts on writing and the rest of the course so far? Let us know and we'll incorporate your feedback into future course updates. 

Your thoughts?
+ Your Morning Ritual
3 lectures 10:47
Conquer the morning, conquer the day
Gratitude & Magic Moments List

There are losers and winners in life. Here's what to do when the losing forces try to take you down.

What to do when you just can't make it
+ Meditation Habits
10 lectures 39:57

You've heard it a thousand times before: meditation changes lives. 

If you're interested in learning how and why to meditate without all the woo-woo and BS you often hear regarding this technique, you're going to love this section of The Habit Mastery Formula.

Introduction to meditation

One of the barriers that locks so many people out of meditation is that they don't understand what it is or why it works. 

In this video, you'll get straight talk on what it is and why it might be the magic formula for getting the results you want out of life. 

Meditation defined

People new to meditation often don't learn about Savasana. But you'll have this lesser known strategy from the beginning. It makes meditation much more pleasurable and works in tandem with one of the writing habits discussed in the previous module. 

Savasana meditation

Did you know that you can meditate while walking around from place to place? 

It's true. You just need to know the special techniques that make it happen. Dive into this video for the full story.

Walking meditation

This video reveals the truth about meditation and mantras. Before you shell out any money to a guru for a word that you repeat while sitting down, watch this video. You have an alternative that's 100% free.

Meditation and mantras

Meditation apps are in vogue these days. But do you really need them? This video will help you decide. 

Meditation habits and apps

Some people love to listen to music when they meditate. That's fantastic. 

But there's more to the story. This video takes you inside the art of listening to music as part of your meditations so that you get the most out of the practice. 

Meditation and music

Meditating or not, you need oxygen. 

What you'll learn in this video might seem crazy, but since you'll be breathing anyway, you may as well be armed with these amazing techniques. They're good for each and every kind of meditation discussed in this section.

Psychic nostril breathing
Meditation - my personal story part 1
Meditation - my personal story part 2
+ Financial Habits
4 lectures 15:15

So many people say so many negative things about money. As we get started in this section, we tackle that bad habit first. Get rid of this problem first and the rest of your financial habits instantly become a lot easier. 

Financial habits Introduction

There are more negative thoughts about money than just that it's "the root of all evil." 

In this video, you'll learn more about negative thoughts about money that you might not even be aware you're having. Use this information to liberate yourself from the repulsive thoughts that are pushing money away from you instead of attracting it. 

Destroying negative thinking habits about money

Productivity and money go together and all of your financial habits go together with the quality of your thoughts. In this video, you'll learn how to link it all together. 

Linking productivity habits with financial habits of thought

Just like everything we've discussed in this course, you need to observe and measure the change you want to see. In this video, you'll learn how to do it with your finances as one of the most positive habits you'll ever develop. 

Financial tracking habits