The Fundamental of Lincoln Douglas Debate

In this course, I will be going over what Lincoln-Douglas Debate is.
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What Lincoln-Douglas Debate is
Creating and Developing Lincoln-Douglas Debate Cases
Responding To Argumentative Refutations And Questions
Overall Enhancement of Presentation Style


  • No debating experiences necessary. This course will go over the basic skills needed to compete in Lincoln-Douglas Debate


In this course, I will be going over what Lincoln-Douglas Debate is. This will span from building a case, the document or folder which will hold your value, criterion, contentions, and refutations all the way to enhancing your debating style.

You should consider choosing this course due to the way it is formatted. Unlike other Lincoln-Douglas courses, complex terms and strategies are simplified to easily digestible, less than 10 minute videos. This is all done without cutting out any essential information for explaining these terms and strategies. At maximum, this course should only take you an hour to successfully complete.

Important Disclaimers:

1. Depending on when this course is viewed, certain aspects and information may not exactly line up with the National Speech And Debate Associations' (NSDA) current Lincoln-Douglas Debate guideline. The best course of option is reaching out to a professional Lincoln-Douglas Debate coach or viewing the current guidelines on the NSDA website.

2. Remember! This is simply an introductory course. It will not go over all of the intermediate information and strategies utilized in higher-level debate. If you plan on competing in intermediate/professional debate, do not use this course as your only basis of information

3. Some strategies in these videos may not work for you. Everyone, innately, has their own unique debating style. I highly recommend refining your debating style through practice and experimenting with other methods.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Lincoln Douglas Debaters interested in doing Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Course content

2 sections5 lectures30m total length
  • What Is Lincoln-Douglas Debate?
  • Defining A Topic And Plan Of Action
  • Values, Criterions, And Contentions


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