SOLAR ENERGY Design Course(With SketchUp & PVSYST)-PV system

PV system/Solar Energy deisgn Course. Components, Site survey, Design, SOFTWARES,Pricing ,Technical & finanical Reports
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Design your PV SYSTEM
What is solar energy system ?
Solar Radiation and PV fundamentals
Power & Units
All components of the system
Solar Panels
The inverter
The structure types and Fundamentals
Temperature Effect according to structure type
Circuit Breakers in the solar system
Most important points in site survey
Specific steps to get best design
Energy consumption
Sizing DC and #PV Modules needed
Inverter Sizing
system area
SketchUp From design
Skelion Plugin in SketchUp for solar system
Shadow simulation with SketchUp
PVSYST System report
Energy yield by PVSYST
Design a system
Installation procedure & Aesthetics & Appearance
System pricing
Payback period calculation
Technical Report
Financial Report


  • Passion to learn !
  • Basic computer skills


  • The Solar Energy course (from zero to complete design), will give you exactly what you need to know about solar systems to start your career path or build your own system

  • One of the MOST IMPORTANT features of this course is that you will learn the design through specialized design software (PVSYST & SketchUp) through which you can visualize the shape of the system and analyze the shadow, and calculate the energy yield

  • In this course, you will learn what the solar system is and what its main components are, and explain each of them in a practical way

  • You will also learn the simple installation procedure of the practical system, aesthetics, and appearance

  • With the practical examples, you will be able to build full Visualization about the real field and how you can deal with it professionally

  • You will learn how to price the system in an easy way and the calculation of a simple Payback period

  • You will also be able to make a technical and financial report professionally for your customers or the company you work with

  • Introduction to solar energy world and design

  • the solar energy course is your course to enter the solar energy field as a beginner

  • the benefits of this course are how to use Sketchup and PVsyst softwares in your simulation and design

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering students
  • Beginner Engineers in this field
  • Beginner Solar energy worker
  • Any one who want to enter this sector


PV Department Manager at Climatech Sa
Noor Aldeen Najdeah
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Noor Aldeen Najdeah


BA in Mechanical Engineering

The year 2017

Rate: Very Good

Work experience

Najdeah has been working in the solar energy field since 2017 in the designing phase, implementation, development of small companies, and management of projects. Also, he is a certified energy manager (CEM®) and certified energy auditor (CEA™) from the association of energy engineers (AEE).

working stages :

The designing phase includes more than 15 Mw as cumulative projects in both mechanical and electrical parts. some of these projects were provided for several Arab countries such as:
– Yemen
– Saudi Arabia
– Egypt
The projects are divided into ON-GRID, OFF-GRID, Zero Export, Hybrid, and Pumping systems.

The implementation phase includes more than 5 Mw as cumulative projects divided into Rooftop, Ground Mount, Car park, and Corrugated sheets.

The development phase includes two companies in Jordan that specialized in Solar energy and one company that specialized in Consulting and Providing solar mounting structures. we did provide for Jordan market more than 3 Mwp steel structures in 2020. and more than 2 Mwp design and consulting services for several Arabian markets in 2020.

Najdeah Also – Founder of Acadeemi Training platform, which is a site for publishing specialized Arabic content, as a step to enter the e-learning market.

Eng. Najdeah Trained Nearly 3000 students around the world in the Solar energy field through several courses in this field like:

Solar energy system design

SketchUp Modelling for PV system

SketchUp & AutoCAD For PV structure Shop Drawings

Advance PVSYST Design Course

Professional site survey to prevent design mistakes

Also Eng. Najdeah Has some online Courses Like:



Solar System Design

PV Structure design Using STAAD. Pro

Some of the courses are Free and others paid

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