The format of questions in JLPT N5(Japaneseにほんごtest)

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Measures for Japanese test


  • Being able to read english


This is a Japanese learning video course that even beginners with zero knowledge of the Japanese language can easily understand.

JLPT N5 is an introductory test for learning the Japanese language.

It is a beginner's test, so you can pass it if you take proper measures and understand the very basic words.

Let's understand the test question format with this video!


In this course, you will understand the question format of JLPT N5.

If you are not completely aware of what JLPT N5 is all about,this course will help you understand it.

At the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of JLPT N5 and what will be your next step towards more learning.

These are the information that you would normally know by taking the actual exam or paying to buy a textbook and the likes, but with this course it will provide you with all that knowledge for free.


At JLPT N5, you are asked to "read" and "listen" about linguistic knowledge.

And they are set by three subjects.

First, "Language knowledge (characters / vocabulary)" .

Next, "Language knowledge (grammar) / reading comprehension" .

And "listening"


I usually teach Japanese on SNS.

My Japanese commentary Instagram account has exceeded 1000 followers within a month of opening.

I want you to enjoy learning Japanese.  Language should be fun to learn on social media and in this video course.

Let's enjoy in Japanese with me!

Who this course is for:

  • Japanese learning beginner

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I  deliver Japanese for daily conversation on SNS. 

I am a Japanese born and raised in Tokyo.

My Instagram has more 16,000 followers.

There are many dialects and accents in Japanese. 

If you learn a special dialect first, it will delay your understanding of the whole Japanese language.

Also, if you learn the pronunciation of an instructor with an accent, you will learn a non-basic pronunciation.

Raised in Tokyo, I speak standard Japanese.

In my video, I will give you the standard Japanese you need first.