Internet Safety: Guide to Online Privacy and Security

Learn how to ensure a secure and private internet experience with our guide to online privacy, security, and anonymity.
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50+ tips and tricks for protecting your online security, privacy, and anonymity
How to stay private and secure on public Wi-Fi
How a VPN on your router can secure your entire home Wi-Fi network and all your devices
The methods for encrypting your personal data on your computer or mobile devices
How to securely store, delete, and share files
How to identify malware and avoid fake apps and spam on your smartphone
The ways you could be identified through social media and how to limit them
How to protect your online accounts by setting strong passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication
How to secure all access points to your online banking
…and more!


  • No technical background or knowledge required, just an interest in securing your digital life.


​​In a world with increasing tracking and surveillance, online freedom and privacy might seem out of reach.

But, going online doesn’t have to mean being exposed.

Protect Yourself Online and Make Smarter Decisions About the Personal Data You Share

  • Encrypt data in motion; stay safe on public and home Wi-Fi

  • Secure your online accounts with strong passwords

  • Store, share, and delete your files securely and privately

  • Protect your smartphone from malware and threats

  • Hide your personal and browsing data from snoops and third parties

  • Discover best practices for safe social media use

We’re here to help you secure your digital life so you can go online with confidence. Without any prior knowledge or technical background required, this completely free course covers beginner-to-intermediate concepts and solutions for achieving greater online privacy, security, and anonymity.

Privacy habits to keep in public

Learn how to protect your personal data from bluetooth beacons and ultrasonic trackers when you’re out in public. Always on public Wi-Fi? We’ll share tips for preventing third parties from snooping in on your online activity.

Secure your entire home

Understand how a VPN on your home router secures all your internet-connected devices, including smart home appliances.

Own your data

Learn how to protect your data across all your devices with encryption, from file level encryption to full disk encryption methods. Securely store, share, and delete your files—learn how to use OnionShare to share files securely and anonymously.

Safeguard your online accounts

Understand the importance of setting strong, unique passwords and using multi-factor authentication. We’ll also cover some tips for securing all access points to your online banking and protecting your online accounts after death.

Secure your mobile devices

Explore tips and tricks for a safe and private smartphone experience: setting strong authentication methods, avoiding fake apps, understanding app permissions, avoiding spam, identifying signs of malware, and securing your mobile hotspot.

Be safe on social media

Strike a balance between sharing your life and securing it. This final section will help you take back control over your social media accounts. Manage how you share your data and permissions and learn the ways you could be identified through the image metadata of the photos you post online or even through QR codes and vaccine cards.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone concerned about their online privacy and security
  • Great for internet novices looking to get an overview of the key areas of their digital lives and how to safeguard them
  • Useful for technophiles who need a refresher or want to add to their existing arsenal


Digital Privacy & Security
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Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN enables millions of active users in 180+ countries to protect their privacy and security online. We make award-winning cybersecurity products for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers that secure user information and identities with best-in-class encryption and leakproofing.

A vocal advocate for internet freedom and privacy, ExpressVPN is a proud financial supporter of nonprofit organizations fighting to protect digital rights, including the Internet Defense League, OpenMedia, and others.

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