The Emergent Human Series- SDi Primer

Learn how 9 different ways of thinking and behaving affect every aspect of our lives on a daily basis.
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The goal of this primer is to give participants a very basic understanding of this very complex developmental theory, and to provide them with a different way of viewing their world. In addition, it is the only requirement for moving into The Emergent Human Series offered here on Udemy


  • There are no requirements for this course.


In this primer participants will be presented with a brief overview of the Spiral Dynamics integral theory which is the basis for Emergent Human Series.

We will be giving participants just a taste of what this very powerful psychological theory is about and why it is so important to understand in this increasingly complex world of the 21st century.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has interactions with other human beings and seeks to understand how thinking affects behavior and why that is so key to creating new models of operating in this world of ours.


Director of Second Level Academy
Roger Wetzel
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  • 3,350 Students
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Roger is an accomplished entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, coach and facilitator, focusing on "human software" and self transformation. Roger is the founder and creator of Second Level Academy which offers the Emergent Spiral Technologies teaching programs based on the understanding of Spiral Dynamics integral and other 21st century human technologies. Roger is also the founder of Second Level Consulting which focuses on bring adaptive change to organizations of all sizes using proprietary assessments and other proven tools to bring new world solutions to old world problems. Roger has a Master's Degree from John F. Kennedy University in Transpersonal Psychology, is certified in hypnosis, and Nuero Linguistic Programming.