The Complete WordPress for Beginner! Swiftly Profit by HU

You are going to learn how to make website and you are going to be master of Wordpress!
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (10 ratings)
3,371 students
The Complete WordPress for Beginner! Swiftly Profit by HU
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (10 ratings)
3,371 students
If you want to make money on online, this course is absolutely perfect for you!
This course is perfect for who wants to make website , make money , make blogging!
You are going to be Master of Wordpress after this course.
You will know how to install Wordpress!
You will know how to customise your new Website!
You will know how to install Plugins
You will know how to use FTP
You will know how to make proffessional Website or Blog
You will know how to make basic SEO


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Good internet Connection
  • Modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

If you dont know how to start websites, Wordpress is perfect for you. There is no code knowledge needed. Try yourself and make money as quick as you do! 

Currently, %25 of Websites are using Wordpress.

Why do you need to start with Wordpress?

Google has algorithm which websites has positions on Google's eyes. Wordpress is perfect way to start because of SEO. It is amazing system. You are going to learn everything so fast! 

Perfect course with amazing videos!

  1. You dont need know anything about websites.
  2. You are going to learn what is " Domain - Hosting - FTP - Wordpress etc." 
  3. I'm showing from install and finishing with project for you.
  4. % 100 Free Course
  5. % 100 Easy to understand
  6. % 100 Easy to contact with me!
  7. Enroll my course today and learn how to use Wordpress.
  8. There will be always update on my videos. So, you are going to understand more about Wordpress!
  9. You are going to be MASTER!
  10. Start RİGHT NOW!
  11. Customise your Website!
  13. Learn how people are making profit from their website!
  14. Not Tomorrow! TODAY!
Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who wants to make money with Blogging!
  • Beginner bloggers.
  • Everyone who wants to learn Wordpress
  • Everyone who wants to start somewhere to make money.
9 sections • 28 lectures • 2h 1m total length
  • Introduction
  • What are we going to need?
  • How to choose Domain?
  • How to choose the best Hosting?
  • How to get our FTP Username / Password?
  • Where to download FileZilla?
  • Install Wordpress in 2 mins!
  • Wordpress Dashboard
  • Wordpress Title & Description
  • Add your first post to your Website!
  • Add Image into your post!
  • Add your first page!
  • Add video with Embed code
  • Change Your Websites Language
  • Menü & Navigations on Wordpress
  • Add & Manage Your Users
  • How to Install Wordpress Theme?
  • How to Customise Your Theme?
  • Widgets
  • Featured Image
  • Plugins ( Learn How to Add & Use )
  • The Best Plugins ( Which I always use )
  • About FTP
  • Learn FileZilla - FTP Program
  • Install Plugin via Filezilla
  • What is SEO?
  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Web Developer | SEO
Hamza Ünsal
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 10 Reviews
  • 3,371 Students
  • 1 Course

Hello Everyone,

I have been working for SEO since 2013. Since SEO came out; Mostly I've been working on it! SEO is the most important thing for websites. I'd like to help you as much as I can about SEO , Shopify , Making Money Online and coding too.

Thats why I provide you courses. If you dont want to waste your time on internet and If you want to make money as soon as possible, follow my courses! 

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