The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020
4.7 (111 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
528 students enrolled

The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020

100x your live streams quality, local recordings and watch your productivity explode!
4.7 (111 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
528 students enrolled
Created by Philip Campbell
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • how to live stream to the internet
  • fault finding issues for live streaming
  • being creative with their live stream
  • build up an audience of people wanting to come back for more
  • run and maintain a video show on the internet
  • sell services regarding live streaming events
  • Learn how to use Open Broadcaster Software to create professional live streams and video recordings
  • Create live streams to Facebook or YouTube and Decentralized Platforms Too!
  • Hardware and Software Competence using Computer Equipment Ideally.
  • Notepad and a Pen to make Notes & Action Plans
  • Own a Mac or PC Computer
  • Willingness to Dig Deep and Learn!

it's been a long time in the making, but it's FINALLY HERE!

my ultimate, almanac of everything i know about OBS for live streaming and recording, to be updated every year and every quarter with the latest tips and tricks, hardware and tools for maximum engagement for entrepreneurs, streamers, e-sports and offline recording.


this is a brand new format i've developed in that i've created a bunch of sections that allow you to jump in and 'cherry pick' information when you need it, not only do we go from basic setup but we also deep dive into elements that the other courses just don't cover

i've taken what i learned from my mini courses and looked how i could improve on stepping through with you in terms of what you might need in the moment, what might go wrong, how you can fix that, how you develop your engagement with live streams and how you can be more productive and effective with offline recorded streams.


over 100+ video parts, the most complete obs course you will find on udemy.


  • Starting from Zero to Hero in less than an hour?

  • Scene Transitions — Setting up a ‘Stinger’

  • Scene Transitions — What are Swipe, Slide, Fade to Colour & Lumi Wipe?

  • Cropping Layers and Weirdness in Scaling

  • Custom Scene Transition Overrides

  • Converting a Video from .mp4 to .webm for size/speed

  • Converting a .MKV to .MP4 with redux

  • Using Advanced Settings for Colour Correction

  • Getting your Green screen Perfect in OBS

  • Locking Elements in Place, Why?

  • Displaying a Universal Chat with Restream

  • Copying Filters from Sources & Scenes

  • The Nightmare of Copying -- Duplicate or Reference

  • Scenes have Sources, But Sources can be Scenes (whoa)

  • Let’s get in depth with the Audio Mixer and VST Plugins (free!)

  • Using hotkeys, make your show building easier

  • Looping a Video in OBS

  • Setting up Audio Globally

  • Why I like a default fullscreen video + audio shot as a scene

  • Adding a Webcam in OBS

  • Creating a Picture in Picture in OBS


  • Sources — Audio Input Capture

  • Sources — Audio Output Capture

  • Sources — Browser (read, slow!)

  • Sources — Colour Source & Power Tips (single colours & filters!)

  • Sources — Display Capture

  • Sources — Image & Image Slideshow (great for sponsors & qr codes)

  • Sources — Lua & Scripts will Appear Here (tools > scripts)

  • Sources — Media Source

  • Sources — Scene (my favourite productivity hack)

  • Sources — Syphon Client

  • Sources — Text (is clunky mostly)

  • Sources — VLC Video Source

  • Sources — Video Capture Device (elgato etc, better than capture screen!)

  • Sources — Window Capture

  • Right Click Source — Grouping Selecting Items & Limitations!

  • Right Click Source — Filters — let’s talk about them!

  • Right Click Source — Order — layering up your scenes sources correctly

  • Right Click Source — Transforming Assets


  • Start recording, pause recording, start again!

  • Record to the fastest drive you can buy

  • Lag and latency with kill your local recordings

  • Redundancy of recording with Blackmagic hardware


  • building scenes as sources, why they are powerful

  • organising your layers like a boss

  • Recording and Streaming — save to the fastest drive you can!


  • Why you should use mkv for recording (bsod, power outages)

  • Stopping dropping frames and why that happens

  • Backing up and Exporting your OBS Settings

  • OBS broke with Catalina, what you can learn from this (wait until it’s officially supported)

  • What is the Different between RTMP and FTL on mixer?

  • Why streaming to periscope gives you extra social media reach!

  • Deep Dive the Output Tab in Settings (confusing!)

  • Using Stream Delay in Advanced to Reduce Stream Snipers (live streaming)

  • Dynamically changing your bitrate is not a great fix for a bad quality setup

  • Why a second screen makes so much sense


  • Weird resizing bugs, use that ALT key to fix all

  • Always make text big and scale down, not the other way

  • Hidden and Visible, Arrangement and Grouping


  • Let’s build a ‘stinger’ in keynote and convert to .webm

  • making layered masked images to build up virtual sets like dr disrespect


  • Miro Video Converter — convert from .mp4 to .webm fast! (Free)

  • Blackmagic speed test — test those drive speeds! (Free)

  • smarturl-it or geni-us for tracking links

  • using zencastr to do live podcasting as a group

  • Using mumble for live streaming audio capture


  • Walkthrough and setup of goxlr for obs (referral links in here)


  • Why streemdeck is the perfect choice for new users

  • Building Advanced Setups with Streamdeck

  • Using your iPad for Mobile Recordings & Events


  • Let’s Make! - Building a Lower Third Animation

  • Let’s Make! - Creating an Animated Facecam

  • Let’s Make! - Making Subtle Call’s to Action (qr codes)

  • Let’s Make! - Text File Update-able Schedule!

  • Let’s Make! - Intros and Outros

  • For more tips and walkthroughs take my screenflow course!


  • Setting up for Streaming — Twitch

  • Setting up for Streaming — Youtube

  • Setting up for Streaming — Facebook Live

  • Setting up for Streaming — Mixlr

  • Setting up for Streaming — Periscope (twitter)

  • Setting up for Streaming — Vimm (decentralised)

  • Got Further Questions — 1-2-1 Video chat ready!


  • Latency, what is it and how can I stop it

  • Think Minimal, Lean and Clean

  • Build your own Streaming Steps List

  • Don’t click links in your chat

  • Less is more in Obs

  • Hardware over Software

  • Know what’s happening on your Network

  • Failover and Local Recording

  • Streaming to Multiple Website @ Once

Who this course is for:
  • anyone wishing to live stream to facebook live, twitch or youtube
  • brand advocates, interns, marketing department, social media guru
  • entrepreneur, stay at home mum business, niche companies
  • cybercafes, co-working hubs, startups and mom and pop stores
Course content
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5 lectures 56:00

i'm so blessed that out of all the obs (open broadcaster) courses you could take on the web that you jumped into mine -- you are about to experience the most complete obs course on the web and going into 2020 i'll be aiming to make this the biggest course you can find for everything obs but also what goes into the daily driving of using the app for live streaming and local recording. let's go on a journey together!

Preview 02:48

so as of the 10th november 2019 (when this was recorded) if you download the mac version from the website you will have trouble getting it to work under macOS catalina but there is a fix.  I provide two ways of fixing the issue and i've put the link as a resource on this lecture.

won't install? | macOS Catalina, two fixes!

wanna get started quick? of course you do. in this 30 minute chunk i wanna jump straight in at the deep end and cover each column, some settings and get you with a webcam shot, some audio and a background and have it ready so you can record locally or stream straight away. if you want to take it further and connect your streaming accounts after learning this section jump down in the course to the streaming settings for your platform to be hand held through that.

quickstart - cam, mic & background quick!

i'm sure your mind is racing in terms of the layout of your grand design of a live stream or locally recorded piece of content but before we just get making all kinds of scenes and sources let's map out some structure, i give you some tips to the way i think about formatting my scenes to make it easier to use, especially with hotkeys later on.

quickstart -- wants vs needs & structure

i don't want to ruin your fun but before you start jumping and adding millions of scenes and sources (don't, you'll crash it) it's a good idea to step through and understand the importing and exporting of your obs profiles -- remember, paths are absolute so even if you import from the file on another machine, you need the assets they reference too, have a clear folder structure and take that across too -- if you are on a mac or pc, maybe use the desktop so you know how to find things if you have any issues.

quickstart --- don't forget to backup!
20 lectures 01:28:04

in the power obs sessions i want to drill down on each topic, in this one, let's add a camera and a microphone scene and why i package my scenes together like this from my sources and how you can re-use this everywhere else you need when rapidly making up fresh scenes.

video + audio as a starting block

do you want audio absolutely everywhere at all times? maybe not, i personally have mine as a dedicated scene as a source and include that in on every scene where i want my microphone to work.  you might want to have it on all the time however and the ability to mute it with a hotkey. i show you both in this video.

Setting up Audio Globally

really simple example, how to picture in picture two sources, in this part i show you two video source but those picture in picture sources could be anything really.

Creating a Picture in Picture

this is for people who want to be super productive with their content creation. maybe you only have a small amount of time at the end of the day, that's ok, using this method you can rapidly make your content and get it recorded fast, as easy as 1, 2 and 3! :)

hotkeys, make your show easier

you don't need to spend lots of money to have awesome audio you can probably squeeze out some great sound from the kit you already have with some EQ and filtering and you can get free VST plugins from around the web if you dig deep enough! some are complex but also others are 1 click to improve! no brainer!

Audio Mixer and VST Plugins

this is very inception like i realise that, like a dream inside a dream inside a reality! -- yep, it's true, you can create a scene and use that also as a source! WILD! -- why would you need to do this? well, i try to explain how i use it on my 4:3 social media making obs setup -- it allows me to rapidly make videos for social media this way.  scenes as sources is VERY powerful and speed up your deployment of scenes.

Preview 07:54

ok, so 'cool' is subjective but i tried to make an animated webcam backer for my webcam shot (you might have seen these a lot for gamers/streamers) while i did not go into the building of the keynote animation movie i did break down how it looks and how converting it to .webm makes it smaller compared to .mp4 -- i hope this helps you setup a cool webcam backer!

Adding a Webcam in OBS (+ make it cool!)

as it says on the tin, there is a subtle but powerful difference between duplicate and reference, make sure you know which is which as it will save you a lot of headaches when you are working with sources. Also not to be confused with copying filters. i briefly touched on that -- copying filters, copying reference and copying duplicate are all covered!

Copying -- Duplicate or Reference?

so save your precious time, once you find the sweet spot with audio and video filters you can actually copy those effects and apply them to any other scene and source, especially useful for greenscreen, audio vst plugins or just to use the same hue colour that you loved on another scene.

Copying Filters from Sources & Scenes

kinda obvious this one but some pointers to make sure that it's as smooth and flawless as i know you want it to be, let's get that video file looping!

Looping a Video in OBS

at some point you might want to have universal chat on your life streams, either for IRL stuff or for your gaming stream, one of the best ones for pulling together all the chat boxes is the one that makes and it's easy to plug in using a browser source, just copy the url and you are good to go!

Universal Chat with

trust me, eventually you'll want to get used to the EYE and the LOCK symbols, you'll get fed up of accidentally moving something and having to mess midstream with the position of it -- learn these simple things right here.

Locking Elements in Place, Why?

ok so setting up the greenscreen and getting the perfect shot can feel a little bit like the 'dark arts' (harry potter reference) but with a bit of practice and some basic knowledge it's a easy no brainer, knock it out of the park kinda thing -- hopefully this help you get yours done.

Getting your Green screen Perfect in OBS

the filters inside of obs are actually amazing, you can end up doing some hella cool creative stuff with it if you play enough with all the things. i heartily suggest you do, you can have a lot of fun and make ACTUAL art with this stuff.

Advanced Settings for Colour Correction

REEEEEeeemix.  It's so easy to do and i want you to start doing it, use .mkv as a file format, trust me with this, it will save you a lot of pain later on, if you must have .mp4 files then do the REDUX after you have finished.  I talk about it later why it's a no-brainer to use this file container mode in obs.

Preview 03:26

.webm = small files. nuff said. also, less overheads in obs, at least, that's the way i see it ;)

.mp4 to .webm converting and why

so the transition stuff is pretty cool right, but what if you could have custom transitions per scenes. well guess what you can and it's pretty damn lit fam, you could end up doing some legit animations and effects actually if you think about your setup.

Custom Scene Transition Overrides

obs does this scaling thing where everything is like SQUARE, it can be annoying to not be able to adjust your object in the way you want, but trust me, a quick ALT key and some playing around and you can be back in control! :)

Cropping Layers and Weirdness in Scaling

if you are updating your text element sources regularly you might find it more useful to actually have text files outside of OBS for rapid updating. It also means you don't have to play around inside OBS (accidentally moving something or unhidden/etc) it has a few quirks but i try and go over those.

Update Text Titles outside of OBS

after recently building a new side project called ultimate profile video i noticed that groups was a lot more powerful that i imagined but it's got some weird quirks in it that you need to know about.

Preview 02:53
2 lectures 35:42

in this lecture i wanted to go over my social media dapp layout.  instead of boring you with timelapse or every micro detail of the build out of the assets i go into how i used scenes as sources and how the structure works. i hope this helps you make your own rapid social media video toolset too! -- i've included my link to the gumroad pack if you want to buy it.

4:3 Rapid Fire Social Content System [1/2]

so i went ahead and made a theme layout video switching from 4:3 to 16:9 perspective (not square, long) which is the standard for most things on the web -- i made the square one for twitter/instagram but you can use 16:9 too, i just liked the way it sizes up in the feed, these are some tips to how to step through and convert your layouts to suit.

4:3 to 16:9 Considerations [2/2]
19 lectures 01:15:24

stepping through the sources that you can add to obs, audio input and outputs are fairly straight forward for most people to understand, bring in audio and also outputs inside of obs for recording or streaming -- also virtual inputs are catered for here.

Sources — Audio Input/Output

one of the great sources inside of obs is the browser source -- the ability to bring in a local file or remote url from the internet and display that in your stream, you might have an audio browser source or a chat browser source like you see on -- or maybe something like a donations plugin source from streamlabs, this is how you add this in easily.

Sources — Browser (read, slow!)

very simple source here, just add in a coloured block, useful for making areas coloured, great for stacking up backgrounds or background areas for chat boxes and such like.

Sources — Colour Source

capture any of your system displays - main screen or secondary screen, bring in anything on those screens, could be a game but you'd probably be better bringing in video from an elgato capture card.

Sources — Display Capture

share an image or a folder full of them, quickly going over image display and image slideshow which has a lot more features, great for sponsor graphics.

Sources — Image & Image Slideshow

you can extend OBS with lua/python scripts if you are a coder and want to make elements that you can embed into your OBS, super cool for making programs that monitor websites and such like, very fast -- you can find it in tools/scripts in the menu bar.

Sources — Lua & Scripts

OBS can play pretty much anything which is cool if you want to play a video files back or demo something.

Sources — Media Source

my absolutely favorite source on OBS, it's a scene itself (very meta, very inception) but yes, you can use a source as a scene, it really helps you make scenes so much faster when you group together regularly used items -- once you understand them, you'll love em!

Sources — Scene (fav productivity hack)

really cool source that allows you to inject/hijack certain playing video applications (like games) and use them in obs.  might not always work thou when macOS has an update (so not reliable probably) best to bring in a video feed using a piece of hardware (via hdmi) feed from another PC or console.

Sources — Syphon Client

text inside of OBS is kinda weird and clunky but i've shown you how to get the best out of your fonts and how to make it play nice. it's not perfect, but these tips will help you get a bit more mileage out of it before you decide to make them as vector sharp graphic versions! (bottle line, anti aliasing is rubbish!)

Sources — Text (is clunky mostly)

i had this crazy idea that maybe you could watch vlc live streams inside of obs. i could not get it working but instead you can add video files and a folder of them in here or a url, but i could not get streamlink going. i could have cut this up but i think it adds value! :)

Sources — VLC Video Source

video capture is normally anything that can output video, webcams, capture cards, things like that, quite simple really -- i go over the features of adding one in.

Sources — Video Capture Device

really simple this one, window capturing, capture from any window that's outputting video, dead simple, but be aware, no audio, you'll be able to capture all sound easily on OBS on PC but it's a little different on the MAC, in another lecture i'll show you how.

Sources — Window Capture

using OBS is better when things are tidy, it's easier to find things and it makes more sense when you are working on a project to put things in places where you can find them.  groups are great inside of scenes.

Right Click Source — Grouping

pretty much all sources can have filters, regardless if it's audio or video. you can improve all the features of your source with additional filtering on the top of them. i go into them a little bit (if you want me to go deeper, let me know!)

Right Click Source — Filters

ordering layers can be done in two ways, moving layers up or down with the arrows or on the right click, you can move direct to the top and bottom on the right click. i feel this additional place really is not needed but i wanted you to know what they are!

Right Click Source — Order

i had a few issues with transforming functions, you'll probably not use them much because you'll probably drag and drop and use the ALT key to make custom sizings.  i think i found some bugs too. transform is just like in other graphical apps similar like photoshop etc.

Right Click Source — Transforming Assets

you can do so many transitions inside of OBS that work really well, swipes, slides, fades and wonderful stingers that are just videos with a fast effects to transition to the next scene, it looks really cool on a live stream.

Swipe, Slide, Fade to Colour & Lumi Wipe?

so i had a few problems with my version of OBS while doing this -- since macOS catalina things have been a little weird, i expect when you play with this you'll have no issues, especially if you are on PC, i left in all the problems i had but i think you get what i'm doing here. i made my video in keynote, which is free! works well, when the background is transparent! :) (i could'nt get it working today!) will update when newer version.

Setting up a ‘Stinger’
2 lectures 08:21

OBS has a really good recording mode if you set it up properly that will allow you to PAUSE the video recording, what's cool about it is that you can restart the recording as you wish, great for doing long recordings. stop and pause, explain, carry on. it's great!

Start recording, pause recording, start again!

when it comes to recording and streaming, you wanna use the fastest components that you have, if you bolt in an SSD drive you are good to go! i have one as a 'scratch' drive for writing too, makes for faster and more reliable recordings.  always write to your fastest drive ideally not your operating system drive also.

Record to the fastest drive you can buy
+ Setting up for Streaming Per Platform
6 lectures 25:31

quick overview of the settings that you need to get streaming on -- a decentralised platform (think crypto) using the steem blockchain, it's like twitch but a lot smaller and you can get incentivised with upvotes and downvotes from the blockchain as well as post blog post style streaming now posts when you go live. (decentralised streaming)

periscope has some very specific video and audio settings that you need to stick too to be able to use the service. you can setup the producer encoding settings from desktop or ipad i've found, it's quite easy to do.

Periscope (twitter & custom settings)

one of my favorite platforms just because of how good the interface is and how well thought out the streaming platform is, formerly beam, this platform now called mixer was bought by microsoft and has managed to capture ninja to their service.

Mixer (microsoft, home of ninja!)

facebook is relatively straight forward to setup, a streaming key lasts for about 7 days so you'll need to jump in every week to get a new streaming key but once you have it set you'll be able to go live with ease! obs already has a profile in the dropdown for facebook live.

Facebook Live (7 day stream key!)

youtube have recently done a lot of work on their live streaming offering and even picked up the top e-sports gaming streamer courageJD to their platform for their projects in 2020 -- i can see youtube still very much in this fight for audience and probably has one of the biggest concurrent streamer capacity than any of the others -- somewhere in the millions!

Youtube (super easy to get streaming)
05:50 is one of the most popular live streaming platforms on the web, formerly known as this platform is so easy to setup and i show you how to test your live stream without going live by using the testing string in the dashboard.

Twitch (worlds most popular site)
+ Students Q&A Videos
1 lecture 33:01

tony asked me how to do lower thirds, i ended up showing three ways in 30 minutes here!

if you have the windows version of obs 25 then you'll be able to do custom docks like i mentioned for the third way

"a>z making lower thirds" - for tony.