Introduction to Lead Generation Marketing - 2021

Basics of Lead generation| Learn how to generate maximum leads with minimum budget
An effective way to generate maximum leads with minimum budgets
How to double up the leads numbers in 15 days
Easy and free ways to generate leads
How to generate a great ROI
Facebook and Instagram strategy to generate leads
Importance of value addition in lead generation
Importance of organic and paid media channels
How to build the lead business within 15 days


  • Be able to read English


Keeping it simple and easy. Learn the secret formula of growing your business within 15 days. This course is a consolidated summary of 7 years of experience where 50+ small medium online business owners have DOUBLED their REVENUES and also have seen a consistent growth in their lead generation department. It is one of the most comprehensive lead generation course available in the digital market currently.

In this course you will learn lead generation STRATEGY, PLANNING, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM STRATEGY, value addition marketing, logos, importance of UI dashboard and a lot more!!

This is a 5 in 1 course means 5 most important topics of lead generation are now consolidated into one single course and now you have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to MASTER THE LEAD GENERATION SKILLS. I am pretty sure that you are going to enjoy this whole journey of learning and this time is going to convert in the most valuable learnings of your life. Do not waste your time in reading lengthy articles of lead generation, you need to learn a more practical approach and the tactics to generate leads.

Just give half an hour of your valuable time and learn the secrets of -






Who this course is for:

  • Every person who wants to learn smart ways of lead generation
  • Small medium business owners
  • App developers
  • Small businesses
  • Students and teachers
  • Digital Marketers

Course content

6 sections6 lectures38m total length
  • Introduction - Lead Generation Course


Kanika B
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Don't put me in a box, I am a hustler!

Kanika is a salesperson by heart and an analytics person by the mind. She is a successful DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT  who has helped 50+ client's to grow their business and has contributed to three organizations.

Also, with having more than 7 years of experience, she -

1) Has successfully built business revenues from 0 to 100,000$/month in a short period of time

2) Managed & handled top Global clients

3) Built businesses globally

4) Excelled the SaaS & Programmatic industry.

5) Has worked on the most advanced digital marketing & advertising strategies

She loves sharing knowledge and now has donned the attire of a teacher on Udemy. The courses are solely designed by her. These courses are going to be simple and easy.

While designing the courses only one point was taken into consideration that the courses must be so simple and easy to understand that from an old grandmother to a 15-year-old high school student, whoever wants to learn something (AGE NO BAR) shall enjoy the whole learning process


An ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC ENGINEER by degree, Kanika started working at the young age of 13. Her first job was to teach Math to students, since then Maths is her favorite subject. Her 10+ Years of teaching experience in VEDIC Maths, Mental maths has helped a lot of students to CRACK a lot of competitive EXAMS. Not only this, She was a Science Student in her school & has been an A grader in MATHEMATICS during her Graduation.

Areas of Expertise -

Programmatic Advertising

SaaS Marketing

OTT Advertising

App Store Optimization ( ASO)

App Marketing

Modern Marketing Techniques

Productivity & Time Management

Mathematics (Vedic Maths, Quicker Maths)

Wishing you all best wishes from Kanika's side! :)