Military Transition: Life Coaching for Ex-Military Personnel

A life coaching programme for ex-military personnel to aid a smoother transition between military and civilian life.
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Make a Successful Transition from the Military to Civilian life.
Have a Clearer Sense of Direction & Purpose for your Future.
Build Stronger Relationships With Your New Civilian Counterparts.
Understand the Primary Causes of your Main Negative Emotions.
Manage Any Self-Sabotaging Attitudes or Destructive Negative Behaviours.
Create a Full Life Plan that you can Implement & Action Immediately.
Understand Your Priorities for Making Wiser & More Informed Decisions.
Coach other Ex-Military Personnel through the Same Military Transition Process.


  • Students will have either a military background, or, will know someone with a military background.
  • Enrol on this course with an open mind and a willingness to learn.
  • Access to a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


Terminating your Military service and re-entering a new civilian life can be a daunting and overwhelming process. Whether you served your country for one year, or completed a full Military service, the same transitional problems arise for many of us.

Life outside of the Military can be disorientating and confusing. However, there are a series of actionable steps that can be taken to make this transition smoother and more manageable. We'll explore these steps throughout the course

Military Transitions: Make An Effective Military Transition, explains the common pitfalls that accompany leaving the military and transitioning back into civilian life. By learning from someone who's been there before, you'll understand the core problem that most people find in this transition, and how to side-step many of it's most common challenges.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Establish a New Identity For Yourself Apart From Military.
  • Have a Stable Framework For Basing Your Future Decisions Upon.
  • Be Confident in the Next Steps You Must Take in Your New Civilian Life.
  • Understand the 7 Actionable Steps for Making a Smooth Military Transitions.
  • Understand the Main Difficulties that People Face When Leaving the Military.
  • Know How to Coach Your Former Peers Through the Exact Same Process

While it can only takes a day to hand back our Military ID cards and leave the Forces, it can take many years for the Military to leave us. Many ex-servicemen are unaware of the common problems that can be faced inside of this transition: which can come at the cost of their relationships, physical health, mental wellbeing and even their personal finances.

So, whether you served your country for one day, or over a decade, this course will give you a broad range of actionable life principles, understandings, and strategies to engage more effectively with your new civilian life.

This course has been created as a FREE resource for serving military personnel and ex-military personnel by someone who's already made a successful Military Transition.

Who this course is for:

  • SERVING PERSONNEL: If you are still serving in the Military, this course will help you understand how to make a healthy transition back into civilian life.
  • EX-MILITARY PERSONNEL: If you have terminated your military service, this course will help you to better understand the mental and transitional adjustment.
  • THE VETERAN COMMUNITY: Anyone who works within the Armed Forces community will benefit from understanding the military transition and the most effective ways to support Ex-Servicemen (and women) through it.
  • HELPING PROFESSIONALS: Coaches, psychologists, counsellors and helping professionals will benefit from taking this course to better understand the military transition process in view of relating to Veterans in a more effective way.
  • MILITARY SPOUSES: Strengthen your relationship by understanding the psychological transition that accompanies a termination of military service.
  • MILITARY CHARITIES: Use this course as a reference aid to compliment the existing support/coaching/mentoring you are offering Military veterans.

Course content

7 sections48 lectures5h 39m total length
  • Welcome To Changing Step: A Guide To Effective Military Transitions
  • A Easy Hole To End Up In
  • Are You Ready to make Some Improvements?
  • Looking Forward to the Rest of the Course ....


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