The Complete Google Drive Course - Mastering Google Drive
4.4 (134 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
21,791 students enrolled

The Complete Google Drive Course - Mastering Google Drive

Use Google Drive for Maximum Productivity - You Can Become the Master of Google Suite - Enhance Your Office Efficiency
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4.4 (134 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
21,791 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Understand how to use Google Drive to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Create and edit documents efficiently using all editing tools
  • Design compelling and visually-appealing presentations
  • Create spreadsheets to organize, navigate through, and calculate data
  • Create and analyze forms and/or quizzes to collect responses and/or feedback
  • No prior experience/ knowledge necessary
  • A willingness to learn :)

Welcome to The Complete Google Drive Course. This course will teach you to understand how to use and become familiar with the storage and productivity component of Google Suite: Google Drive and Google Apps.

Google Drive is a safe and secure online file storage service that allows for easy collaboration and sharing. It is compatible with all types of files, ranging from PDFs to images to videos. Unlike its competitors, Google Drive offers up to 15 GB of free storage and a variety of online tools. One of its biggest features is its ability for multiple people to simultaneously work and collaborate on a project together. It encompasses four integrated applications: Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Forms.

Google Docs is a document management and editing tool. Docs allow you to create, edit, and update any documents. Docs is highly compatible, allowing you to choose from several file formats to download from. Google Drive’s document editing tool is easy to learn with the understanding of any basic word processor, but it offers much more to allow more experienced users to create complex and intricate documents.

Google Slides focuses on designing visually-appealing presentations for both a professional and casual setting. When compared to Microsoft Powerpoint, Slides offers the benefit of simplicity. With its various templates and themes, Slides can be as simple as plugging text into the provided text boxes. However, you can take your presentation one step further by adding in customizations. By inserting images, animations, transitions, charts, and diagrams you can amaze your audience! Take advantage of Google Drive’s presentation tool the next time you give a demonstration or lecture.

Google Sheets is a spreadsheets program that lets you create and format spreadsheets. Sheets allow you to organize your data by creating intricate charts and tables. When dealing with large amounts of data, you can create and edit formulas to perform calculations on your data, like you would with a calculator. Businesses should look to take advantage of the many collaborative tools Sheets provide along with its options for privacy. Learning the syntax of Sheets can lead to complex formulas that perform calculations on an innumerable amount of data. Google Drive’s tools allow you to navigate through your spreadsheets and data with efficiency.

Google Forms walks you through the production and distribution of surveys and questionnaires. If you are a teacher or tutor, you can also convert these ordinary forms into quizzes. While Forms may not be as easily accessible as the other Google Drive tools, it is still a useful system to understand. You can create surveys, quickly collect, and analyze responses and information all in one application.

Google Drive and its four integrated Google Apps are powerful tools that help increase productivity and efficiency. In addition to that, this course will also help you improve your organization, collaboration, and communication skills. Some of the many things that you can accomplish on Google Drive include:

  • Updating your resume (Google Docs)

  • Presenting a consulting proposal (Google Slides)

  • Creating an analytics dashboard (Google Sheets)

  • Distributing an event registration form (Google Forms)

  • Working on a project with your co-workers from the comfort of your own home (Google Apps)

Enroll to learn about the service that amassed more than a billion users!

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals who wants to enhance their office efficiency
  • High school & college students who want to increase their organization & productivity
Course content
Expand all 47 lectures 05:07:13
+ Google Drive
5 lectures 22:54

Discover Google Drive and its 4 integrated apps: Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms. Learn about the benefits of Google Drive and why it is an important and useful system to know.

Preview 06:20

Learn how to create a google account to begin using Google Drive. This video will cover:

  • How to sign up for a Google account

Google Account Signup

Learn how to navigate and become familiar with Google Drive. This video will cover:

  • My Drive (Quick Access, Files & Folders) 

  • Shared with me

  • Recent

  • Starred

  • Trash

  • Storage

Google Drive Interface

Learn how to use/ organize files and folders. This includes creating, uploading, and customizing. This video will cover:

  • Creating folders

  • Uploading files

  • Preview

  • Sharing

  • Moving files to folders

  • Renaming files/ folders

  • Making a copy of files

  • Coloring folders

Google Drive Functions

One of Google Drive's many benefits is its compatibility with Gmail. Learn how to access and insert your Google Drive files within your emails. This video will cover: 

  • Inserting files using Drive

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Drive link vs Attachment

Compatibility with Gmail

Test your Google Drive knowledge.

Google Drive Quiz
5 questions
+ Google Docs
8 lectures 58:26

Welcome to Google Docs! Google Docs is word processor that allows you to create documents of text and edit those texts with styling tools and easy to learn formatting.

Google Docs Introduction

Learn how to create a document on Google Docs. This video will cover:

  • Creating a new document (blank or from template)

  • Docs main page

  • Filter options

Creating a New Document

Learn how to setup a document to your liking. This video will cover:

  • How we view the document (portrait vs landscape, zoom)

  • Size of paper

  • Page color

  • Margins

  • Preferences

Setting up a Document

Learn how to add and change text using different styling tools. This video will cover:

  • Undo vs Redo

  • Fonts and font sizes

  • Bold, Italics, Underline

  • Text and Highlight Color

Editing a Document

Learn how to format a document with all the various tools Google Docs provides. This video will cover:

  • Different formats of text (Title, Subtitle, Heading, Strikethrough, superscript, subscript)

  • Using numbered and bulleted lists

  • Text Alignment (Indentation, Line Spacing, Tab)

  • Using Tab Stops to create columns of text/ creating columns of paragraphs

  • Paint Format Tool

  • Inserting headers, footers, footnotes, and page numbers

Formatting a Document

Learn how to insert images, special characters, tables, and everything that isn't text to create a more complex document. This video will cover:

  • Inserting an Image

  • Inserting a table and how to edit a table (how to select borders)

  • Inserting a Drawing

  • Inserting Charts

  • Inserting Horizontal lines

  • Inserting special characters and equations

  • Attaching a link to text and inserting link into document

Inserting Charts, Images, etc.

After creating your document, learn how to share it with others and collaborate on it. This video will cover:

  • Sharing with others

  • Viewer vs Commenter vs Editor

  • Comments and comment history

  • Suggesting edits

  • Chat feature


You've completed your own document! Learn some final helpful tools and then save, download, or print your document.This video will cover:

  • Word Count

  • History of edits

  • Translate document

  • Download

  • Print

Final Tools, Printing, Downloading
Google Docs Quiz
5 questions
+ Google Slides
10 lectures 01:16:45

Welcome to Google Slides! Google Slides is a presentation program that allows you to design and present powerpoints in both professional and casual settings.

Google Slides Introduction

Learn how to create a compelling and visually-appealing PowerPoint presentation on Google Slides. This video will cover:

  • Creating a new presentation (blank or from template) 

  • Template gallery

  • Applying themes

  • Inserting background colors & images

  • Layout options

  • Navigating between slides

Presentation Setup, Themes & Layouts

Learn what master view is and how to use it to help customize our Slides. This video will cover:

  • How to access master view

  • Designing the master slide & layouts

  • Editing in the master view (fonts, colors, images, etc) 

Master View

Learn how to add and manipulate anything that is text related to bring your ideal Slides vision to life. This video will cover: 

  • Text box

  • Text aesthetics (fonts, font sizes, text colors, highlights, etc) 

  • Special characters

  • Word art

All Things Text

Learn how to add visuals and sounds to make your presentation more eye-catching and visually appealing. This video will cover:

  • Images

  • Gifs

  • Videos

  • Audio

All Things Visuals & Sounds

Learn how to add and design different types of objects in Google Slides. This video will cover:

  • Tables

  • Charts & graphs

  • Shapes

  • Lines & arrows

All Things Objects

Learn how to insert and customize diagrams to concisely display information. Learn how to embed links to connect slides and websites as well as add additional information. This video will cover:

  • Diagrams (grid, hierarchy, timeline, process, relationship, cycle) 

  • Customize diagrams

  • Links (to slides & websites) 

Diagrams & Links

Learn how to precisely arrange text, visuals, and objects. This video will cover: 

  • Distribute

  • Align

  • Order (bring to front vs bring forward)

  • Rotate

  • Group

All Things Formatting

Learn how to spruce up your presentation by adding animations to objects and transitions to slides.

Animations & Transitions

You should be proud of your PowerPoint! Learn how to show it off and share it with others. This video will cover: 

  • How to present your Slides

  • Speaker notes & presenter view

  • Sharing with others

  • Comments

  • Download

  • Print

Presentation & Sharing

Test your Google Slides knowledge.

Google Slides Quiz
5 questions
+ Google Sheets
8 lectures 01:13:24

Welcome to Google Sheets! Google Sheets is an application that allows you to create and format spreadsheets to organize and perform calculations on data.

Google Sheets Introduction

Learn how to create a new spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheets. This video will cover:

  • Creating a new spreadsheet

  • Sheets main page

Creating a New Sheet

Learn all the basics of spreadsheet. This video will cover:

  • How to work with cells

  • Navigating through cells

  • Selecting cells

  • Creating multiple sheets

  • Text Options

  • Copy and pasting

Editing a Spreadsheet

Learn how to organize data with visual tools, filters and sorting options. This video will cover:

  • Merging cells

  • Creating a table

  • Alternating colors

  • Freezing rows and columns

  • Borders

  • Sorting Data

  • Filters

  • Filter Views

Organizing Data

Learn how to reference other cells, create you own formulas, and use functions on data. This video will cover:

  • Basic cell reference

  • Fixed cell reference

  • Relative cell reference

  • Referencing cell from another sheet/ another file

  • Using and creating formulas

  • Using functions

Formulas, Functions, and Cell References

Learn to create various charts and graphs to create a more visually appealing and easier way to process data. This video will cover:

  • Pie Charts

  • Bar graphs

  • Line Charts

  • Editing Charts

  • Data Series

  • Different lines

Creating Charts: Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, and Line Charts

Now that you've created your own spreadsheets, learn to share with collaborators and protect your valuable data. This video will cover:

  • Sharing with others

  • Restrictions

  • Protecting range of data/ Protecting entire sheet

  • Comments

  • Chat feature

Collaboration: Sharing and Protecting Data

You've successfully learned how to use and navigate through Google Sheets! Learn how to print and download your sheets. This video will cover:

  • Downloading

  • Printing setup

  • Uploading an existing spreadsheet

Uploading, Printing, and Downloading
Google Sheets Quiz
5 questions
+ Google Forms
10 lectures 01:08:59

Welcome to Google Forms! Google Forms is an application that lets you create and send out forms to easily gather information and collect responses.

Google Forms Introduction

Learn how to create forms/surveys on Google Forms. This video will cover: 

  • Creating a new form (blank or from template) 

  • Template gallery

  • Form description

Form Setup

Learn how to populate/ add content to your form. Learn how to add descriptions and response validations to make the question more specific. This video will cover: 

  • Adding & editing questions

  • Images

  • Email collection setting

  • Duplicate & trash

  • Required

  • Description

  • Response validation

All Things Questions Part 1: Adding & Editing Questions

Learn how to differentiate and use the various types of questions available in Forms. This video will cover: 

  • Short answer & paragraph

  • Multiple choice, checkbox & dropdown

  • File upload

  • Linear scale, multiple choice grid & checkbox grid

  • Date & time

All Things Questions Part 2: Question Types

Learn how to better control how your respondents interact with the form by adding sections. With this, you can direct your respondents to specific questions based on their previous answer choices.


Learn how to change your form's appearance to cater it towards what your form addresses. This video will cover:

  • Headers

  • Theme color

  • Background color

  • Font styles

Themes & Fonts

Learn how to convert an ordinary form into a quiz/ assessment. Google Forms can help you automatically grade and give feedback on answers. This video will cover: 

  • How to change form into a quiz

  • Quiz settings

  • Point system

  • Answer key

  • Answer Feedback

Transforming Forms Into Quizzes

Learn about the different settings that Google Forms offers. This video will cover:

  • Collect email addresses, response receipts & limit to 1 response

  • Edit after response

  • Progress bar

  • Submit another response

  • Custom confirmation message


All forms need an audience/ respondents. Learn how to preview your form to ensure that everything is formatted perfectly for the sendoff. Learn how to distribute and share your form with others. This video will cover:

  • Preview

  • Distributing via email, link & HTML

  • Posting on Facebook & Twitter

  • Sharing with others

Preview, Sending & Sharing

Learn how to view, understand, and control the responses from your form. This video will cover:

  • Response tab

  • Summary vs Question vs Individual

  • Opening up responses in Google Sheets

  • Pausing responses

Collecting & Analyzing Responds
Google Forms Quiz
5 questions
+ Conclusion to Google Drive Mastery Course
4 lectures 04:52
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