The COMPLETE Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Blueprint!
3.4 (110 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,388 students enrolled

The COMPLETE Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Blueprint!

Includes a free growth hacking digital marketing sales funnel for increasing your ROI.
3.4 (110 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,388 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Earn a Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Have a complete bird's eye view on how all the digital marketing pieces fit together.
  • Know the hidden secrets digital marketing consultants use to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees.
  • Substantially increase business earnings.
  • Drive customers into their business and increase "per customer profit" considerably.
  • Implement the "magic strategy" for amazing business success.
  • Convert prospects into customers by driving them through a sales funnel for the highest earnings.
  • Increase cold traffic leads many times over.
  • Beat the competition.
  • Implement strategies - the super secret way.
  • Convert dormant prospects and customers into brand evangelists.
  • Apply the secrets of the invisible sale to their own organizations.
  • Implement their digital marketing in-house to save costs.
  • Increase Customer Value Optimization with this amazing strategy.
  • Implement traffic "temperatures" on their marketing efforts and see first-hand what no-one has realized about the impact on their business.
  • Implement changes to their current digital marketing efforts that will generate leads and sales
  • No prior digital marketing or technical knowledge is needed.
  • Any computer and internet access.

NOTE:  The original name of this course was "Digital Marketing 4117% ROI - Sales Funnel Included ($1000)"  Due to Udemy's new rules, the titled was changed to "The COMPLETE Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Blueprint!"


If you want to learn how to make an automated sales funnel and see how to get traffic to any website you have using Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and YouTube advertising, you might love this course!

You might enjoy seeing how the funnels I made have generated as high As 4,117.4% Return on Investment (ROI)and $16.87 EPC (Earnings per Click). This might motivate you to make your own offer or give you ideas on how to update your existing one! Naturally, having a website to send people to is just the first step. Getting visitors to arrive and take action is the second crucial step to getting a return. See how to make that happen using paid advertising on the top 3 websites in the world: Google, Facebook, and YouTube!

With this course being created in October 2015 and getting a huge update in March 2016, you can count on the information to be useful for you today! Take this course now to get lifetime access and answers to your questions!

The goal of this course is to give you a bird's eye view of digital marketing and how all the pieces fit together. The goal is not to tell you "do this", or "do that." The goal is to help you think through the different ways you can apply these techniques in real life. In order to do that, you must first understand the basics.

+++The intent of this course is to help you see the why, the what and the how of digital marketing before diving into the nitty gritty of building marketing campaigns.+++

I have earned the “National Leadership Award," “2,000 Notable American Women," “National Dean's List Award of Merit" and “The National Leadership Honorary Co-Chairman Award". In addition, I was nominated "Forbes 30 Women to Follow on Twitter" and "100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter". I am also a Member of "Forbes' Insights Advisory Panel."

Have you heard of my "Digital Marketing Secrets"?

I've been making an amazing amount for my clients each month, since I started in digital marketing over a decade ago…yup, even before the word “cloud" existed as it relates to the internet.

For approximately 18 years I managed and operated my own eBusiness. The first ten as a brick-and-mortar and the last eight, as a fully cloud based online business. Before selling it, this eBusiness was my real-working lab where I tested and applied all my strategic business theories. All my knowledge and experience now gets applied to Growth Hacking.... and those that worked are now revealed here for the very first time.

So, I know these strategies work - all my results are shown in my Lectures below!

Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to understand - and can give you instant returns.

Nothing is kept secret - I reveal all I know ... and as I test even more things, those that are successful are added to the course - at no extra cost to you! This is a course that will continue to grow and grow.

As well as the Udemy 30 day guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be wowed and delighted by what you'll learn in the next 3 to 4 hours ... and you'll be kicking yourself if you already have a business and have been missing out on incredible potential earnings from these marketing strategies.

What does this course NOT include?

I do not go into nitty-gritty detail on the tactical implementation of making your own landing page, website, or sales funnel. You must be able to choose from the skills you have to make your own compelling offer. I present you with digital marketing strategies in a holistic way and show you what worked for me. This will help you see all the moving parts of this complex industry and how all the pieces fit together. It will hopefully also help you structure your business to maximize your marketing spending dollar and turn them into more repeat sales. You will not be able to simply copy and paste my offers. You DO get a full technical hands on walk through for how to get traffic to your website using Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and YouTube advertising!

Here are a few quotes from reviews people have already shared on this course that might help you decide if you want to give it a try!

  • "She makes complex concepts seem so simple."
  • "Your course has been incredibly helpful in gaining a much better understanding of how to go about promoting my business in a way that is highly effective."
  • "Great, thorough, and well-structured course!"
  • "If you are after an actionable how to guide this is your course. It even includes valuable resources to get you up and going easily with no fuss."
  • "Do you know what a "sales funnel" is? If not - you should take this course immediately and get the step by step guide to more customers, more buyers - and more profit!"
  • "Extremely informative giving me deeper understanding about the importance of market validation, the different types of funnels and how a marketer should promote its campaigns."
  • "Amazing course! I've recently graduated in Management and I'm looking to specialize myself in digital marketing. I am following a lot of courses on Udemy and this one is the best I have taken so far!"
  • "I bought your course (Digital Marketing - 4117% ROI) yesterday night and could not put it down (even though it was midnight)."
  • "I really enjoyed this course. She covered a lot of material and I am going to watch the entire course several times to make sure I fully understand the concepts so I can implement them into my own marketing efforts."
  • "I highly recommend this course to anyone with a product or service to sell and is new to digital marketing."
  • "Great course for any business owner, young or old, from anywhere in the world, who wants to increase business profits and wants to understand how digital marketing works."
  • "Course was simple and to the point, with good examples."
  • "This course explained everything I have been trying to figure out for myself for the past few years and how to automate it."

Thank you very much for reading this! You have made it to the bottom here and I am guessing that is a good sign you will enjoy more in the course! The best part is that when you enroll, you are confirming what I am sharing with you works and committing to receiving the same opportunity for yourself!

Who this course is for:
  • Any business owner, young or old, from anywhere in the world, who wants to increase business profits
  • Any business owner sick and tired of trying different marketing channels and not seeing results.
  • Anyone who wants to start a business...and wants to understand how digital marketing works.
  • Anyone who wants to "holistically" understand Digital Marketing. Not the nitty-gritty, but the strategy behind it.
  • Anyone who wants to start a business...and wants to understand how digital marketing impacts future profits and growth.
  • Anyone who wants to very quickly improve an existing business.
  • No prior digital marketing or technical knowledge is needed.
Course content
Expand all 46 lectures 04:23:14
+ See My Results - And Get Straight In!
4 lectures 16:53

In this lesson, I show in detail the 4117% ROI case study as proof of my results. (Please turn on "Captions", if you are having a hard time understanding my accent. Same applies to ALL lessons)

Preview 05:57

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Udemy's New Review System
Do This First
+ Important Background
3 lectures 02:27
As a business owner, embracing this “Secret Word” will have a huge impact on how you transition your business into digital marketing. Not embracing it is a sure path to failure.
Here Is The Secret Word You Must Embrace First!

This PDF is a terminology introduction for you to download. It will help you understand any new words you may not be familiar with as we progress in the course!

Terminology A-Z
2 pages
Terminology Quiz
7 questions
This PDF is a self assessment for you to download to see where you’re at before we get into the course. Review this document at least once a year to see how far you’ve come!
[Activity] Before We Get Started A Marketing Self-Assessment
2 pages
+ The 3 Magic Ingredients of Digital Marketing!
3 lectures 12:46
Probably the MOST important part of any marketing campaign. Get this wrong and no matter how much money you spend later, it won’t necessarily make your campaign successful.
First Magic Ingredient Revealed Here
Second MOST important. If there is ONE thing you should learn from this entire course…this is it!
Second Magic Ingredient Revealed Here

If you want to take your business to the next level, you can’t miss this. This is probably the key to profitable business growth.

Preview 03:28

Let's quickly revise the 3 ingredients that are needed for a succssful marketing campaign.

Magic Ingredients Quiz
5 questions
+ Data Engineer Your Way To Success
4 lectures 25:41

In this lecture we'll go over a very important part of the digital marketing process -- the Market Research! Before you start any marketing campaign, you want to make sure you understand who your competition is, what’s important to them. Who your target market is and what they want.

Market Research - Your Secret Weapon
In this lecture we'll go over a CRITICAL part of the digital marketing process – the Market Validation. Why did your previous campaign fail? Probably it is because you did not validate your idea. Here, I show you how to do it.

Market Validation - Does Anyone Want Your Offer?
In this lecture we'll go over why analytics is important. I show a live example of a current client and what to look for in order to maximize your marketing dollars based on real-time data.
Analytics - Turn Insights Into Action
A worksheet to get you started researching your competition and target market.
[Exercise] Download Your Worksheets
+ Funnel Your Way to Business Profits
5 lectures 20:53
A brief introduction about what this section covers.
Automated Funnels - Introduction

In this lecture we will discuss the types of funnels. What they are, what their purpose is. The different business models and when to use them.

Types of Funnels - The Fastest Way To Your Customer's Pocket
In this lecture I will explain the difference between a funnel that is meant just to get leads and a funnel that is meant to convert prospects into customers. This is a huge decision to be made because it will make a big impact on how a business sets up its marketing team and marketing department.
Generating Leads vs. Generating Customers - Secrets Revealed!

In this lecture we will dive deep into the case study. What and why it was successful.In other words, we go into the machine itself. The silent back-end that does all the work but no one knows it exists. This section is key to turning your business from a nice little business to a money making machine.

Automation - How to Sell Your Customers, Over & Over Again!

A worksheet to get you started designing the products or services you will include in your funnel

[Exercise] Download Your Worksheet
+ Traffic - The Most Misunderstood Subject Explained
5 lectures 19:17

A brief introduction about what this section covers.

Driving Traffic - Introduction
In this lesson we will discuss probably the best kept secret of the big players in marketing. Many people think that marketing is all about buying traffic or SEO. Even though there is some truth to that, it’s not the complete truth. If it was that simple, then so many marketing campaigns would not fail.
Astonishingly, Almost No-One Does This

In this lesson we expand from the previous one and see the different traffic categories. It is important to understand both, the temperatures and types so you can understand how by matching them correctly, you can maximize your marketing dollars.

Understanding This Is Critical - See Why!

In this lesson we match the traffic temperatures with the traffic channels. After you are done with this lesson, you will probably realize why your campaigns are not converting well.

What To Use, When - The Money-Making Super Effective Way

Instructions on how to get started with FB custom audiences

Download Your Custom Audience Instructions
+ Using Google AdWords to Get High Quality Traffic at Scale.
12 lectures 01:19:59
What is possible with Google AdWords based on my experience?
Selecting a product that rewards you with higher organic placement.
Choosing an offer with high traffic low competition keywords helps.
How to create a new Google AdWords search network campaign.
How to create the first ad group and ad in a Google AdWords search campaign.
How to affiliate third party tracking and affiliate links to Google ads.
Adding conversion tracking is essential to measure success in Google AdWords.
24 hours later I check initial results, pause keywords, and make more ads.
How to use sitelinks in Google AdWords to increase #1 position CTR.
How I take one Google search ad and turn it into 33 ads quickly.
Reviewing the results 24 hours later and making a plan to scale.
How to scale a Google AdWords campaign from one country to a global audience.
+ Using Google AdWords for Video to Build Organic Traffic on YouTube.
3 lectures 38:45
YouTube is the best organic traffic source I have discovered so far.
YouTube advertising tutorial using Google AdWords for video.
How to quickly copy a campaign for sales into $0.01 views globally.
+ Making Facebook Ads for Branding, Sharing, and Sales.
4 lectures 41:10
What type of ad works best to get traffic and sales on Facebook?
How to make the initial page post engagement ad quickly using remarketing.
How to copy ad sets in the Facebook ads manager for split targeting audiences.
Using the power editor to make a lot of ad sets fast from existing ad sets.
+ Q&A's
1 lecture 01:07
How much should I budget for marketing?