The complete betting roulette course 2020 + Free APP español
2.8 (23 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,584 students enrolled

The complete betting roulette course 2020 + Free APP español

Free app to beat roulette, Easy betting, Roulette strategies, Psychology of gambling and Maths: Everything is included!
2.8 (23 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,584 students enrolled
Created by Improve Your Bet
Last updated 7/2020
English, Spanish
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This course includes
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  • 2 articles
  • 68 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Learn from real examples. Watch me betting real money in a real casino.
  • Learn how to recover your money after a devastating money loss
  • The course main purpose is to increment the chances to obtain profit.
  • With this course, your balance will have positive profits.
  • You will understand the physiology behind the casinos, by taking advantage of it, you will get better results at casinos.
  • Learn to use basic, medium and advanced Maths to beat roulette. (You don't need to calculate anything)
  • Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the basics and gradually build up your knowledge. Everything is in the course.
  • You will need internet connection and a web browser (mobile or desktop).
  • All resources, programs, apps and tables needed are part of the course. You just have to pay attention and be patient.
  • Learn by reproducing the same techniques that I use.

Subtitulos en ESPAÑOL disponibles

When was the last time that you obtain profits from the casino roulette at least for three of four consecutive times?

Long time ago, I used to bet randomly, I used to put the money on the table, cross my finger and wait to win. Of course, most of the time I failed. Then I started to buy books, videos and tutorials, but nothing changed. Finally, I studied the mathematics of the roulette and I learned a lot useful things. I also studied some basic but important aspects of psychology of gambling to understand how casinos manipulate people in order to get their money easily. Now I apply all that knowledge and my profits have been considerable incremented.

The main problem I had, was that I always wanted to recover my money after losing a bet. I was betting, and betting over and over again instead of going home and return other day. The secret of a successful bet at roulette is stop betting randomly. By calculating the probabilities of the roulette numbers, the uncertainty of a bet is considerable decreased and at the same time profits are incremented. If you are not able to compute the probabilities of the roulette in each spin, you are doomed to fail over and over again.

Originally, I developed an app for me. That app computes automatically all the probabilities of the roulette, increases the probabilities to win, helps to design a bet strategy, and it is completely customizable. All the calculations are based on the probability theory, in the same way that professionals obtain profits. This app comes free with the course.

With this app I could recover all the money I have lost in the casino. It really worked for me; it can work for anyone. The trick is to stay at the casino the less time you can. You win, you leave the casino. For each extra minute you stay in the casino, the probabilities of lose your profits could be considerable increased. Specially if you don't have enough self-control.

This course can be taken by any person. No specific math knowledge is require. All you need is internet connection and a web browser. I will teach you how to compute all the probabilities in a roulette. This helps you to easily take decisions during a betting session. With this course and the app you will know about repeated numbers, delay in specific kind of numbers and the probabilities for last roulette numbers. You will be able to see everything in a graphic which presents the behavior of the roulette.

This is not a miracle course. No one can predict the future or know which would be the next roulette number. However, computing the probabilities clearly increases the chances of winning. By computing probabilities you can't lose, can you? Yes, you can! Anything can happen in the real world. The course main purpose is to increment the chances to obtain profits, not to magical predict numbers.

I'm sure there are a lot of courses that promise 100% of number predictions. To obtain profits the most important thing is to correctly manage your money when you are betting. With this course sometimes you may lose other you may win, but the balance will have positive profits.

The course provides all the tools needed to compute probabilities in roulette, betting systems, betting strategies, monitoring numbers and complete information about the roulette. With all this you can pick up the more suitable winner numbers.

If anyway you are going to bet, it would be better to do it with acknowledge and advantage. If roulette  data is analyzed, the success is guaranteed.

Think twice, bet once, win a lot of money.

P.S. Roulette betting is easier with this course, you can monitor the roulette behavior, know all the probabilities, and customize your bets. Enroll now and increase your profits.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone age 18+
  • Anyone who wants to increase their chances of winning at roulette.
  • Anyone interested on betting systems, betting strategies, monitoring numbers and complete information about the roulette.
  • Anyone interested on knowing the probabilities in roulette at any moment.
  • Anyone interested on psycology of gambling, maths of roulette and how to beat casinos.
Course content
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+ Welcome!
1 lecture 00:52

Please notice that the original course content order was:

  1. Psychology of gambling

  2. Mathematics

  3. Important topics

  4. Double your money

  5. Go big.

However, we have noticed that students prefer to go directly to the roulette strategy, for that reason, we have re-ordered the course.

  • If you want to study all topics in original order (recommended), please follow the previous list.

  • If you only want to know the roulette strategy, please follow the new order, just as is presented now.

Enjoy the course and do not forget to give feedback and a good review.

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+ Double your money (Learn to Bet)
20 lectures 31:00
User and password to access the the APP
Betting session I: From 2€ to 2.40€
Betting session II: When not to bet (Example 1)
Betting session IV: When not to bet (Example 2)
Betting session V: From 3.20€ to 3.60
Betting session VI: From 3.60€ to 4.10€
Betting session VII: When not to bet (example 3)
Betting session VIII: Losing the bet
Betting session IX: Lets recover our money
Betting session X: Up To 3.90€
Betting session XI: We have recover our money!!!
Betting session XII: We have recover our money 2
Betting session XIII: When not to bet (Example 4)
Betting session XIV: We have doubled our money 1
Betting session XV: We have doubled our money 2
+ Very very important topics
6 lectures 11:49

In a short time online casinos have won thousands of fans worldwide. The virtual gambling is cheap, more accessible and faster than in-player games in land-based casinos. On the other hand, to many players who have got used to interiors of real casinos virtual games don`t look so captivating and atmospheric. But progress never stops, and computer graphics surpassed reality a long time ago...-

How do online casinos cheat players?
How can I be successful in betting? Top ten tips for everyone. Part II
Prepare your bet and beat the casino
How to rebuild a bankroll after a devastating loss
The croupier is not your friend
+ Let's go big!!!
13 lectures 24:17
Go big: Introduction
Go big: When not to bet (Example 1)
Go big: When not to bet (Example 2)
Go big: Let's continue winning
Go big: Three examples of when not to bet Part II
Go big: Three examples of when not to bet Part III
Go big: Little by little
Go big: The end Part I
Go big: The end Part II
Go as big as you want!!!
+ Roulette mathematics (Easy and Fast)
15 lectures 20:48
Introduction to Roulette and basic probability
Basic probability Part II
Complex Bets
Improved Bets Part I
Improved Bets Part II
Improved Bets Part III
Improved Bets Part IV
Does delay exist in roulette? Part I
Does delay exist in roulette? Part II
Does delay exist in roulette? Part III
Delay of internal bets
Delay of dozen bet
Delay of a line
Repeated Bets
Special Bets
+ Psychology of gambling
8 lectures 09:14
  • Our brain is lazy. 
  • Instead of computing the real probability of any event, our brain simplifies the information and creates its own illusion about the final result of a bet.
  • In the best case, conclusions can be wrong, in the worst scenery conclusions are absurd. 
  • The brain always tries to forget when you lose.
  • It always tries to remember when you win.
  • To the brain, the winning memories are interpreted as the most probable, but they are NOT!!!
Introduction - Availability
  • The probability of an event is “computed” based on similar results.
  • Try to use those lucky numbers that appeared yesterday. 
  • People believe that random events have an auto-correction factor.
  • When in the roulette a number have not appeared in a lot of time.
Representativeness - Gambler's fallacy
  • Think that the chosen strategy is unbeatable.
  • When the strategy or the method used fails, a gambler blames himself.
  • You will never find an unbeatable strategy. 
  • Almost winning illusion.
  • Almost winning in roulette wheel.
  • Almost winning in roulette table.
Problem structure - Ratification
  • People always talk about the money they have earned, but never talk about the money they have lose.
  • They are looking for an strategy that works in each individual situation.
  • It is difficult to adapt the strategy to each situation.
Absolute frequency - Concrete information
  • Believe in lucky numbers.
  • Illusory results.
  • Believe that all predictions, forecast and picks for numbers are true.
Magic thinking - Process inconsistency
  • Any gambler can compute a single probability (red/black 48.65%)
  • Very difficult to compute the probability of red or black after 100 roulette spins.
  • Do the same bet over and over again.
Nonlinear extrapolation - Confidence in habits
  • Roulette is design to create the illusion of control.
  • Decisions taken during the game create the illusion of control over the results.
  • Gamblers attribute the successes to their own abilities and their failures to external factors.
Control illusion - Flexible allocation
  • Chance: is the lack of knowledge about the cause of an event.
  • Luck: The cause is affected in a personal way.
  • Bad predictions are considered as wrong results.
  • Loses are not interpreted as refutation of the predictive model. 
Difference between chance and luck - Retrospective bias