The Complete Affinity Designer for iPad Course
4.5 (575 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
9,117 students enrolled

The Complete Affinity Designer for iPad Course

Start Creating & Designing on Your iPad with Affinity Designer: Go from Zero to Hero with this Complete Design Course.
4.5 (575 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
9,117 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2019
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This course includes
  • 9 hours on-demand video
  • 33 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Take a complete piece of art from concept to finished export in Affinity Designer
  • Create beautiful custom brushes for use in their own art
  • Learn professional workflow techniques to maximize the work you do
  • Create and sketch organically without having to open a laptop or be tethered to the desktop
  • Create seamless textures using symbols and professional technique
  • Create assets for use in mutliple applications, such as brushes and textures
  • Be able to apply complex concepts like blend modes, masking layers and color theory
  • Build a solid foundational portfolio by the end of the course
  • No basic knowledge is needed, we assume you have JUST opened up the program and are ready to begin the journey , this course is for absolute beginners as well as people familiar with the Affinity Program
  • An ipad with Affinity Designer open and ready to rock
  • An apple pencil is can do everything with your finger (hopefully you have at least one of those)

Do you want to learn how to design graphics on your iPad?

Affinity Designer is the perfect iPad app for designers like you, and this is the only course you'll need to master Affinity Designer.

THE BIGGEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE Affinity Designer course for the iPad in the market today.

In this course we teach you the most desired techniques to take you from knowing the tools to creating professional styles used in industry today.

What You Will Learn:

  • Basics of using the Affinity Designer App

  • Design skills using shapes, lines, colors, and text

  • Create seamless textures

  • Advanced neon glow techniques

  • Design your own emoji icons

  • Vector based art pinstriping

  • Create exportable vector and raster brushes

  • Create professional pallets for use with documents

  • And so much more!

Get Immediate Access to:

  • Over 80 lessons and 9 hours of content

  • Practice downloads with every lesson

  • Technical + challenged-based lessons to truly grasp new skills

  • Premium support from the instructor whenever you need help

  • Lifetime access with course updates

Why 7th Season Studios and Video School Online?

With several thousand students in the Affinity Designer space we know how to teach digital art, and with a 4.5-star average rating, we aim to be the best at what we do.

Other programs can teach the material but when it comes to the actual application and depth of our knowledge…..we have more satisfied students than any other.

We teach under 1 principle....“EDUCATION through CREATION”, so while there are technical lessons that must be taught, we have actual projects you will complete to kick start your portfolio. At the end of the course you will:

  • Have 5 completed projects through concept to creation for your portfolio

  • Have 2 complete brush sets ( vector and raster ”ready for sale”)

  • You will know how to complete different styles of art, including pin-striping, neon lights and fine pixel art

  • You will have access to a community of people that are taking the same course

  • You will be able to master professional workflows through the application of challenge projects

So if you are interested in taking your skills to the next level in the shortest time possible hit that enroll button...

Go from “WISH I COULD” into “NOW I CAN!”

Who this course is for:
  • Creatives new to the digtial art space and looking for an organic way to create on ipad
  • Anyone looking for an awesome alternative to Adobe photoshop and illustrator
  • Digital artists familiar with the desktop interface and excited that the ipad version finally came out
  • Anyone looking to break into the digital world and create T-shirts, graphics, fine art or anything else using the ipad
  • Location independent nomads who like to create from obscure know who you are
Course content
Expand all 82 lectures 09:03:28
+ Introduction
12 lectures 01:03:42

Just a simple introduction to the course

  • How the course is structured

  • The roadmap to teaching digital art

Preview 02:17
  • Know how to open a document from the home screen

  • Know how and when to use vector art vs. pixel based art

  • Explain how the personas are different from one another

Preview 07:01
  • Explain How a shapes is different from a line

  • Know where to g to get help inside and outside the Affinity program

  • Assign a color to both the stroke and the fill of a shape

Preview 06:38

A short tour of the interface so you know where the major areas are moving forward

  • Learn how the major pieces of the interface are represented

  • Develop common terminology

Basics of the Affinity Interface
  • Understand how layers are fundamental to digital art

  • Know how to locate the layers studio panel

  • Confidently add, subtract and adjust layers

  • Learn how to NEST a layer and what that means

Basics of Layers in Affinity Designer for ipad
  • If you get bogged down in the technical lessons we teach you here how to increase the speed of the audio  to 2x , thus increasing your consumption...this has helped many students

How to utilize the course to get more out of it

Just a simple video showing the 4 gestures you nee to get started in Affinity Designer

Gestures in Affinity Designer for ipad-Volume 1
  • Learn how to apply the techniques taught so far

  • learn how to nest objects inside of each other

  • Apply a basic effect to a shape

Making the Smiley face part 1
  • Learn how to highlight and shade using the pencil tool

  • Explore the pencil tool and be able to trace out a basic shape

  • Utilize a pixel layer for shading

  • Make basic brush adjustments in the pixel persona

Making the Smiley face part 2
  • Learn how to save a file

  • know how to export a file with an opaque and transparent background

  • Utilize the 3 step method to create shaded vector art

Making the Smiley face part 3 - Completing

In this lecture we introduce you to exporting....or sending the completed artwork out of  Designer , at the end you will:

  • Know and apply the 2 most common formats for exporting work

  • Be able to save affinity files in dropbox

  • Know how to take a screenshot using your ipad

Saving and Exporting and screenshots in Affinity Designer for ipad

Dropbox is a lifesaver and the primary way NON Mac users interface with the we cover it early so you can move all this great work over, included here you will

  • Move files from your affinity software into dropbox

  • Know how to create a new folder and rename destination in dropbox

Using dropbox as an interface for Affinity Designer
+ Basics of shapes in Affinity Designer for ipad
15 lectures 01:35:22

In this lesson we delve deep into shapes and during this journey you will :

  • Learn how to locate , choose and adjust shapes

  • learn how to define stroke width AND color

  • Learn how to adjust the color using the HSL color wheel

Applying Fill and Stroke to shapes

Following the introduction to shapes we cover many aspects of using the FILL tool , during this we will

  • learn how to use the gradient tool to set gradient fills

  • learn how to set radial, linear and conical gradients

  • learn how to adjust the colors in a simple gradient

Filling a shape with the gradient tool

In this lesson we

  • Learn where the transparency tool is

  • Learn how to apply transparency to a shape

  • learn how to adjust transparency on a layer

Adding transparency to a shape with the transparency tool

As you progress in skill the lessons will become shorter, and the custom ways we deal with shapes will become more complex...following this lecture

  • How to adjust the size of shapes

  • How to create a shape around the center,

  • How to adjust around NOT center

  • When to flip and mirror shapes sing the transform tool

Adjusting the size, and rotation of shapes

Following up on our simple box build we take an image and group it ........completing a very simple geometric pattern, but along the way we

  • Learn how to group like objects to make pattern

  • learn how to duplicate shapes and groups to make patterns to cut down on time

Grouping and duplicating shapes

Just a quick explanation on how challenges work in the course...and why they matter

How Challenges work in the course
In this challenge we make a simple southwestern inspired turtle out of basic shapes , utilizing everything we learned so far about shapes. it is not essential yours look like a matter of fact since it is a challenge....yours should not look like mine. have fun and create
Make a Southwestern inspired turtle out of shapes
1 question
  • Learn how to align and distribute shapes automatically

  • learn how to choose alignment based on order selected

  • Learn how to be precise in placing the distribution of the shapes

Aligning and distributing shapes in AD for ipad
  • Learn how to customize your snapping preferences for shapes

  • Learn how to adjust your presets for snapping

  • Learn how to turn the grid on and off

Snapping - What is it and how to use it

In this lecture we

  • Learn what an operation is and how to create some really cool shapes with it

  • Learn how to anticipate what each operation does

Creating complex shapes using Operations
In this lecture we take all of the shape techniques and create a complex curve out of simple primitive shapes
Building cross cannons
1 question
  • Learn how to use power duplicate to speed up the workflow

  • learn how to use expressions in your work

  • Know how to control size , shape and behavior using expressions

Power duplication and expressions
  • Learn how to use symbols to improve your workflow

  • learn how to create, modify and remove them

  • know when and where a symbol is appropriate to use

Using the symbols panel with shapes
  • Learn how to find and adjust grids

  • Learn how to set a grid for size and discrimination

  • Learn how to change the color to match the job

  • Learn how to use Affinity Designer to set up a seamless pattern template you can use over and over

Making a template for a seamless pattern 4x4

In this lecture we take the template used in a prior lesson in making a seamless Plaid pattern

Making a seamless Plaid pattern
  • Learn how to use various shapes to create a modern seamless pattern

  • Utilize gradients in various shapes

Making a seamless modern pattern
+ Lines and Curves
14 lectures 01:21:16
  • Learn the basics of curves and lines in Vector art

  • Learn to add and subtract nodes

  • Know how to adjust the handle son the curve for modification

Introduction to nodes part 1-What are they
  • Understand how you can make any shape from the types of nodes and the number of nodes

  • Add and subtract nodes

  • Force the shape you create to be any other shape you can imagine

Introduction to Nodes part 2- Adding and Deleting them
  • Know how to create a shape from multiple shapes

  • Know how to reverse the direction of a stroke

  • Confidently diagnose what happens when  you merge 2 shapes

Introduction to Nodes part 3- Breaking and joining
  • Know how to set a custom line profile

  • Understand how to use line width to tell the story you want the viewer to see

Line weight and art

Apply the concepts learned to an actual real life project by making a Pinstripe style design using vector art and line width

Pinstripe project lesson 1
  • Apply the concepts learned to a real project

  • Learn that symbols exist and how to use them to create symmetry

Pinstripe project lesson 2 -Applying symmetry and finishing
Just drop the jpeg or screenshot of ur pinstripe in the screen following
Homework drop for Pinstripe project
1 question
  • Know how to start and stop a new linie

  • Know how to create both curved and straight lines using the pen tool

  • Know how to create crisp corners using the pen tool

Basics of the Pen tool
Make a simple vector flower using the pen tool and shapes
Vector Flower challenge
1 question
  • Know what a vector brush is and how to find them

  • Learn how to adjust existing brushes and describe the variables

  • Know how to create a category , copy a brush and rename an existing brush

  • Execute the correct order of operations to use the vector brush

  • Create a new basic brush

Basics of vector brushes
  • Know how image brushes and intensity brushes are different

  • Know how to set up backgrounds properly for each type

  • Demonstrate how to show the differences between the types of brushes

Basics of Image brushes and intensity brushes in vector
  • Know how to assemble an image brush

  • know how to properly export an image brush

  • Know how to properly use an image brush

How to make an image brush
  • Know how to set up a canvas to make an intensity brush

  • Know how to use brushes to create brushes

  • Know how to properly export an intensity brush

Making an intensity brush
Make a 5 brush set themed any way you want and then use them to make a piece of art
Vector Brush Challenge
1 question
  • Learn how to import and export brush sets to share with other designers

Importing and exporting brush categories

In this lesson we show you how to make vector brushes . png files from physical brush strokes made with traditional materials

Bonus Lecture- Making Vector brushes from physical brush strokes

In this lecture we take the .png file we made previously and adjust it to create  an ink style vector brush

Making the actual ink brush from scanned images in Affinity Designer
+ Color and artistic elements in Vector art
17 lectures 01:42:08
  • Learn how to identify the difference between CMYK and RGB

  • Identify the fundamentals of HSL

  • learn how to toggle between these modes in Affinity

  • Learn how to perfectly match color using these codes

  • Identify 3 resources to help you match color

Basics of color and free resources
  • Know how to selectively grab any color you want from an existing image

  • Learn how to select varying color ranges

  • Know why sometimes the selection process does not work

The color picker tool
  • Know how to create and rename a pallet in the ipad version

  • Know the difference between a document and an application pallet 

  • Know how to get your document pallet to travel with the image

Color Pallet Management
  • Know what a mask layer is

  • Know how to use "black conceals/ white reveals" to work with mask layers  tively through the use of mask layers

Mask Layers
  • Know what a clipping mask is

  • Know how to use non-symmetrical shapes like drawn objects as clipping masks

  • Solidify how to read the nesting of shapes

Clipping masks
  • Learn how to use gradient layers and transparency as clipping masks to create different gradients

Gradient and Transparency Masks
  • Apply the techniques of masking and color learned in the course to create a basic sky background for a scene

Building the balloon-Step 1
  • Learn  how to Grayscale an image to get ultimate flexibility with color

  • Learn professional workflow technique for rendering and blend mode assignment

Building the balloon-Step 2, actually making the balloon
  • Learn how to group images for maximum speed and apply the technique used in the course so far in an actual illustration

Building the balloon -Step 3 Finishing and detail
  • Know where to find and  how to apply adjustment layers to add artistic touches to your shapes and vector art

  • Know how to find the adjustments present in each layer type

Adjustment Layers
  • Learn what a blend mode is and what it is doing

  • Choose the most common blend modes for common tasks

  • Be able to guess at what a proposed bend mode will do

Blend Modes
  • Learn how to apply and adjust the mot commonly used effects

  • Know how to utilize the effect to create sense of depth in an image

  • Know how to manage styles similar to the pallet and brush management

  • Learn how to set and remove a style

  • Explain how a style can speed your workflow and be shared across devices

Styles Panel

Confidently make a non intensity brush fr use in an actual project using what you learned

Neon project 1 Making the brush
  • Learn how create simple shapes using the pen tool and neon brush you created

Neon project 2 Making the design
  • Learn how to apply blend modes and duplication features to create intense glow and a sft haze from the neon

Neon project 3 Adding the glow
  • learn how to align the composition through the use of reflected light to make it look natural and well constructed

Neon project 4 Integration
+ Pixel art in Affinity Designer
17 lectures 01:46:06
  • Know how the pixel person differs from the draw persona

  • Know some of the different tools available in the pixel persona

Introduction to the Pixel Persona Interface
  • Learn how to add and subtract from a selection

  • Learn the 3 step process to making a successful selection

  • Know how to adjust and refine your selection

Selection part 1- selection brush
  • Know how to set contiguous and non-contiguous selection

  • Know how to adjust sensitivity of the selection

  • Identify when to use a flood fill based selection

Selection part2-flood fill selection tools
  • Know what the refinement tools are for selection

  • Know when to use the feather and expand tool

  • Understand the process of selection

Selection part 3-refining selection
A simple selecton challenge using a photo to apply what you have learned in the section
Selection Challenge
1 question
  • Know how to make and manage a category of brushes

  • Learn how a brush differs in pixel persona from the previous identified vector style brushes

  • Locate the major categories in a pixel brush

Pixel brushes - Basics and management
  • Know how to adjust and fully customize brushes

  • Define terms like "Accumulation" and "Hardness"

  • Modify existing brushes with confidence

  • Create new brushes for your art

Adjusting Pixel Brushes
  • Create and adjust basic round and square brushes in Affinity Designer

  • Use the adjustments to create a dynamic brush that changes colors

Making a basic round and square brush
  • Know how to use aa standard brush template to create a soft bokeh brush in Affinity Designer

  • Learn how to set scatter and adjustment in both the X and Y categories

Making a bokeh brush
Make a personal set fo 5 brushes using what you know and get them exported
Make a 5 brush set for export
1 question
  • Learn to build  basic flame brush

  • Create a custom luminance texture

  • Set an appropriate blend mode for flame brushes

making a flame brush

  • Create a custom texture brush for use with Designer

  • Identify the difference between nozzle and texture when it comes to brushes

Making a texture brush
  • Make a custom smoke brush in Affinity Designer

  • Set appropriate blend modes to create the smoke effect

Making a smoke brush

Utilize the strength and context options of the smudge tool in Designer

Smudging blurring and sharpening
  • Set up a project combining vector and pixel art

  • Apply the texturing and shading from the brushes utilized earlier

The Candle Project - Setting up the project
  • Create a flame using blend modes and brushes made earlier

  • Create a wick and sculpt the flame to create the light

The candle Project - Creating the flame
  • Create a 2 layer smoke using the brush made earlier

  • Randomize and smudge to achieve the look you are going for

The candle project-Adding the smoke
  • Create a reflected light surface on the back wall

  • Cast light onto the candle to give a sense of realism

The candle Project- Background and lighting

Know how to import and export brushes in the pixel persona

Importing and Exporting Pixel Brushes
+ Working with text and exporting
7 lectures 40:08
  • Know what a guide is and how to place them precisely

  • Know  what an artboard is and how to create a new one of a specific size

  • Know how to manage artboards including modification and removal

Working with guides and artboards
  • Learn how to use the character panel to set up text on an image

  • Know how to find various ways to adjust test in an image

  • Resize and apply effects to text

Working with the artistic text tool
  • Learn how to create and control text boxes in  Affinity designer

  • Learn how to resize or reflw the text

  • Apply text to a curve

Working with the boxed text tool and putting text on path

Apply correctly 3 methods to combine text with images in affinity designer including

  • Using test as a clipping mask

  • Creating knockout text from an existing image

  • Rasterizing the image and using high contrast selection to remove letters

Bringing images inside of text and converting text to curves
Combine an image with text t create a visually stunning piece of do not have to use mine, if you have your own images use yours....but most importantly have fun and make something you want to show off
Text and image challenge
1 question
  • Know what exporting is

  • Know the most common forms of exporting

  • Know how to choose the CORRECT format for exporting

What is exporting
The Export persona

Closing gratitude and congratulations as well as a bonus invitation to the dedicated facebook group

Bonus Lecture & Thank You