The code of life - finding Jesus in the Old Testament.

Aleph to Tav, he is seen in every Hebrew letter.
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The Hebrew language will be applied to theology and personl development.
Theology and Pastoral Care
The aim is to help others train to teach the bible.
By exploring the course they will prepare to share their faith and to help others in a pastorac care setting.


  • Just that the person is a Christian; as the information would be irrelelvant to others.
  • It helps if they are passionate about learning and are eager to share what they learn with others.


The Hebrew language is very much built on pictures.  Each letter can be found in a pictograph which has a deeper meaning.  When we look at these pictures they give us a deeper understanding of the words which are conveyed.  In the Oxen head of Aleph I find the King, in the shepherd's crook of lamed I find the shepherd and in the cowned king of Zayin, I find the king of kings crowned with thorns on the cross to redeem us.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one interested in learning from the bible.
  • New christians who wish to learn more, those who wish to prepare to teach the bible.

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God is good all the time
Carol Elliott
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Hi, my name is Carol Elliott.   I trained at The Irish Baptist College in Theology and Pastoral Care.   I have also recently studied a  course on CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I am married and my children are fully fledged adults.   I enjoy studying the bible and passing on what I learn.   I have experience working for church and for Christian media.

I hope you will enjoy the course and find helpful ideas to improve your mental health and move forward into a better life.

God bless and keep you