Learn How to Craft & Dedicate a Sacred Shamanic Frame Drum
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Learn How to Craft & Dedicate a Sacred Shamanic Frame Drum

Together we craft and dedicate your unique ceremonial shamanic medicine frame drum step-by-step with love and confidence
4.7 (36 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
277 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • How to create and craft step-by-step your unique shamanic drum with master Peruvian artisan and musician Pepe Chiriboga. Discover ceremony to deepen your connection as you craft your spirit drum with tips and guidance from Sharon and Pepe.
  • Develop ceremonies based on your own vision and intuition to restore your connection to nature and your higher self to reestablish communication between the spiritual and the physical realms.
  • The Drum beat is the first sound we hear upon our creation within the womb. When we play or hear the beating of the Drum it guides us to this sacred place, the womb of the Mother-the ultimate resting place where we connect, heal, balance and nurture our selves connecting deeply to our own heart.
  • How to awaken to the deep knowledge of working with the Sacred Healing Medicine of the Drum. Discover your own innate Shamanic Wisdom allowing you to connect to the ancient art of weaving and creating this Sacred Medicine tool.
  • The Drum is a Sacred Medicine tool created to connect us back to ourselves, the rhythm of our own heart beat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
  • Allow yourself to be chosen and guided by the hide of the Sacred Animal that has given itself for this creation so that a new life can be birthed from the old.
  • To make the frame we need pine wood, tape, rope, stick to tighten rope to frame, glue, sandpaper, long ruler, and protection for eyes.
  • To make the sacred drumstick we need a knife, scissors, candle wick, waxed thread, wiper, a piece of cloth, and a wooden stick.
  • To work the leather we need 14m of nylon rope of one eight, gloves to protect our hands, a thick punch, a pencil, tin cutting scissors
  • Additional tools needed are a sander, a drill and a table bench saw (or you can work with local carpenter to cut wood)
  • A desire to delve deeper into shamanism and how the rhythms of life can be utilised for our wellbeing
  • An interest in shamanism

Bring shamanism alive as we craft and dedicate your new frame drum. You will be guided step-by-step through the creation and spiritual aspects of making and dedicating your unique ceremonial drum.

  • Sharon offers you a certificate of attunement by request for free at the end of this course.

What others are saying about this course:

"I have been waiting for this course. Thank You. It exceeds all my expectations. The Universe and you gave us a great gift. Words cannot express the joy this course will provide all who take this course." - Elizabeth

"I love the way the drums move me. I am really glad to be able to learn how to make one or more myself!" - Tamara

What you will learn in this how-to craft and dedicate a frame drum course:

  • Step-by-step guidance to craft your own ceremonial sacred frame drum by renowned shaman and drummer and drum maker Pepe Chiriboga.

  • How to perform blessings and ceremony to guide the making of your sacred frame drum by Sharon Ramel

  • An introduction to the drum rhythm and how to work with it

  • Some historical background to enhance your relationship with your drum

  • How to do a shamanic journey with and for your sacred drum - how to work deeply with the craft and love of your drum.

Pepe and Sharon will guide you through every element of crafting your sacred frame drum with appropriate ritual and ceremony. This will enhance your connection with the wood and hide assisting you in creating and birthing your very own Medicine Drum. Your drum will empower you with each beat upon completion, and awaken you to the spirit within. This will be rocket fuel for your happiness and personal development.

We are committed to assisting you to craft the best authentic medicine drum which will carry YOUR energy and intent throughout and after the birthing process.

This is a comprehensive workshop for a small one-time fee! Remember we are with you every step of the way and answer all questions and queries promptly.

Crafting and playing a ceremonial medicine drum that you have made yourself is eminently more satisfying than playing any other. A drum of your creation will be imbued with your unique essence and will become a powerful extension of your essential self. This enhances your own ability for personal transformation with a deep sense of mindfulness. Enrol with confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Join:

  • Pepe Chiriboga, an experienced and talented Peruvian artisan and musician. He has high energy and vibrations and is motivated to share his knowledge with the world. Pepe will guide you through creating and crafting your sacred drum.

  • Sharon Ramel will weave some of the histories of the drum. Provide specific shamanic dedications to work with and expand on for your drum. You will be guided through the drum’s rhythms, and we will transcend time and space working with shamanic inspired ceremony and lore to re-establish communication between the spiritual and the physical realms. Sharon is one of Udemy's top instructors and pioneered teaching shamanism online globally.

  • Karina Melendez and Pedro Riera, under the Artesany initiative, offer artistic techniques that are not taught in the formal education; techniques related to artisan work from different regions in Latin America. Karina is the voice of Sharon in the Spanish version and Pedro the voice of Pepe in the English version.

What is inside this Craft and Dedicate a Shamanic Frame Drum course:

  1. Introduction to your instructors and the way we will work together. Gathering the materials you will need to craft your shamanic frame drum.

  2. How to make the frame - crafting strong bones. We make and offer dedication to our wooden frame

  3. How to listen to the Song of the drum - celebrating the skin and its unique spirit. It is important to honour with spirit of the animal.

  4. Discover how to work with the dream of the drum - spirit lives and breathes - adding the flesh of the drum. Soaking and celebrating how our sacred drum is coming together.

  5. How to create the essential elemental connection with your drum. Weaving the rope to see your drum emerging.

  6. Discover how to listen to the heartbeat of your drum. How to offer thanks and receive some introductory drum beats to work with.

By employing the drum in the ways you will be shown, you will have an opportunity to experience shamanic states, mindfulness, and personal healing. These ways do not require faith or changes in your definition of reality. No change in your subconscious mind is needed either, for the drum only awakens what is already there. It will stimulate the shaman that lies dormant within you.

The shaman seeks harmony with nature, this is wonderful for stress management in our crazy lives today. The drum serves as an instrument of attunement bringing harmony and happiness into the core of your being. Together we celebrate both crafting and dedicating our sacred frame drum.

There is a great renewal of interest in the practice of shamanism. The freedom and individuality of the shamanic experience in liberating and personal transformation unfold with grace and ease. No intermediary such as a priest or the church is needed to access spiritual experience and personal revelation. All dimensions of reality, the powers and mystical knowledge they contain are available to those who seek out and discover the unique practices of shamanism. Every shamanic practitioner becomes his or her teacher, priest, and prophet. Shamanic practise brings us ultimate power over our own life and the ability to assist others to do the same.

We intend to teach you through working deeply with your drum how to renew and maintain harmony with your families, communities, nations, and Earth herself. Together we shall restore a sense of sacred to the world, of the divinity present in nature and all living things. The drum is a beautiful tool to work with as sacred drumming awakens the inner shaman and mindfulness. Making your drum helps align you with all of creation.

A quick update: the subtitles (not saying they will be perfect.... but better than the automated ones!) have been updated. Remember I use a different version of English - honour not honour etc. Plus the 'squelch' that hurt our ears with the drumming has been fixed - thank you Pedro). If you are loving the course please let us know via a review. There are so many courses on Udemy these days and reviews are the only way we can stand out.

“When you pray with that drum when the spirits hear that drum, it echoes. They hear this drum, and they hear your voice loud and clear.” Wallace Black Elk

An interesting fact about drumming: When Rome adopted Christianity around 200AD it was made an act of heresy to play the frame drum, such was it’s power of collective and personal transformation. As a traditional women’s sacred instrument, it was the main instrument used consistently in ritual, celebration, healing and shamanic journeying for thousands of years. Thus the church moved to crush and control women.

"SONG OF THE DRUM My drum has many voices. My drum tells many stories. This drum is full of mystery. This drum is full of dreams. Listen to the drumbeat. Listen to the heartbeat. Now you hear the hoofbeat. Now you hear the wing beat. All are One." Cherokee

Certification and Accreditation: Some instructors offer “accreditation” via external official-sounding bodies. The majority of these are fake. We call them Certificate Mills. The only thing the “Mill” wishes to see from the instructor is money (ranging from $40 - $1500 per course depending on the Mill) to pay for the process. They do not even wish to see 1 minute of any course nor any qualification an instructor may hold. You; the student is then sent to these places to pay them (more) money as the student. They commonly offer public liability insurance that you can get WITHOUT them and the fake fancy-looking Diploma.

As you know Udemy offers you a certificate of completion at the end of this course. However, I am happy to offer you a certificate of completion for any course of mine that you complete. Please ONLY message me through Udemy when you have completed the course. Note - I will not answer any requests for this outside of Udemy as I need to verify that you have completed the course!

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Who this course is for:
  • People wishing to open their intuitive powers by reestablishing the flow between the left and right brain.
  • Seekers wishing to develop ceremonies based on their own vision and intuition.
  • If you seek the knowledge and skills too empower you to fully use your own potential then we are here for you.
Course content
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+ Introduction to your instructors and the way we will work together
6 lectures 16:25

Here in our course together will weave a combination of different practical and theoretical elements from the Guided Drum Making, drum Meditation, you will experience Movement or the Dance of your drum, and a Guide to a Shamanic journey with your Drum

Each drum is unique, just like you. The more we get in tune our drum, the more revelations will be shown to us.

Together our will share Shamanic wisdom to integrated the journey into shamanism for you. The drum is used for two basic purposes: to shift our state of consciousness or to move energy. The call of the drum is a powerful force for good to unleash in your life.

Preview 02:10

From across the continent we have joined our hearts together offering you this sacred gift of a drum prayer to draw you all in deeply into our sacred space. Where ever you are on this beautiful planet we call our home we welcome you as one breath, one heartbeat. Together we honour the light in each other and you. We connect directly with mother earth through our drum beat, which helps us to get closer to the essence of spiritual knowledge.

Four spirits drum welcome from Pepe, Karina, Pedro and Sharon

A great way for shamanic practitioners to start working with spirit drums is to actually craft one. Especially if you are unsure how drumming deeply affects the core of your universal being. Although this ritual journey may not be easy at times as you grapple with implements, tools, wood and skin you will develop and form a better understanding of what and how you are doing.

Sharon to mix Meet Pepe Chiboga, with meeting Karina and Pedro

Preview 02:47

Drums are sacred. They are always treated with respect and honour. In Indigenous cultures they are neither seen nor treated as toys. Drums are not played in anger although drummers may play their drums in soothing and repetitive tempos to help release and heal anger in others. Consequently, it’s important PRIOR to making your drum that you work out what your intent is – WHY are you making your drum and therefore what energy do you wish to put into Her? During the actual drum making time you will be reminded from time to time to focus on ‘sacred breath’ – that is, to refocus on your heart intent and to consciously put that energy into your drum as you birth Her.

Preview 04:03

Before you begin to craft your drum make sure you have all of the materials and tools that you need. The actual making of the drum is a beautiful process is a beautiful process. This will be a beautiful experience for you to practice peace within.

Preview 01:47

Spirit of the Drum

Every Single drum has a unique spirit that interacts with us in a variety of ways, from lending its power and help to the work at hand, be that healing, trance or sacred ceremony. The spirit of the drum is made up of different parts and grows in strength with time and continued sacred use of the drum.

Note that a powerful drum can lose its juiciness if it is not held as sacred.Because we understand that the sacred is everywhere.

Within our drum we have the spirit of the animal that we thank for its skin we use. And, if the drum beater is covered with leather, also the spirit of the animal that gave that .

Plus there is the spirit of the trees that give their wood for making the rim of the drum, and the stick of the beater.

Preview 02:37
When we work with the Four Directions, have a concept of the Three Worlds, when we understand that all things are alive and with spirit and that all beings on this sacred Earth are part of one big family and related we have respect. All of nature is alive and spirits are everywhere.
Blessing your materials and workspace
1 question
+ Making the frame - crafting strong bones
8 lectures 48:34

Your drum

Your truth

Your journey

Let’s talk about focusing out attention on our intent. Our drums are sacred and We are here to honour the gifts from the Natural World and be in Right Relationship. Drums are designed to awaken and reconnect the Divine within you through the spirit of Nature. By working with our hands, head and heart in a harmonious and sacred way, we re-connect to the deepest part of ourselves and our relationship with Spirit.

Focus your attention on your intention

We will undertake a guided shamanic journey to the middle world to tree. As we travel to the other side in order to meet the tree who gives us the material to create the frame for our drum. We go with the deepest of gratitude, as commonly tree simply gives it to us, – unconditionally – without questions, without ifs and buts. That is what tree does. Above all, tree gives us life. Tree is a part of us and we are a part of tree. Part of nature and the natural cycle of Mother Earth.

Journey to tree who gifts us the material to craft our drum frame and beater

Let us begin but cutting the wood for our sacred frame. The sacred drum comes from all cultures - from as far back as the ancient goddess times.

You can do this my hand however patience is called for. Plus the accuracy of a saw is impressive.

Cutting the sacred wood

Tune in to the subtle song of the wood from your chosen tree.  Don’t be afraid to stop and "tap" into tree’s energy as by tapping into its energy, you are showing that you care, that you believe the tree is more than a mere physical specimen you see standing. Walk in wonder. For each tree that stands  has a special energy to offer you. Acknowledge your love for them as you walk by and the benefits you derive will equal the benefits they derive from you.

Building our frame

Patience is required in making our sacred frame drum. There is a two day recommend time frame to fully allow the glue to set. Please take this as an opportunity to reflect and discover a little more about drums.

Whilst we are waiting for our frame

We are gathered here to honour the drum. We are all connected to the elements. Ritual has always been very important throughout human history. There must be an exchange of giving and receiving - a relationship must be built. The more you work with the elements, the more you come to know yourself and the people around you. All animals, plants, stones, emotions, inanimate objects, and energies are combinations of these elements..as, of course, are we. Everything has its own unique blend of the four elements in it: everything that has substance has earth in it; everything that has energy in it has fire; everything that flows and has feelings has water; and everything that involves sound and communication has air in it.

The drum, the elements and honouring our sacred space with an invocation

Society generally doesn't like us to express the wilder, instinctual side of our natures-our soulful and spiritual selves. And it doesn't encourage us to explore the possibilities of body-spirit unity. Thus we can become lost fragments, frustrated weary of life.

There is something primeval about drumming. It's cross-cultural. Drumming has moved people to battle, to joy, to healing, to purpose across history. It gets endorphins flowing, thought processes smooth out and patterns are more readily perceived. It increases pain tolerance and learning ability.

Drumming can bridge the gap between the reality of our daily life and the inspiration that comes from higher consciousness. It helps us manifest that inspiration as something tangible, something real, something that can be felt and shared with others. It doesn't matter if you're, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Shaman, you can sit down with a circle of people and start to drum.

Altered states of consciousness and the drum

Smoothing the edges is a very satisfactory time. You deeply connect with the wood. Yes a sander is quick and joyous to use however you can also do it the very slow way. Just ensure your edges are all smooth - no nicks or snares anywhere. Your drum is slowly taking shape.

Sanding our frame
+ Song of the drum - celebrating the skin and its unique spirit
9 lectures 41:28

Animal spirits walk among us. Every animal Spirit has its own medicine or power and this is unique. Your aim is to meditate or journey to the spirit of the animal to give thanks for the skin for your drum. For through your drum the spirit of the animal lives and continues to give.

It’s important to set your attention on your intention to merge with the animal spirit realm, and that you wish to contact the animal spirit. Silently to yourself, repeat your affirmation to meet your animal spirit. You can use the following phrase, or create your own:

“This moment, I receive the gift of animal sight. This moment, my animal spirit takes flight. Reveal to me what I must see. This moment, my animal totem connects with me. And lives on through my sacred drum”

Meditate or journey to the spirit of the animal whose skin you are using guide

Here we will trace the out circle or mandala of our leather, we will mark out the spaces for the ties. Please take your time as this is a very important step. Remember to focus your attention on your intention. Breathe - feel spirit working with you and through you. Making your drum is such a sacred experience.

Drawing a sacred mandala on the leather

Many different types of rawhide are used in making drums. Purchased rawhide is recommended on the assumption that you are not likely to clean and prepare a fresh hide for your sacred drum.

You will need a piece of animal rawhide - fairly thick - 0.75 - 1.5mm - such as elk or thick deer, goat or kangaroo are some choices.

Cutting the leather

Making the holes in your drum head that the lace will pass through is a very important part of our creation process. The skin first needs to have the hole positions marked on it using the water soluble pencil.

The number and positioning of the holes is of great importance. There are many ways of lacing drums.

Making holes in the leather

"The drum is the Great Spirit's favourite instrument. That's why we were all given a heartbeat..." ~ Mano, Navajo Elder

  • The skin needs to be soaked until it is soft. Use the bath for this, filled with cold water. The time for this will vary depending on the type of skin used. Make sure the skin is totally submerged.

  • Once the skin is soft, it can be worked with.

Soaking the leather

Here with have another opportunity to flow into the sacred voice of our drums. Use this time to reflect and focus your attention on your intention. Our drums are talking shape and it is a very exciting time.

We have another natural pause in our sacred drum making here

Shamanic ritual is the earliest known way to connect to the spiritual; in fact, shamans never viewed themselves as separate from all that is seen and unseen. Shamanism is the basis from which all spiritual and religious traditions later sprung. Evidence shows that since the Paleolithic era ritual trance has been induced with drumming. If you look at modern day religions, you see the seeds of ancient practices and celebrations embedded in them.

Drumming or sacred drumming is the most common method of helping people move into a trance state. This allows people to experience “non-ordinary reality”. This predates every other form of religious ritual.

Preview 04:51

The sacred symbolism of the drum brings us back to our true selves, for when the sacred is removed from our life, We lose touch with our natural rhythm, ourselves, each other and our divine creator. And we are actual spiritual beings here having a human experience. An amazing gift to us to remember that we are sacred is the drum, for the drum awakens the sacred within, and the drum becomes our teacher.

When we work at crafting and meditating on the drum, so much get revealed to us. And all we have to do is to simply allow the drum speak to us. The message is there for those who wish to hear it. Simply have an open heart and mind. The symbolism alone of the drum shows us that we are connected to Great Spirit/All-That-Is -- to divinity. To touch the drum is to touch the sacred.

Sacred symbolism of the drum from the Vedic tradition

The longest voyage you will ever take is the seventeen inches from your head to your heart. When you resist, this takes lifetimes. When you surrender, you are already home. Drumming is one way to quicken the pathway Each drum has its own unique voice and vibration.

Crafting and playing a drum that you have made yourself is eminently more satisfying than playing any other. A drum of your own creation will be imbued with your own unique essence. It will become a powerful extension of your essential self.

From a shamanic perspective, drums are living beings, helping spirits, and allies. They deserve the utmost in honour, respect, and care.

Preview 06:33
+ Dream of the drum - spirit lives and breathes - adding the flesh of the drum
8 lectures 37:54

If you lucky to have natural bushland nearby then wander into the bush to find a suitable stick to use for the drum beater. Ensure your gain permission from the nature spirits before you take the stick.

Making your sacred drumstick

Just remember, once you get started with the lacing, you cant stop. If you find you don't have time, you can leave them in the water to soak (but no longer than over night) or let them dry in an open air place and when you go back to work on the Drum, re-soak them.

Always anticipate needing more cord than you imagine you need.

Cutting the cord to tie the leather to the wooden frame

Place your skin on a flat clean surface (use the ground cloth to protect the floor) and select the part of the skin you will use for the drum head. Place the frame on this area to make sure it is big enough and totally free of holes or very thin parts. 

Remember, this is drum that you will keep for a lifetime and possibly pass on to next generations. The time you spend on the inspection of the skins, will be worth it.

Remove your leather after two days soaking in water

The skin is the sacred voice of the drum and the drum is the bridge to the spirit realm... the pulse connecting us to our blessed earth mother's heart-pulse... and the circular shape is that of the hoop of life...

Tie the leather to the frame

When the skin is laced up, the slack of the lace must be taken up, and the drum skin tightened. Begin this by working the lace from one end to the other, gently pulling it as you go. By pulling it thus, you will take up the slack, and stretch the lace itself. 

It's just like putting a new shoe lace in a pair of boots, you put the lace in place, then pull it tight, then finally knot the two ends together.

First adjustment of the leather tie

Once the slack has been all worked through, begin the whole process again, and then again, and again, until it feels like you cannot get any more slack out of the lace. Do not be afraid to pull quite hard on the lace, but do be careful not to break it, or the holes in the drum head; especially be careful if you are pulling on a particularly thin piece of lace.

Second adjustment of the leather tie

Continue to tighten and pull up the slack as you go. Once you feel satisfied that you cannot get any more slack out of the lace, you can begin to bind the back into a cross shaped hand hold. Not only will this make the drum easier to hold, but the act of making the cross squeezes the criss-crossing spokes of lace together and puts even more tension into the drum.

Third adjustment of the leather tie

Many moons ago we lived with the natural cycles of life. Whilst we embrace the gifts of our modern life, we must also see that we need ways to bring us back into harmony. Drumming can do this.

Consider how waves of electricity has changed our lives for good and not so good. Women for example, cycled with the moon before the ‘new waves’ came along. It is said by many that Electro-pollution weakens immune systems and creates stronger diseases. The biological systems of all living things are impaired because the natural frequencies of the planetary web are being drowned out.

We literally cannot hear the voice of the Earth Mother anymore. However, we can take steps to reconnect - simply activities like walking barefoot on our Earth mother. Spend some time - even just a few minutes looking to the stars, noticing the sunrise and sunset all helps to bring us back

Drumming for reconnection to all that is sacred - the natural rhythms of life
+ Creating the essential elemental connection with your drum
5 lectures 37:04

Shamanic drumming is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. Based on his studies and personal shamanic experience we see you honouring the elements brings together the four corners of the world both seen and unseen.

First of the four knots representing the elements

We now complete our honouring of the elements. When we use a drum, we are totally aware of the spirit inside. We have honoured Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Your drum is really taking in the essence of the blessings from tree, skin and you.

Complete knots for the other three elements

As you increase the tension on your drum it really starts to come alive. Not yet ready to play - yet so close.

This drum beat is a pulse, rather than a tempo — it’s a life pulse that is waiting to draw it's first breath with you in the rhythm of life. That great heart beat that beats us all.

Increase the tension on the drum

“Handheld frame drums are the oldest known musical instruments. . . In prehistoric times, their rhythms helped shamans and seers attain the sacred trance state necessary for healing and prophecy. The rituals of the earliest known religions evolved around the beat of frame drums.” Layne Redmond

Something to hold onto with lightness and love - your drum handle.

The beautiful sacred drum dates back as far as Great Mother Goddess times over 6,000+ years ago... and you'll find that almost every culture holds some kind of sacred drum within their cosmology... she is universal!

The sacred drum represents in essence, the heart-song + the pulse + voice of our Mother Earth, Gaia, Great Goddess - who goes by many, many names...

Make the handle for your drum

"Will it be a drum or just looked like one".  When the drum is nearly complete we be patient for it must dry.  As it dries. As it dries it will sometimes in emit crazy weird crackling sounds loud enough to wake us from sleep giving this feeling we have failed. 

However once dry apply your drumstick and your drum will speak with its reach full tones.

It is a drum.

Dry your drum and essential drum maintenance
This is an opportunity to reflect on the journey from making your frame to feeling your drum beat come to life in your hands. This is a very sacred journey, a unique gift from Great Spirit and Pachamama to connect with the spirit in all things.
A prayer to your drum
1 question
+ Listening to the heartbeat of your drum
4 lectures 13:46

Pause reminding yourself what it means to pick up your sacred drum and what your drum means to you.

Ask yourself why you are picking your drum up: “I pick up my drum today in dedication:

  • to ask,

  • to thank,

  • to adore,

  • to praise,

  • to simply be,

  • to rest in Great Spirit’s wisdom/strength/peace

Begin any drum pattern you know by heart or play intuitively. This invocation is to help you go on a shamanic journey with your drum guiding you.

Guidelines to journey with your drum

Join Pepe Chiriboga on a beautiful journey into the sacred rhythm of the drum. This is a free series of videos just published on his YouTube channel to empower you all to be the best drummers in tune with the sacred in life.

Drumming lessons from Pepe Chiriboga

Your drum is already full of memories, the memories and voices of wood and skin. It's deep rhythmic vibrations filling all of the space around you. Seemingly dwelling forever as as the sounds resonate through you from here to evermore. You drum is an once ancient and new, it is sacred.

Your drum holds the dreams of a fluid past and future than are not dominated by a western notion of time. Let is play you.

Rhythm's of your drum - let it play you

"A drum is a voice, alive and feeling as with any voice. When it speaks we must listen and honour the message with our best and noblest selves, for it is a voice with great power and it is a voice that is a gift to us from a greater being. If we do this then our lives will be full and happy". unknown

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