Make and sell your own Artist's Book. Art and Creativity
4.3 (28 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Make and sell your own Artist's Book. Art and Creativity

Learn how to make your Artist's Books, the history, the concept, platforms for selling them and current examples.
4.3 (28 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
221 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Make their own Artist's Books
  • Participate in Fairs and other events
  • Create your own project about Artist's Books
  • Take advantage of your skills in order to create unique books
  • Make, bind and sell your Artist's Books
  • Get hold of painting and drawing materials, found or recycled objects, threads, buttons, paper of a variety of colors and weights, and prepare yourself to transform them into Artist's Books
  • Any corner of your house or studio can function as a workshop for this course

This course contains theoretical and practical classes which go into depth in concepts such as The Art Book, The Artist's Book and The Object Book. You will also be able to make Artist's books with the binding included. It is a complete and intensive experience of multidirectional investigation and experimentation with the creator and coordinator of various Artist's Book Fairs such as LAEE (The Fair of Artists' Books and Unusual Editions) and FALA (The Alicante Fair of Artists' Books), the Publisher "Cangrejo Pistolero Editions", as well as being a teacher at and the founder of the Art School "CREA 13, Shared Knowledge".

This s a course that you can complete in just a few days, but you can develop what you learn from it for years. There are many cases of success where the students of this workshop have created their own projects and taken part in Fairs, transforming their creations into their way of life.

We will start by clarifying the concept of the "Artist's Book" in order to move onto looking at practical examples of them and then how they are made. We'll explore the Fairs and other alternative exhibition and selling spaces and we'll conclude with recent designs. Finally we'll add an interesting bibliography so that you can carry on learning.

Take this course and you will encounter a new way of understanding the "Book" that might well become a fundamental pilar in your life project. If you like drawing, pinging, design, sculpture o any form of plastic arts, this is your opportunity to apply your knowledge in order to reach a new level.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is aimed at visual artists (draughtsmen, painters, sculptors, designers, etc.) that would like to pour their knowledge into this new concept
  • If you like the Book world, and you'd like to learn to make your own easily, then this is the course for you
  • Upon finishing the course you could create your own Artist's Book project and it could be a fun and interesting job option
Course content
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+ The Artist's Book
6 lectures 42:05

In this first class we will talk about the concept of the Artist's Book and I will show you some examples. I will show some examples of my own work as well as other interesting examples in order to understand this visual discipline.

Preview 09:19

A brief tour through the long history of the book, which is the history of human knowledge, in order to understand its many transformations in different periods. From the enigmatic Sumerian tablets made from mud to the digital formats of our days, the book has undergone transformations in its form, an aspect that we will study in this class.

History of the Book

In this class we will look at the different classifications of Artist's Books and we will get ideas for making our own. From the traditional Artist Book, passing through the object Book, the installation Book, the parasitised Book, object magazines etc, we will uncover these concepts in order to understand better the many aspects of the Artist's Book.

Classification of the Artist's Book
42 pages

There are many contemporary artists who base their works on the Artist's Book. Here we will look at some of the most significant ones. Marinetti, the Fluxux group, Emilio Sdun or Elisa Pellacani among others are the main players in this field.

Recent History of the Artist's Book

What can I do when I've made my Artist's Books? Where should I go to exhibit or sell them? The best thing for this is to look around us. Here we will look at some real and recent examples of students of the course who have achieved amazing feats in a very short time.

Real success cases

We need to make the difference clear between Artist's books and Bibliophile's Books. Although they have many points in common, we will uncover the differences in order to avoid confusion.

Artist's Books and Bibliophile's books: differences
Are the main concepts clear?
4 questions
+ Materials and Techniques
2 lectures 10:07

These samples will be useful to us as an ideology for imagining our own Artist's Book. Possible techniques and materials such as graphite, Chinese ink, felt-tip pens, dip pens and different types of paper will be the driving force od this creative pathway.

Tools and bases

This is a short class in which you will learn how to make stamps that will allow you o repeat images in a simple and effective way. You will only need erasers, a knife and an ink pad.

+ Production
10 lectures 59:30

Do I really need to know that the different parts of a traditional book are in order to make my own Artist's Book? Of course not, but getting to know the common book very will will help you to discover new areas, profiles and faces of this object that we can transform to our liking so that our object becomes unique.

Parts of the book
10 pages

How are the pages of our books protected? With this guide about different types of binding nowadays you will have the base knowledge for recognising them and even using them if you find it appropriate.

Types of binding

Although Typography could be an entire course in itself, we must not forget that the universe of letters can form an important part of our project. In this class we will look at an interesting introduction to Typography for creating texts in our Artist's Books. And if you're really interested in Typography and you would like to delve into its secrets you can have a look at the books that we recommend in the essential Bibliography explained and in the general Bibliography that can be found in classes 24 and 26 of this course.


We'll make our first Artist's Book using a binding in an accordion form. It's easy and fun! In this class we will guide you step by step, from how to cut the paper to folding it correctly so that you can bind in an accordion form.

Practical class: the book bound in accordion form

We'll tie the sheets of our book together will pretty strings in a simple way. This technique is often used to bind small publications in a series, although you can also use it to tie together the pages of your marvellous project.

How to bind a book sewn at the spine

Although Japanese binding seems complicated at first sight, in this class we'll see how simple it is to start sewing loose pages together in order to achieve this beautiful form of catching the pages of your book. The different versions of binding in this way are infinite, creating drawings of straight lines with each movement of the needle.

How to do Japanese book binding

Who said you needed glue or thread the bind a book? With only a few slits in the paper we can make a book binding that you'll be amazed by.

Preview 02:15

Examples of Artist's Books and other publications that will greatly help us to imagine new hybrid forms of protecting our Artist's Books though their bindings.

Other types of binding

Do you want to decorate your Artist's Book with card covered in hand made or recycled paper? Do you think that giving your books covers a professional look would be very complicated? Follow the steps of this class and you'll how in little time you learn everything that you need to create good quality covers for your project.

How to make the book covers

It is advisable to add the necessary information to your work of art. This makes it more valuable and furthermore will accompany it so that it looks completely professional. Here we will show examples of information sheets that you can download in a PDF or Word format.

How do I make an information sheet about my book?
5 pages
Are you ready to make your own Artist's Book?
3 questions
+ Exhibition and Selling
4 lectures 24:42

We've now finished our Artist's Books. We've managed to get a place in a prestigious event, but... How should I arrange my table? In this class you'll find useful advice about how to organise and present your Artist's Books at Book Fairs and other events.

How to prepare your table

In this class you will be able to have a look at the main Artist Book Fairs in Spain and, furthermore, you will find advice which will be useful for you in order to attend them as an exhibitor.

Artist's Book Fairs

Artist's Books do not only live around Fairs. We will explore some ideas of other potential exhibition and selling spaces so that your books go as far as they can, and in order to promote them.

Other exhibition and selling spaces

The million-dollar question: How much is my Artist's Book worth? The best way to answer this question is to value your work and compare it with other Artist's Books that are currently on the market.

What is the price of Artist's Books?
Are you ready to show and promote your creations?
4 questions
+ The Artist's Book Today
3 lectures 06:58

If you want to carry on learning more about this fascinating world then I'll show you here some of the key books that I have personally found the most enjoyable and useful for me in this visual art.

The essential bibliography explained

The farewell that is the start of the road.


The basic bibliography about Artist's Books. If you want to get hold of everything that has been published about Artist's Books, here you will find the outline of the key editions.

General bibliography
2 pages
+ Additional Material
2 lectures 00:00

2013 Catalogue. This type of publication is very useful to us as an ideology, furthermore gives us information about artists and Artist's Book Fairs which we can participate in in the future.

FALA Catalogue: The Alicante Artist's Book Fair, 2013
42 pages

2013 Catalogue. This type of publication is very useful to us as an ideology, furthermore gives us information about artists and Artist's Book Fairs which we can participate in in the future.

Catalogue: Surprising Books
34 pages