The Art of Social Engineering and HUMINT
4.4 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
61 students enrolled

The Art of Social Engineering and HUMINT

Find out how hackers and spies steal your secrets -- and how to stop them
4.4 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
61 students enrolled
Created by Sergii Nesterenko
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Social Engineering techniques and tricks
  • Humint (Human Intelligence ) techniques
  • Spotting scammers, spies and other dangerous persons
  • Clandestine elicitation techniques
  • Unlocking people's secrets covertly
  • Detecting sophisticated Social Engineering and phishing attacks at a glance
  • How the human brain can be hacked and how to protect it.
  • How to protect your assets and even your brain from human hacking
  • Analytical and flexible thinking
  • It's not a course on technical or software stuff. It's rather about what makes people tick
  • Passion for psychology will be a benefit but not a must

You’re about starting the course that will change your life. Seriously. Here is why.

If you work in the security sector, be it cybersecurity, business intelligence, law enforcement, private investigations, etc., the benefits are obvious. Your professional skills will skyrocket, so it pushes your career and gives you a bunch of advantages over your competitors. And reward you with that amazing feeling of satisfaction that comes only when you know that your job performance is outstanding.

But what if you’re not a kind of a security specialist? Fortunately, you can gain even more. Would not it be dreamy if you’ll be able to detect at a glance when people try to conceal something important from you? What about knowing what your competitors are up to? What about easy spotting scammers, criminals and other bad guys hunting for you? What about your friends and loved ones who fear to own up in something? And would you like to know how others covertly elicit your secrets from you —and finally stop this dangerous process?

You’ll be able to do everything from the list after taking this course. In fact, you’ll be able to do much, much more.

Social Engineering nowadays considered a kind of communicational black magic that forces people to execute any command of a Social Engineer. And when we say SE, what it comes to mind first is cybercriminals. Yes, social engineering is a part of their dark arsenal but not limited by it. For example, law enforcement uses social Engineering to catch the bad guys too. In reality, Social Engineering is an essential part of many walks of life, including politics, intelligence and law enforcement, sales and marketing and even personal relationship.

In short, social engineering is the hidden influence.

In this course, I’ll teach you a special part of social engineering – unlocking people's secrets. Making people voluntary share their secrets, to be precise. And this is the only way to learn how to keep your secrets safe.

This course is unique. Because unlike many courses on Social Engineering existing on the market, it’s not about technical tools and software. It’s about the essence of Social Engineering: people’s psychology. It’s not about the vulnerabilities of a computer. It’s about vulnerabilities of the human brain -- how it can be attacked and how to protect it.

This course is unique for many other reasons. Firstly, it’s based on my 20 years in psychological security and 7 years in cybersecurity areas experience. On this way, I was privileged to work with the brilliant intelligence and law enforcement pros, who had been promoted from lieutenants to generals. I’ve learned from them plenty of exclusive useful techniques and tricks that help me in work and life. I share some of these techniques in this course.

More of that, the course is also based on tens of authoritative phycology books and science research. So you’ll not only learn the techniques but deeply understand the patterns behind them and why they work. It gives you a fantastic possibility to create your own techniques precisely suitable for your special circumstances. After learning these principles, spotting scam or phishing of different kinds will become a walk in the park for you let alone revealing secrets.

And here is your way to the top.

In the first section, you'll learn what is Social Engineering and why it's so effective. You'll discover the main principle that makes Social Engineering almost unbeatable for most people. Then you'll find out what HUMINT is and what benefits you'll get from it. Then you'll see why revealing people's secrets may be extremely hard and how to bypass these hinders.

Then, in Section 2, we'll deep into tactical Social Engineering. You'll find out about various natural vulnerabilities of the human brain and how they can be exploited in seconds. You'll discover why so many people, including most intellectual ones, fall prey to phishing attacks and give away their bank credentials or infect their computers with their own hands. You'll know sophisticated techniques used by cybercriminals to force their victims to give away their important secrets like passwords and private data. You'll learn how your basic instincts and emotions can be used to play against you and how easily they are triggered.

In Section 3 you'll learn the magic of the effective HUMINT elicitation techniques used by law intelligence agencies, law enforcement, secret agents and other pros of such kind. You'll learn to become a person to whom people want to confide their secrets. On this way, you'll know how to gain trust instantly, grab attention, set emotional bonds and become likable for everyone you want (no exaggeration here!). Then you'll learn some extremely effective time-proven techniques that make people share with you even the darkest secrets. More of that, those people will be obliged to you for providing them with this possibility. So, with these techniques, you'll be able not only to get any information you need but also gain many friends and admirers. That's a pleasant side effect.

Finally, in Section 4 we'll see how all the techniques we've learned work in the wild. We'll consider three different Social Engineering scenarios. You'll see how an ethical hacker, an intelligence officer and a police officer can use these techniques to establish their missions on obtaining secrets.

And of course, in the final video you'll find the answer on how to protect yourself from even the most sophisticated Social Engineering attacks and keep your secrets safe. You'll know, You'll understand why untrained people can't fight back a social engineering attack and what do you need and how to train yourself to be able to spot and stop a Social Engineering attack and never fall prey to Social Engineer.

Did I tell that this course would change your life? Now you know how exactly. Imagine yourself, possessing all these skills. Imagine how you apply them and get fantastic results. Imagine yourself as a person who can reveal any secret...

Well, are you ready? Let’s start then.

Who this course is for:
  • Security specialists
  • Ethical hackers and penetration testers
  • Private investigators
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Business intelligence specialists
  • Negotiators
  • Journalists
Course content
Expand all 25 lectures 02:20:02
+ Section 2. Tactical Social Engineering
8 lectures 47:32
1. Targets and Triggers
2. The Power of Authority
3. How Scarcity can make you obey
4. How They Can Turn your Significance Into a Weakness
5. Where Greed May Come
6. Sex You Would Prefer to Avoid
7. How Curiosity Helps to Strip off Secrets
8. When and Why Tactical Social Engineering fails
+ Section 3. Elicit Information Like Secret Agents Do
11 lectures 01:04:21
1. How to Gain Trust …in the Right Way
2. Grab Attention Like a Pro
3. How to Make Anyone You Want Like You
4. How to Listen to Drive Trust
5. How To Create An Emotional Bond… If You Don’t Have One
6. “We Be of One Blood, You and I”
7. “You Are a Big Wig, Right?”
8. ‘’Secret for Secret”
9. The Power of a False Statement
10. “I don’t Believe It”!
11. Covering Traces
+ Section 4. On a Mission in the Wild
2 lectures 16:02
1. Social Engineers at Work: Phishing, Spear-phishing and Recruiting Informants
2. Your Bulletproof Vest: How to Spot a Social Engineer