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Program 8051 IO Ports 0,1,2, 3
Use built-in mikroC libraries
Program seven segments and character LCD
Program serial port
Program different modes of timers and counters
Program Serial port interrupt
Program two external hardware interrupts
Program timers interrupts
Things that you need to know only when programming in assembly will not be mentioned, example is Register Banks.


  • Know-How of Proteus simulation software will help
  • Basic knowledge of any microcontroller will help
  • Basic knowledge of C or C++ is necessary
  • Should get some 8051 development board or may use some simulation software like Proteus


Many people spend lot of time in reading datasheets, learning assembly language, and after spending four-five months of embedded systems course at college, they can hardly do real industry projects. That is good to learn all about architectures and basics but once you are at work, your boss can ask you to program PIC first month, 8051 second month, and may be STM8 or even STM32 next month, will you take two or three months course before starting that job?

This course explains how to program 8051 super fast. Instead of reading lengthy slides or boring datasheets, we shall do all with either built-in, easy to use mikroC libraries or shall learn few registers and write our own functions. This course will focus on learning way to program features offered by 8051 like I/O ports, Serial port, timers, counters and most interesting thing will be to do all with interrupts.

Course will start from basic, There will be no pre-written code examples, all codes will be written right in front of you and schematics will be drawn for testing, you will also learn how to use Proteus software for simulation. 

Who this course is for:

  • Who are not interested in reading thousands of pages of boring books or datasheets
  • Who want to do much more than just toggling LEDs
  • Who know something about microcontroller and interested in doing projects.
  • Who want to add 8051 in skill set

Course content

6 sections22 lectures1h 32m total length
  • Introduction


Senior Firmware Engineer at Xekera Systems Inc.
Farrukh Hussain
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Farrukh is enthusiastic embedded system developer with expert level skills in C programming, low power RF chips, BLE, embedded web servers, 8/32bit microcontroller families and smart metering. As a freelancer, he completed more than forty embedded system projects at freelancer.com, he developed PIC18 based web server with mikroC Ethernet Library, STM32F407 web server with LwIP TCP/IP stack, and recently developed ESP8266 and ESP32 based web servers. He also developed Serial-Display firmware for Newhaven Display International, Inc USA.