The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Couples Course
4.5 (38 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
371 students enrolled

The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Couples Course

A step-by-step affair recovery program, taught and delivered in video sessions by Dr. Savannah Ellis.
4.5 (38 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
371 students enrolled
Created by Savannah Ellis
Last updated 7/2017
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This course includes
  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • 14 mins on-demand audio
  • 27 articles
  • 61 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
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What you'll learn
  • Determine the Affair Type specific to their relationship trauma
  • Understand why the affair occured
  • Stop triggers and obessive thoughts
  • Understanding each others most important emotional needs and have a plan to meet each others emotional needs
  • Have a safe and transparent relationship
  • Begin a fresh sex life in an environment of intimacy
  • Continue with the rituals and routines to ensure both people feel loved
  • Fully understand what happened in the affair.
  • Prevent future infidelity by understanding how couples stay monogamous
  • Infidelity in your relationship

The ULTIMATE Affair Recovery Coaching Program will teach you how to recover your relationship after an relationship infidelity, transform the quality of your relationships by understanding each others "Emotional Needs", enhance your communication skills with proven techniques & how to effectively manage all negative emotions.

Taught by Infidelity Recovery Guru, Dr. Savannah Ellis - the Founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute. These video lessons are unscripted, and delivered to you, as if you were sitting in the counselors clinic.

You will work through the "7 Step Infidelity Recovery" Model as a couple.

This course will be offered at an introductory rate for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Therapists who are trained in the 7 Step Model charge couples between $2500 and $6000 to work through the 7 Step System in clinic.

You can work through the 7 Step Affair Recovery system directly with Dr. Savannah Ellis, with video lessons and easy to follow exercises. PLUS, Dr. Savannah Ellis will coach you through any challenges through the in course Discussion sections.

The #1 Online Affair Recovery Course

"This is a fantastic alternative to traditional counseling. You are getting the same quality advice as if you were sitting with me, in my clinic. Plus, if you feel stuck or don't feel motivated to keep fighting for the relationship, that is when you reach out and contact me for a quick power talk, so I can guide you through the Step. For most people, you just need that quick 5 minutes of support and encouragement to remember your "why" and keep on moving forward."

- Dr. Savannah Ellis

STEP 1 - Commitment

  • Why commitment to affair recovery is important
  • The 3 Steps to Affair Recovery
  • The Letter to the Lover
  • Transparency
  • Quality Time
  • Communication Requirements
  • The Affair Type

STEP 2 - Affair Story

  • What happened during the affair
  • Strategy to tell the truth
  • How much information to tell
  • Why the affair happened
  • How to process the truth

STEP 3 - Personal Healing

  • Healing for the betrayed partner
  • Healing for the unfaithful partner
  • Healing for the family
  • Coping with Obsessions
  • Coping with guilt & shame
  • Depression - when to seek help
  • How to cope with Triggers
  • How to process anger

STEP 4 - Sex & Intimacy

  • When should you resume sex
  • How to start
  • What to do
  • Getting creative
  • Intimacy Monologues
  • Re-education on sex

Step 5 - Emotional Needs

  • What are emotional needs
  • How to meet emotional needs
  • What is a love bank
  • What are the 10 Most Important Emotional Needs

Step 6 - Forgiveness

  • When should you forgive
  • Why you can't forgive
  • How to forgive

Step 7 - Moving Forward

  • Monogamy Education
  • Relationship Protection
  • Relationship Contract
  • Visualization

Who this course is for:
  • Any couple who needs affair recovery advice.
Course content
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+ Introduction
2 lectures 16:19


Welcome to the 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program.

In this video I introduce who I am and how I can help you through this difficult period.

In addition, I ask you to do the following:

  1. Get a same-sex friend to help you talk about your feelings. The friend must be a "friend of the relationship"
  2. Get a diary to make notes on your feelings, new actions you need to remember to put into place, and quick notes on the exercises and activities you will do during this program.

I am here to help you throughout this journey, and answer any questions you have.

All I ask of you, is that you be respectful of other people in this course, and do not judge another persons story or opinion. Be sensitive.

Each and every person here in this course is going through pain, and looking for support.


Kindest Regards,

Dr. Savannah Ellis

DBA, MBA, BBSc, MPsych (Clin)

Preview 11:01
+ The 7 Types Of Affairs
9 lectures 01:06:40
Introduction to the 7 Types of Affairs


This quiz will help you do a quick analysis on the type of affair which occurred in your relationship.

After deciding which affair type/s occurred, ensure you pay extra attention to the suggestions for recovery in the following videos.

Preview 04:57

The…"We’re avoiding sex/intimacy so we argue about everything else” …Couple


The …."We see conflict as unnecessary and don’t say what we truly feel”…Couple

Preview 11:14
Affair Type 4:
Type 5: The Split-Self Affair - AKA: Mid Life Crisis
Type 7: The Sexual Addicts Affair
+ Communication For Fast Affair Recovery
8 lectures 32:20
Step 1: Agreeing to Be Open and Honest
Step 2: Learn How to Talk and Listen Well
Step 3: Setting Aside a Time and Place to Talk
Step 4: Develop a Set of Parameters for Each Conversation Before You Begin
Step 5: Asking Open-ended Questions
Step 6: Know What to Ask and What Not to Ask
Step 7: Know What to Do When and If the Conversation Gets Out of Hand
Step 8: Being Consistent
+ Step 1: Commitment
9 lectures 38:48

If you want to survive the affair, you will need to follow a narrow path in order to survive. There are plenty of rules to follow, and without the complete cooperation of both spouses it won’t work.

Most clients will try and find a way around these rules. But trust me when I ask you to follow the path of least resistance. Everything we ask you to do on The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program is tried and tested thousands of times over.

But when the plan is followed the results are outstanding, and there are thousands of happy couples who bear witness to its amazing rate of success.

Overview of Step 1 - Commitment
Step 1: End the Affair Exercise
What to do if the affair has not ended
When you need a separtion
When should we give up?
Creating transparency
Why meeting each others emotional needs is crucial
Quality Time
STEP 1 - Couple HW - The Monologue - The Essential 7 Step Magic Ingredient

Step 1 - Commitment Quiz
3 questions
+ Step 2 - The Affair Story
5 lectures 24:24

Use this checklist to work through this step.

Step 2 - The Affair Story Checklist
6 pages
A message for the Unfaithful Spouse


Even if your partner can never completely forgive you for what you did, making a heart-felt apology and asking for forgiveness is an important step in helping both of you accept what you have done and move forward with the relationship. It shows them, in a tangible way, that you are taking responsibility for your actions and that you understand what you have done. We will look at what acceptance means in more detail in Step 6. For now, suffice it to say that it is time you tell your partner how sorry you are for what you’ve done.

To assist you in this process, I developed a 6-step program for generating a meaningful apology. Remember that this model is built to help you express what you already feel in your heart. It is not meant as a template to help you get away from dealing with the pain you have caused.

The Apology
16 pages
+ Step 3 - Personal Healing - For the Betrayed Spouse
3 lectures 12:28

How to cope with the initial trauma of finding out about the affair.

In this section we look at what it takes for you, the betrayed spouse, to begin to heal for your own health and sanity.

In this section you will learn:

  • Eight powerful emotions you will face and how you can effectively cope with those emotions.
  • The nine most common reactions people have when they first learn about an affair.
  • How to look honestly at what is going on for you.
  • How to calm your emotions by turning inward, rather than looking outside for an answer.
Personal Healing for the Betrayed Spouse
STEP 3 Couple Homework - MSTL
5 pages
+ Step 3 - Personal Healing - For the Unfaithful Spouse
1 lecture 00:00

Coping with Obsessions

Being overly preoccupied with the details of the affair/infidelity is a normal part of the emotional reaction to being betrayed and dealing with the extraordinarily intense feelings that accompanying feelings.

There comes a time, however, that you may decide the obsessive thinking has served its useful purpose and is now interfering with your everyday functioning in a way that concerns you or your loved ones.

There are specific strategies that you can use at this time to help stop obsessing. Here are just a few:

Coping with obsessions
1 page
+ Step 4 - Sex & Intimacy
4 lectures 16:25
Sex & Intimacy
Non Sexual Touch is a safe place to start
5 pages

Intimacy is about letting your partner under your skin both physically & emotionally.

After an affair, it is important to go through a process of orientation, and re-learning each others needs.

Go through these Six Steps of Renewing Intimacy

Six Steps for Renewing Intimacy
13 pages
The Foreplay Map Exercise
2 pages
+ Step 5 - Emotional Needs
7 lectures 19:11

Emotional Needs
The Emotional Needs Defined
The Love Bank
The Love Busters
10 Critical Conversations
11 pages
The 10 Critical Dimensions of Your Relationship
11 pages
Understand why you argue, the way you do!
3 pages
+ Step 6 - Trust & Forgiveness
6 lectures 00:00
Trust & Forgiveness Introduction

The Forgiveness Letter

The Forgiveness Letter
5 pages
Forgiveness Check List
3 pages
The Five Stages of Building Trust Exercise
6 pages
Personal Fears About Forgiveness
1 page
The Tower of Remembrance - Forgiveness Exercise
1 page