The 6 Death Factors, that can BURY your Business

Identify, understand, and tackle the 6 "death factors" that may bury your business to the ground, if left unattended
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Identify and acknowledge the 6 "death factors" that may bury my business to the ground
Understand why these factors are so critical for my business to survive
Have a concise view of how to tackle each one of them in advance
Learn about the 3 primary qualities I need to have, as an entrepreneur


  • You should either be running your own Business, or managing a Business Unit, or thinking about setting up a Business as an Entrepreneur
  • You should have a beginner's level understanding of Marketing


As an Entrepreneur or Business Unit Manager, you are probably feeling too enthusiastic about your vision for the future, for the potential that your products have, or for the opportunities that will be unleashed once your business is up and running. You are living in a dream world, which is full of catch-phrases like "future capabilities" and "if you can imagine it, you can do it". That's good news, people like you are necessary in order for society to chart new paths forward. 

However, once you've set your train off, you soon realize that the real world is not all "roses and sunshine". Real problems start raising their ugly heads and demand your attention or your resources. This is such an awkward time: you don't like to become involved in this day-to-day nitty gritty, you only like the "vision thing", you were probably expecting things to run "according to the manual", you feel frustrated or helpless. Very soon, you find yourself locked into a corner, with the "Mike Tyson" of a problem hitting you hard and fast from all possible angles. 

DON'T GIVE UP! People have been in that situation before. I have personally been there many times before, over the course of my rocky 27 years in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. And I managed to nail  down the 6 "death factors" which, if left unattended, will bury your business to the ground. And I'm offering all that vital knowledge to you, for FREE! You need to:

  • grasp those factors
  • appreciate how they work
  • keep them always in mind, and 
  • have a plan of action for each one of them

BEFORE they become a menace for your business.

Here's to your success!

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs, COOs
  • Business Managers
  • Marketing Managers

Course content

3 sections • 8 lectures • 32m total length
  • Ihe 6 critical factors that may bury your Business


Entrepreneur, Sales Guru
Dimitris Thanassas, Ph.D
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Here's my 27 years of WORK EXPERIENCE

A. Jul 2007 - Now  Intron Ltd, Athens, Greece

Position: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Intron offers a set of advertising, promotion, and sales organisation services to SMEs in Greece, with a specialisation in the Hotel & Travel industry. We are also providing online international b2c tourism & hospitality activities and services. Last, we are operating as an Exports Broker for a number of boutique greek producers & exporters.

I run the company on a day to day basis, including management of the following business units: Sales & Marketing, IT operations and Development, Billing and Collection, Customer Support

B. May 1999 – Jun 2007  Web Communications Ltd, Athens, Greece

Position: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I was responsible for setting up the whole company, which evolved into one of the top Virtual Network Operators in Greece, offering fixed Telephony, Internet and ecommerce services.

I run and managed the entire company on a daily basis, which comprised managing the following functions: Sales & Marketing, Billing & Collection, Procurement, Customer Care, Network Operations, IT support

C. Jan 1998 – May 1999  Vodafone, Athens, Greece

Position: Brand Manager

I was managing a portfolio of value-added services, with responsibilities  regarding the launch and management of specific mobile services, project management, leading virtual teams, business cases, implementation, financial forecasts, implementation of marketing plans, relationships with Vodafone customers, relationship with Vodafone suppliers, resellers and partners, market research 

D. Mar 1997- Jan 1998 Telecom Dynamics, Athens, Greece

Position: Business Development Manager

I was responsible for developing and implementing the corporate business and financial plan, marketing activities, and customer relationships, as well as entering new business markets, negotiating partnerships with other telecom operators as well as international vendors, and project managing the deployment of the nationwide and international data and voice network.

E. Apr 1996 - Feb 1997  Freelance Marketing Consultant, Athens, Greece

I was involved in developing and implementing business, marketing and financial plans for a number of Small and Medium Enterprises

F. Oct 1992 – Mar 1996  Mercury Communications (a Cable & Wireless plc subsidiary), London, United Kingdom

Position: Business Development Leader

I was responsible for the definition and implementation of marketing plans regarding bundled telecommunication services, new service development and monitoring the services throughout their product life cycle. I also led a team of ten people in order to develop a new business in Mercury regarding multimedia network services in the UK and Europe. Our main activities were: to propose and implement a detailed business and marketing plan, to bring Mercury into new partnerships/alliances with suppliers in the UK, European and US markets, and to devise, obtain funding for, and implement the plans

G. Nov 1990 – Oct 1992  Philips Corporate Research & Development, London, United Kingdom

Position: Development Specialist

I was working in the development of multimedia products including: the CD-I machine (CD-I, which stands for Compact Disc-Interactive, was a Philips consumer multimedia product), the digital videophone Teleview Classic


- Oct 1982 - Jul 1987: B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.), Greece.

- Sep 1987 – Sep 1988M.Sc. in Information Technology, Dept. of Computation, UMIST, UK.

- Oct 1988 – Dec 1992Ph.D. in Computer Science, Dept. of Computing, IMPERIAL COLLEGE, UK, concerning the application of Information Technology in Marketing Planning and Control.

- Sep 1991 – Jul 1992: Chartered Institute of Marketing (C.I.M.) Diploma in Marketing. The Diploma covered the areas of Essentials of Marketing, Financial Aspects of Marketing, Marketing Planning and Control, International Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Marketing Management Analysis and Decision.